A multi-module management system designed by Tenrox.

About Tenrox PSA

Multi award winning and leading professional services automation software for todayýs project-based global dispersed businesses. PSA software helps manage your professional service practice or internal IT office. Helps manage resource utilization, and project billing/costing.

Professional Services Automation ý Gain real-time visibility into your resource utilization, project status, cost and revenue; manage your practices, projects and resources; reduce project execution costs; accelerate and increase project billing.

  • Are you allocating your resources to low margin projects?
  • How can you increase resource utilization?
  • Are you experiencing revenue leakage due to billing delays and manual billing processes?
  • Do you enter and re-enter data into multiple systems?
  • How can you better manage scope change on fixed bid projects?

Benefits of Tenrox Professional Services Automation Software

  • Measure resource utilization and reduce bench time
  • Increase control over fixed bid projects, scope change and employee-related expenditures
  • Implement consistent project execution based on your methodology and best practices
  • Automate project compliance with labor and industry regulations
  • Increase project visibility, workforce productivity and operational effectiveness
  • Facilitate real-time communication and decision-making

Tenrox Professional Services Automation software (PSA software) manages your billable projects from bid, to bill, to close. Tenrox PSA software is a workflow-driven project management solution with configurable cost and billing rules and certified integrations with your CRM and accounting systems. Tenrox PSA software automates project initiation, resource management, time and expense reporting, billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics.

  • No rip and replace: Tenrox fits right in with certified integrations to your existing enterprise software to maximize the systems you have already invested in
  • Graphical workflow-driven processes: visualizing your business processes simplifies setup and process change management
  • Configurable project billing and cost accounting processes: full support for your fixed bid, time and material or milestone-based projects
  • GAAP revenue recognition: Define your project-based revenue recognition policies; allows for mapping to appropriate WIP (work in progress) accounts for all project billings including time, expenses and charges. Transactions for accrued revenue are automatically posted to your financial system. WIP accounts are adjusted as actuals are invoiced.
  • Service purchase order management: manage and bill for service purchase order buckets (POýs), get notified when the customer is about to run out of approved consulting days and expense allocations

Without requiring a rip and replace strategy, Tenrox Professional Services Automation software fully leverages the Microsoft technology stack to facilitate your adoption of a PSA (professional services automation) system. The Tenrox solution provides built-in project controls, data quality/consistency at point of entry, real-time analytics and live integration capabilities. Key features of Tenrox project management software include: enterprise timesheet management, expense reporting (multi currency, credit import, cash advance management and more), enterprise billing (hourly, flat rates, milestones and much more with full multi-currency support), full project cost accounting and billing, budgeting, revenue recognition, graphical workflow for approval, change and issue tracking, OLAP and standard reporting using Microsoft reporting technology, role-based dashboards, as well as simple data exchange tools and interfaces.

Professional Services Automation for Todayýs Globally Dispersed Project Workforce

Invest in professional services automation that fully leverages your existing software investments. Tenrox Professional Services Automation, PSA Software provides you with a best of breed cloud based project management, service delivery and billing solution that is designed to meet the challenges of managing your globally dispersed customers and project workers who are operating in multiple remote locations, currencies, tax jurisdictions and time zones.

Key Attributes Include:

  • Straightforward to deploy
  • Option of on-demand or on-premise
  • Easy to use and intuitive for all user types
  • Scalable and modular that adapts to your changing needs.

Tenrox solutions integrate with crucial organizational applications such as Accounting, Project Management, HR, CRM and collaboration solutions.

Tenrox Awards and Accolades Include:

  • Microsoft Impact Awards: Software Solution of year award
  • Microsoft Information Worker Solution Award
  • Microsoft Office Partner Solution Grand Prize Winner
  • Microsoft Innovation solution of the year award
  • CPA Technology Advisor: 5 stars
  • SIIA Codie Award winner
  • CRN Test Center Product of the Year
  • Service Provider Weekly: Editor’s Choice Award
  • IT Week: Editor’s Choice Award

Project Planning

Deploy Tenrox Cloud-based Project Planning software in minutes not months to rediscover simplicity and ease of use. While other project planning tools keep adding bloated complex seldom used functions we work hard every day to eliminate them. Our goal is to help you create, change and share your project plans faster. Tenrox Project Planning is totally integrated with all Tenrox modules, and Tenrox project plans are totally interchangeable with Microsoft Project.

Planning a project using conventional project planning software tools is a major challenge for today’s decentralized and globally dispersed project teams. Whether the projects you are planning and tracking are billable or internal, you are dealing with what we refer to as the project workforce. Tenrox project planning software provides you with a simple, effective cloud-based alternative to heavy, complex, hard to learn and hard to use project planning tools.

Tenrox project planning software benefits:

  • Easy to use; a project planning tool that intentionally lacks any complex features
  • Quick implementation; light project planning software that takes a few minutes to setup
  • Browser deployed project planning tool with no client installation or maintenance required
  • Flexible delivery model; Choose between cloud-based project management and on-premise
  • Project plans are easily interchangeable with Microsoft Project files


  • Gantt Chart: Graphically draw the project plan; include any task dependencies by visually adjusting task durations and priorities, and by linking tasks to each other.
  • Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS): Import project teams and assign resources to tasks. RBS Chart shows the resources and their task lists for work assignment and planning.
  • Collaboration: Work on your private project plan as a local file. When ready save the plan to the database to collaborate with other project managers and team members who can check out, modify and check in their changes to the plan.
  • Budgeting: You can create a plan that specifies all task budgets. The published plan places the tasks on user timesheets and optionally enforces the budgets.
  • Accurate effort tracking: Tenrox project planning is totally integrated with our time and expense tracking function. Your actuals can be used to compare planned versus actual effort. The same actuals can also be used for cost allocation, chargeback and billing.
  • Resource scheduling: You can quickly assemble a project team by searching for the most qualified resources who have the skills, availability, cost or billing profile you are looking for. The availability of team members who are assigned to the project is automatically updated to reflect their new assignments.
  • Budget, status, cost and billing reports: View real-time project status, budget, and cost/revenue reports. The reports can be configured to include your specific project tracking metrics.
  • Integration: Project Plan is integrated with all Tenrox modules. Create a plan, build a project team, assign resources and track progress with Time and Expense Tracking. View planned versus actual work at any time.

Resource Management & Scheduling and Workforce Planning Software

Optimize your resource utilization and improve forecasting with Tenrox resource management and scheduling software.

  • Am I getting the most out of my project workforce?
  • Do I have the required skills for the new projects that are in the pipeline?
  • Do I need to outsource, hire new people or invest more in training?
  • Who is over worked? Which team members are not doing enough? Who is on the bench?
  • How can I find the optimal way of scheduling my employees and consultants?

Resource Management and Scheduling, Project Workforce Planning - Across Your Entire Organization as Well as for Your Consultants and Partner Network.

Your work is project-based and often divided into small components. Talent is not localized; your team members now work from many remote locations and in multiple time zones. Effective project workforce management in a decentralized project-based business starts with an agile workforce planning strategy that adjusts to changes in your project demand, and a powerful yet simple web-based resource management and scheduling tool that is deployed quickly, easily adapts to the way you do business, and is a pleasure to use.

Who Needs Resource Management and Scheduling Software?

Any organization with more than ten team members or a service company with billable resources will benefit from Tenrox resource management and scheduling, workforce planning software. Particularly if your projects and team members are geographically dispersed or you have multiple talent sources: centralized, remote and external.

Highlights of Tenrox Resource Management and Scheduling Software:

  • 100% web based solution delivered on-demand or on-premise
  • Implement in hours not weeks with minimal training
  • Define any number of skill types and levels
  • Assign skills and skill levels to your resources
  • Intuitive self-service tools, quick and easy interface reduces administrative burden
  • Resources can use a self service skill update request to inform their manager of their new expertise, training or certifications which, once approved, automatically updates the employee’s skill profile
  • Setup your projects and tasks with start and end dates; shifting a project or task automatically updates bookings
  • Manage your workforce’s skill inventory and availability in one central work scheduling system to get a complete and instant picture of your resource pool
  • Holidays and approved leave requests automatically mark employee’s work calendar as unavailable during their time off
  • Book resources against unlimited number of projects and tasks; book resources by the hour, by day or by FTE (full time equivalent)
  • Book work to roles instead of choosing specific resources for forecasting purposes or to indicate resource shortages
  • Employees can use “my schedule” to view their color-coded calendar of current and upcoming work as well as their time off
  • Project and group managers can view team members’ color-coded calendars, schedules and bookings before assigning work or making schedule changes
  • Project managers can view and modify the project’s total booked hours, assigned resources and the project’s complete work schedule
  • Use forecasted cost and billing rates to estimate your upcoming project pipeline’s cost and billing
  • Powerful color coded reporting and powerful OLAP analytics enables you to quickly view resource allocations so that you can identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, project overlaps, resource overloads or under allocation, bench time, or more optimal resource deployments

Resource Management and Scheduling Software System With Built-in Integrations to Optimize Workforce Planning, Employee Scheduling and Project Delivery.

Successful resource management and scheduling can be achieved by looking at your historical capacity planning and project performance reports to improve demand forecasting and identify new employee scheduling best practices. The combination of Tenrox resource management and scheduling, time and expense tracking, cost and revenue accounting software with your existing CRM and HR systems provides incredible efficiencies and new revenue opportunities you previously could not even conceive.

There is also unprecedented integration between Tenrox project planning and resource management and scheduling. These functions exchange information on tasks assigned to roles (as opposed to specific users) in the project plan. You can subsequently substitute the role with matching resources and automatically publish the changes to user timesheets.

Resource Management and Scheduling Software Helps You Increase Resource Utilization, Improve Forecasting and Reduce Your Operational Planning Costs.

Agile resource management and scheduling in a decentralized, dispersed, project-based organization is critical for success. With Tenrox resource management and scheduling software you can see your entire organization as a “shared project workforce” and manage your worldwide inventory of skills, expertise and capacity. Resource management and scheduling, project workforce planning, capacity planning, and forecasting have never been easier. You now have a central hub for matching skills and availability to achieve successful employee scheduling optimization. Tenrox resource management and scheduling software helps you match, book, track, and manage your decentralized talent.

Time Tracking and Expense Reporting Software

Enterprise Time Tracking and Expense Reporting Software for Today’s Project-Based Organization.

Without enterprise timesheet management and expense reporting software your project-based business cannot effectively account for project costs, track budget versus actual, and analyze real-time reliable project time and cost information to make timely and sound business decisions.

Time and expense tracking challenges for project-based businesses include:

Time Sheets and Expense Reports Are Captured in Multiple Disconnected Systems.

Some departments report work time for payroll processing and expenses for reimbursement; IT and product development teams use their own project tracking system and may capture project time and expense; the professional services team uses spreadsheets or a silo-ed time, expense and billing application; spreadsheet gymnastics, manual adjustments and merging is required to compile the data from these disparate systems into operational cost and revenue reports and project status.

Using spreadsheets or multiple disparate tools to track time and expense leads to inefficiencies, poor project status, cost/revenue visibility, and your management team does not have access to real-time report on projects and operations to measure progress and make informed decisions.

Out-Dated or In-House Developed Time Tracking and Expense Reporting Software.

Legacy-outdated time tracking and expense reporting systems have high maintenance costs, ongoing fix and enhancement tasks, and divert precious internal resources as well as attention away from the organization’s core business.

Lack of Effective Internal Controls for Time Sheet Management and Expense Reporting.

Weak internal controls for time sheet and expense report tracking can lead to non-compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, inaccurate cost accounting or violation of employment laws; your business may face severe penalties and lose investor confidence when such weaknesses are discovered.

Benefits of Tenrox Online Time and Expense Tracking Software Include:

  • Average timesheet review takes about 6 minutes. With automated time sheet software that has validated time entries against your policies at the point of entry and visually highlights any exceptions, review of a typical timesheet is reduced to less than 1 minute; an 80% reduction in review time
  • Average cost to manually process a spreadsheet expense report is $40 to $80. Automating the process helps reduce expense report management costs by 80%
  • The ability to track actual versus planned time and expenses by project prevents budget overruns and improves forecast accuracy

Tenrox Time and Expense Tracking Software That Adapts to Your Requirements.

Our configurable project time, leave time, overtime tracking, and expense reporting system allows you to effectively collect, manage and track timesheets and expense reports based on your requirements.

Highlights of What Tenrox Time Sheet Management and Expense Reporting Functions Have in Common:

  • Simple intuitive user interface is designed to be a pleasure to use, for maximum usability and rapid adoption
  • Visual workflow-driven configuration makes setup and change easy
  • Approval workflow simplifies and automates policy enforcement
  • Line item approval
  • Easy to configure dashboards and extensive reports for financial analysis
  • Enter time and expense using the Tenrox mobile application for iPhone and BlackBerry or on your laptop using the Tenrox offline time and expense application
  • Fully web based time and expense tracking solution takes maximum advantage of the Microsoft technology stack and can be deployed on-premise or on-demand

Time Tracking Software Feature Highlights:

  • Timesheet designer technology lets you configure timesheets, for every department, to look and function the way you do business
  • Seniority based leave time management let you define your rules for leave time accrual and usage; you can also auto import/export leave time banks to/from your payroll system and let Tenrox validate leave requests at the point of entry
  • Full support for overtime calculation
  • Full DCAA compliance support including day locking, enforce note entry for changes, and auditing of all data entry, changes and approvals

Expense Reporting Software Feature Highlights:

  • Import credit card transactions and create an expense report automatically
  • Attach scanned receipts to individual expense entries or the expense report
  • Full multi currency, real-time currency conversion and multiple-tax support
  • Track expenses by category
  • Mark expenses that are billable, capitalized or to be reimbursed
  • Full cash advance management
  • Built-in integration to account payable, account receivable, general ledger systems of all major accounting systems


Tenrox time tracking and expense reporting has built-in connectors to your enterprise systems. No custom programming is required for standard integration. Data can be exchanged with leading systems for accounting (Great Plains, Sage ACCPAC, SAP Business One, QuickBooks), payroll (ADP, Ceridian, Paychex), ERP (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft), project management (Microsoft Project), CRM (Salesforce.com, Microsoft), HR, etc.


Click here to learn more about how Tenrox Time sheet helps you achieve and maintain compliance with regulations, standards and guidelines in your industry.

Secure, SAS-70 Certified Time Sheet Management and Expense Reporting On-Demand Hosting Environment.

Tenrox On-demand is convenient alternative to implementing and maintaining Tenrox Timesheet in-house.

Powerful, Configurable and Intuitive Online Enterprise Time and Expense Tracking Software for Your Project-Based Business.

Tenrox time and expense tracking system tracks project time, helps you manage travel and entertainment expenses, eliminates payroll and billing imprecision, improves project and demand visibility, and reduces administrative overhead.

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User Reviews of Tenrox PSA

Submitted on February 1st, 2017 by Carla

The best of the best for DCAA compliance.

The Good…

The versatility of the product cannot be matched. Your organization does not need to change for Tenrox. Tenrox can be changed to be a perfect fit for your organization.

The Bad…

It is important that you think the way Tenrox thinks. Logically. So many times software adjust to accommodate users who are not by trade accountants or project managers etc. Because of this the software loses its functionality and becomes cumbersome to work for professionals. So even though this lack of user friendly is a disadvantage for some it is an advantage for me.