Changepoint Services Automation

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A multi-module management system designed by Changepoint.

About Changepoint Services Automation

Whether you are searching for Professional Services Automation (PSA), Services Resource Planning (SRP) or PPM for Services, the solution is still the same. Improving customer acquisition, service delivery, financial health and customer management are the cornerstone to robust PSA solutions. PSA software allows services organizations to:

  • increase revenue
  • drive strong margins
  • ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
  • increase market share
  • participate as a strategic member of the business.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Client satisfaction is key for repeat business, and Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA) helps you ensure clients are satisfied.

Changepoint PSA provides customer lifecycle management features, including:

  • support desk capability to manage customer issues, defects and requests, with client self-service and request initiation through a client portal
  • a complete view of every customer interaction (e.g. current opportunities, projects underway and open support desk items)
  • integrated survey management, for a more effective and timely feedback loop
    • Personalized, customer-specific surveys (based on the type of interaction and the resources involved)
    • Integrate surveys into your business process (at any time during the customer life cycle) to ensure more timely and actionable feedback
    • Dashboard visibility into survey results (by survey, by customer, or by employee)
    • Leverage survey for both internal and external feedback
  • more effective product planning
    • Leverage our client portal to accept feature requests and allow customers to participate in product management-driven product roadmaps

Project Financial Management

Changepoint’s integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution provides complete project financial management, including total operational visibility, more consistent and reliable data, streamlined invoicing and in-depth financial reporting, allowing financial executives the ability to maintain top-line revenues with bottom-line profitability.

Changepoint PSA’s project financial management capabilities include:

  • fully integrated invoicing and revenue recognition capability for faster order-to-cash cycles, more accurate invoices and clear visibility into revenue recognition
  • extensive financial reporting and dashboards, for forecasting, margin reporting and portfolio health
  • complete support for multi-jurisdictional taxation and multi-currency support
  • integration with your financial application package.

Resource Management

  • end-to-end opportunity management with the ability to define resource requirements and other expense items
  • automated workflow to ensure your standard sales methodology is followed so that you can drive business processes and provide visibility at every stage of the pipeline
  • interactive tools to evaluate different sales scenarios to assess financial and resource impact
  • automated and standardized pipeline reporting
  • detailed forecasts of resource requirements and estimated margins
  • improved competition tracking and analysis
  • consolidated customer interaction
  • bi-directional integration with

Services Delivery

Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA) takes the guesswork out of services delivery, helping you meet your goals through Engagement Management and Project Delivery.

  • Engagement management:

    • billing rates and rules, revenue recognition policies, multi-jurisdictional taxation and multi-currency support
  • Project management:

    • native support for detailed work breakdown structure, project templates, budgeting and bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project
  • Configurable workflow, allowing you to automate your delivery methodology, ensuring your competitive advantage remains intact and your customers get a consistent experience

  • Integrated time and expense management

  • Project portfolio management

  • Extensive resource management

    • resource availability visibility
    • workload management
    • resource calendar management
    • hard and soft bookings
    • resource request management
    • resource search capabilities
    • contractor management
    • resource capacity planning
  • Knowledge management

  • Performance metric systems - allowing you to measure individuals and teams against key business metrics

Product Overview

  • Developer Changepoint
  • Type Professional Service Automation (PSA) Software
  • Client OS

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User Reviews of Changepoint Services Automation

Submitted on November 3rd, 2019 by Jack Van Buren

Changepoint is critical for our business. It helps us support fee-based clients and track money spent on partner-funded programs.