Yardi Voyager Property Management

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A web-based multi-module management system designed by Yardi Systems for real estate & property management and professional services companies.

Product Overview

Yardi Voyager is an integrated property management software. It acts as a CRM tool, handling leads and sales, while also streamlining maintenance, renewals, and financial processes. Yardi Voyager is a one-stop platform that caters to various aspects of real estate business management.


  • Can easily handle large portfolios
  • Large amount of features and add-ons
  • Unique versions for subindustries
  • Large number of custom reports


  • Custom reporting issues
  • Lengthy front-end setup required
  • Not a large volume of written documentation to rely on

Target Market

Yardi Voyager is ideal for the real estate industry. Its versatility can support those managing single-family rental houses to multifamily properties. It can manage both residential and commercial properties.

About Yardi Voyager Property Management

Yardi Voyager is a web-based property management software designed for large residential and commercial real estate portfolios. It integrates various aspects of property management, such as operations, leasing, analytics, and services for residents, tenants, and investors. The software caters to different property types including multifamily units, public housing authorities (PHAs), shopping malls, and airports.

There are two main versions of Yardi Voyager:

  • Voyager Residential: This version focuses on managing multifamily and apartment complexes, offering features like marketing, screening, insurance, revenue management, and business intelligence.
  • Voyager Commercial: This version is tailored for commercial buildings, encompassing operations, finance, leasing, and maintenance. It includes functionalities for marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), budgeting, construction, facilities management, and energy management.

Video Overview

Residential Solutions

  • Voyager Residential: Manages multifamily rentals and can be enhanced with RENT CafeSuite and Yardi Multifamily Suite for additional capabilities.
  • Voyager Affordable Housing: Adds functionality for affordable housing management, ensuring compliance with various regulations and subsidies.
  • Voyager PHA: Supports public housing authority operations, including property management and compliance.
  • Voyager Senior Housing: Focuses on senior living operations, integrating aspects like sales, health records, and resident engagement.
  • Voyager Condo, Co-op, and HOA: Provides condo management solutions with tools for maintenance, communication, and financial management.
  • Voyager for Military Housing: Automates military housing management for various housing types and complies with military reporting requirements.
  • Voyager Social Housing: Offers features for managing social housing, including rent calculation, subsidy tracking, and case management.
  • Voyager for Student Housing: Tailored for student housing management, accommodating unique leasing periods and high turnover.

Commercial Solutions

  • Voyager Commercial: A comprehensive solution for managing commercial property lifecycles, integrating front office, back office, and external user needs.
  • Voyager for Airports: Specialized for airport management, handling leases, concessions, and facility maintenance.
  • Voyager for Government: Manages real estate processes for government agencies with integrated database and analytics tools.
  • Voyager for Ports: Manages port operations including leases, facilities, and contract management.
  • Voyager for Parks and Recreation: Maximizes lease income from various recreational facilities, automating management processes.

Yardi Voyager Key Features

  • Yardi Voyager offers a range of features depending on the chosen solution, including:
  • Affordable Housing: Integrates compliance, property management, and accounting for affordable housing projects.
  • Asset Management: Provides financial rollups and performance reporting for various investment entities.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Facilitates accurate budget projections and integrates with property management.
  • Conductor: Automates report organization and distribution, offering multiple delivery options.
  • Construction: A comprehensive job-costing system for various construction projects.
  • Electronic Payment: Simplifies rent payment processing and record updates.
  • Maintenance: Manages maintenance tasks and expenditures across properties.
  • Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid: Automates CRP process for Minnesota renters.
  • New York City Feature-Set: Addresses unique billing and calculation requirements for New York City properties.
  • Ontario Add-In: Tracks and reports data as per the Ontario Tenant Protection Act.
  • Public Housing: Tailored for Public Housing Agencies, streamlining subsidized housing program management.
  • Senior Housing: Manages financial and operational aspects of senior housing communities.
  • Spreadsheet Link: Links Yardi data with Microsoft Excel for customized financial reporting.
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$250 /user/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Yardi Voyager Property Management

Submitted on March 21st, 2023 by Anonymous

We stayed with Yardi. They could import all our files and history within the upgraded system. This way there was no data entry or setting up of files. And we would not have to keep two systems in place to look up past transactions/history.

The Good…

Ability to import from our older Yardi program

The Bad…


Submitted on January 15th, 2020 by Anonymous

My main complaint is support. After calling for information on how to accomplish a task through Yardi I am sent to “Sale” which really was an operator who had no clue where to send me for what I was asking which was no more than how to an email blast. I then get transferred to someone who had no clue how to walk me through it. Are you SERIOUS!? Does no one know/understand this product?

The Good…

Haven’t used it long enough to mention.

The Bad…

Customer Support so far.

Submitted on May 28th, 2019 by Anonymous

Have been using and supporting Yardi for mid-sized management companies. While Yardi offers a complete suite of functionality, their support is absolutely dismal, especially if you need any customization. After more than 15 years on the Yardi platform, we are moving on.

The Good…

Web platform allows flexibility in user locations.

The Bad…

Customer support is terrible, web interface is outdated with a Web 1.0 look and feel.

Submitted on November 28th, 2018 by Adam Pierce

We’re a German based investor and real estate manage and manage on behalf of pension funds and private equity.

We manage 1.4 billion of real estate in Germany, with a majority in the retail sector and the rest in office.

It’s been clear to us that the digitalization of real estate is something moving and we want to be at the forefront of that.

We needed a technology solution that was relevant to the local market but also had the ability to report multi-jurisdictional and across international borders. We found that Yardi with it’s international reputation and high level of adaptation to the local market and it’s level of interface with our business was the right answer.

Recently we were awarded a large mandate because we use Yardi. We look forward to Yardi becoming the market leader in the German marketspace and look forward to our partnership and ensuring we can both succeed in our fields.

Submitted on July 11th, 2018 by Anonymous

We just found out that Yardi will be sunsetted in 2020 and were told to migrate would increase our cost from $30,000 annually to $150,000 annually

Submitted on April 30th, 2018 by Zubin Firozi

Property management is heavily reliant on operational functions and that is the reason we use Yardi to support our operations.

At the start Yardi understood our operational process and made customization and configurations to support us and gave us more control over the entire process so we did not miss out on anything and also helped us become more efficient.

Our staff are now just using one system to get things done without having to use multiple systems or do something offline which can lead to errors. And if you have a happy customer you have a happy staff, and with a happy staff comes a happy customer.

I would recommend anyone looking for a 360 solution in property management to use Yardi.

Submitted on March 13th, 2018 by Anonymous

The best thing I find it does is allow for drill down on expenses so everyone from the property level on up can see what was spent and many times why. A huge problem is that most of their reports they have built into their system do NOT work and give faulty information. The on site rent roll product far inferior to its competitor One Site. Then they charge you ridiculous fees to customize the reports. The most painful and exasperating experience I’ve had in my 30+ years of property management.

The Good…

the above mentioned drill down feature.

The Bad…

the above mentioned inadequately built program and what’s worse, no one at yardi seems to know much about the programs/reports or why they don’t work.

Submitted on September 15th, 2017 by John Azar

We’re a private equity real estate investment firm.

Our aggressive expansion goal is to double our size in the next 3-4 years.

We’re always on the lookout for the best deal at the best price so we can add value to the asset and deliver to our investors a great return.

The level of detail in the Yardi matrix data is exception. I have all the evaluations and sales history information on a property right at my fingertips.

I like the fact that Yardi is a company made by real estate researchers and real estate data providers and that there is a nerdy component to Yardi. I want my company to give better data and more robust data rather than a data sheet that isn’t relevant to what I’m looking for.

Submitted on June 22nd, 2017 by Mariana Estrada

eLearning allowed us to take our training to the next level and provide us with a scalable training strategy to take us to the next 10,000 units. Prior to this, agents would have to commute quite a ways for training purposes.

eLearning is a great vehicle for independent learning because it lets the student work at their pace with a guided approach. We decide the order they take their courses and let them unlock courses as they complete others.

I like how easy it is to use the eLearning tool. We are able to customize a lot and let our onsite teams do application processing, process payable and receivables and marketing, all within our own policies.

Submitted on March 21st, 2017 by Emma Mackenzie

Life before Yardi was disparate in the sense of having different systems for different uses. We have input of data and information and there was always the chance of human error.

With Yardi you only input once into one system, and there’s processes in place to make sure it’s done properly.

All the information that we collect before we buy anything is demographic led and research led so when we do purchase a unit, our decisions our informed.