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Infor Fourth Shift

A software system designed by Infor.
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Infor Fourth Shift ERP is designed to assist manufactures to improve your operational quality, speed, become more effective in order to achieve improved bottom line results.

The benefits you’ll receive using Infor Fourth Shift ERP include: your manufacturing operations will see improved on-time shipping performance, you’ll also see improved accuracy for your inventory data, order lead time will be reduced while inventory turns will increase and finally your manufacturing cycle time will improve.

Infor Fourth Shift ERP helps you achieve faster ROI and continuous improvement through a combination of experts, tools, methodologies, and certified partners.

Reviews of Infor Fourth Shift

An anonymous Infor Fourth Shift user says...

This is a good program for what we used to do but as we’ve grown it doesn’t meet our full requirements and we have to keep trying to add custom programs to fit those requirements.

Nortbert from Kartex says...

The good:

The bad: