Upland PSA

A project management application designed by Upland for professional services companies.

About Upland PSA

Upland PSA, formerly Tenrox, is a professional services automation software designed to improve customer outcomes. Deliver more profitable services with professional services automation (PSA) software that streamlines project execution and improves collaboration.


Timesheet and expense automation

  • Centralized web and mobile time tracking for your entire workforce
  • Enterprise-friendly templates for different roles, clients, projects, or resources
  • Configurable approval workflows
  • Multi-currency, multi-company expense capabilities

Resource management

  • Skills library includes certifications, languages, and proficiency
  • Availability heat-map includes upcoming utilization, planned, and unplanned time off
  • Soft or hard booking according to project status
  • Resource request process for a global resource pool

Project management

  • Gantt-based project planning
  • Tight connectivity with resources, timesheets, and financials

Project financials

  • Estimate project revenues, costs, EACs, and profit margins and resources
  • Real-time project actuals from timesheets
  • Resource forecasting according to associated cost and billing rates
  • Revenue recognition
  • Fixed fee, time, and materials, or configurable billing

Advanced analytics capabilities

  • PSA native analytics
  • Role-based reports and dashboards
  • Out of the box and build your own

CRM integrations

  • Compatible with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot.
  • Monitor incoming project pipeline and forecast workforce requirements.

ERPs and financial systems

  • Compatible with Sage Intacct, SAP, QuickBooks, Concur, Dynamics A/X, and others.
  • Automate financial projections, revenue recognition, cost rates, and customer billing.

Payroll and HR systems

  • Compatible with Workday, Ultimate, and others.
  • Manage expense payment, planned time off, and skills.

Project productivity tools

  • Compatible with Microsoft Project and Jira.
  • Manage project delivery details.

Key attributes include:

  • Straightforward to deploy
  • Option of on-demand or on-premise
  • Easy to use and intuitive for all user types
  • Scalable and modular that adapts to your changing needs

Upland PSA solutions integrate with crucial organizational applications such as Accounting, Project Management, HR, CRM and collaboration solutions.

Plan, Budget and Account for Project Costs, Optimize Resource Utilization, Improve Forecasting; and Enhance Project Execution

Plan and budget portfolios and projects; forecast and measure resource utilization; track labor costs and all other job costs; report on project financials.

  • Do I have the resources I need?
  • Are projects on budget?
  • How are my projects doing?
  • How can I best forecast demand and prioritize work?
  • What operational inefficiencies are increasing my costs and slowing my project delivery?

Benefits of Upland PSA web-based project management software

  • Budget, plan and track project work
  • Improve capacity planning and forecasting
  • Identify and avoid unnecessary operational costs and reduce project overhead
  • Adopt proven project management best practices to deliver high quality projects on time, on budget
  • Simplify compliance and facilitate project audit preparation
  • Increase project visibility, workforce productivity and operational effectiveness
  • Automate your project cost reporting and project tracking processes
  • Facilitate real-time communication and decision-making

Upland PSA web-based project management software manages your portfolios and projects from initiation, to execution, chargeback, to close. Upland PSA project management software is a workflow-driven project management solution with a configurable interface and certified integrations with your CRM and financial systems. Upland PSA project management software automates project initiation, resource management and scheduling, time and expense reporting, chargeback and analytics.

Upland PSA Meets Your Needs for Project Planning, Capacity Planning, Costing Reporting, and More:

  • No rip and replace: Upland PSA fits right in with certified integrations to your existing enterprise software to maximize the systems you have already invested in
  • Graphical workflow-driven processes: visualizing your business processes simplifies setup and process change management
  • Configurable budgeting and chargeback processes: the software easily adapts to your budgeting process, chargeback rules, and project financial reporting requirements Manage your projects on-premise or on-demand Without requiring a rip and replace strategy, Upland PSA project management software fully leverages the Microsoft technology stack to facilitate your adoption of a cloud-based project management system. The Upland PSA solution provides built-in project controls, data quality/consistency at point of entry, real-time analytics and live integration capabilities. Key features include: capacity planning, project planning, enterprise timesheet management, expense reporting (multi currency, credit import, cash advance management and more), full project cost reporting, budgeting, graphical workflow for approval, change and issue tracking, OLAP, standard and ad-hoc reporting using Microsoft reporting technology, role-based dashboards, as well as simple data exchange tools and interfaces.

Project management software for today’s globally dispersed project workforce Upland PSA project management software provides you with a best of breed cloud based capacity planning, forecasting, project planning and cost reporting solution that is designed to meet the challenges of managing your globally dispersed business units and project workers who collaborate on projects from multiple remote locations and time zones.

Manage your project-driven workforce in real time with Upland PSA online project management software. Today, your workforce is dispersed, global, and project-oriented. Whether the work you track is billable or not, internal or external, you are dealing with what Upland PSA calls the project workforce. This online project management software is a modular solution for managing your projects and resources in a flat world, where work is fragmented, projectized, and performed by different resources with various skills in different places. These obstacles are huge challenges for effective resource management and scheduling and project management tracking that can be overcome with Upland PSA web based project management solution.

Eliminate spreadsheets and custom-built solutions. Track differentiated time, costs, processes, and project financials in real-time with Upland PSA project management software. With this online project management software, companies can replace the spreadsheets and band-aid applications that leave your project-driven workforce and processes disconnected. Everything you need to empower your project workforce is connected for the first time, in real time, including: project management, project planning, resource management and scheduling, time and expense tracking, cost accounting and/or billing solutions, process management tools, analytic tools. Manage and view both process and financial impact in real time with combined online project management, workforce management, and financials. Upland PSA online project management software empowers the project workforce by giving them the tools and solutions they need to get information to you faster, for proactive decision making. Gain a business edge and the agility to be a leader in your market.

Highlights of the Upland PSA Project Workforce Management Solution Simple Phased Implementation No need to worry about disrupting day-to-day operations or threatening user acceptance with long, complex implementations. Deploy in a phased manner - Cater to your most pressing need first. Start with one module, such as Project Planning to eliminate spreadsheets, and then adopt others over time at your own pace, from Cost accounting and billing to Workforce Management, Scheduling and Planning, to Work Process Management, to Analytics. All these solutions can be implemented in a phase manner to meet your business needs.

Graphical Workflow Engine The Upland PSA online project management software solution is built on an adaptable, graphical workflow platform application using pictorial icons to represent processes and resources. Just drag and drop icons to design and change workflows for any of your business processes. Automate approvals, routing, assignments, and notifications. With applications and software tools, no programmers are required which means with this simple business product application there is no downtime.

Work breakdown structures to mirror the way you do business Easily map your web based Upland PSA project management software solution to your corporate structures: Capture and track project data at any level of detail, mirror every business operation area with distinct functional and approval hierarchies, and summarize or drill down into your project workforce financials. Upland PSA is the perfect online project management software solution to align your projects and workforce with your business goals.

Built-in integration with leading business applications and solutions Web based project management software from Upland PSA is designed to exchange data with leading accounting, payroll, project management, human resources, and CRM systems. Integration is right out-of-the-box. Just hook up the connections. No more disconnected systems. No more spreadsheets to bridge the gap.

Compliance made simple and easy In minutes, generate the reports, breakdowns and audit trails you need for compliance with government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley or contractual requirements like those under the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), or federal and state wage laws. The system automatically accounts for local labor requirements such as overtime.

Empower your projects locally, gain project visibility globally Online project management software solutions from Upland PSA empower your project workforce to make fast informed decisions based on real-time project status, cost and revenue information. Upland PSA project management software includes powerful tracking, scheduling and reporting features that help you standardize and enforce your policies, adopt best practices, and monitor and control your projects in real time with user configured dashboards and reports tailored to meet your business objectives.

Tenrox Awards and accolades include:

  • Microsoft Impact Awards: Software Solution of year award
  • Microsoft Information Worker Solution Award
  • Microsoft Office Partner Solution Grand Prize Winner
  • Microsoft Innovation solution of the year award
  • CPA Technology Advisor: 5 stars
  • SIIA Codie Award winner
  • CRN Test Center Product of the Year
  • Service Provider Weekly: Editor’s Choice Award
  • IT Week: Editor’s Choice Award

Product Overview

  • Developer Upland
  • Type Professional Service Automation (PSA) Software
  • Client OS

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