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About IQS

For more than 25 years, IQS has been delivering market-leading quality management and compliance solutions. The addition of our Software as a Service (SaaS) web delivery model has helped us stay on the leading edge of what manufacturers need to compete in the global market. Engineered to elevate the quality management system into a strategic business tool, IQS enterprise software has integrated modules that cover every aspect of quality and compliance, including:

  • Audit management
  • Change management/ECN
  • Customer complaint tracking
  • Document management
  • Employee training
  • Equipment maintenance
  • FMEA/control pans
  • Gauge calibration
  • Inspections/SPC
  • Nonconformance/CAPA
  • PPAP/First Article Inspections
  • Supplier performance


The days of making business decisions just on hunches and suppositions are over. Instead, business analytics tools are growing increasingly important, especially in the manufacturing sector. Your competitors are already using such tools to make decisions, drill down on data, and understand their business, and if you do not do the same, you may be left in the dust.

Fortunately, we offer some great web-based software tools for manufacturers to get them to the next level. Improve your manufacturing quality with IQS Business Analytics software.

A Truly Integrated Quality Management System

IQS Business Analytics has some big benefits. With this easy to use and intuitive analytics product, our customers are able to harness the true power of their IQS integrated quality management system by allowing true business intelligence and ad hoc reporting. This can save your business money and time.

Decisions From Real-Time Data

Using quality management software can help manufacturing businesses find points of inefficiency upon which to improve. IQS Business Analytics works with multiple sets of data points to help manufacturing executives make smart business decisions in real-time. Instead of waiting around to wade through multiple sets of information manually, the decision makers are able to make real-time decisions quickly and efficiently, thanks to the graphics generated by our analytics software.

IQS Business Analytics for Dashboarding IQS Business Analytics: Dashboarding and Ad-Hoc Reporting within the IQS Quality Management Software

Charts and Graphs vs. Tedious Data Reports

IQS Business Analytics software is able to graphically communicate information in a way that is accessible and understandable to manufacturing executives. The software can translate multiple points of data into easy to read charts and graphs to help make the points in a way that would take hundreds or even thousands of words or sets of numbers in order to explain. So instead of wading through a tedious report, an executive can grasp data points though an easy to understand chart or graphic.

Data Can Be Converted Into Multiple Formats

Whether you need information in PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, or RTF format, the information needed from the IQS Business Analytics software is easily converted into a variety of computing formats. So, if you need to make a point to a manager who prefers to read his information in Microsoft Excel, you can take the information and move it into that format. Or if you want a flexible format for publishing information on the web, the software is easily convertible for publishing on the internet.

Data for Multiple Platforms

It is important to have such business analytic tools be accessible not just on desktop computers but also on laptops, iPads, and iPhones. Fortunately, IQS Business Analytics software can be used on these platforms, which makes life easier for your busy schedule. This flexibility means that you will not have to be chained to your office computer in order to make important business decisions. Instead, you can visualize data virtually any place you can visualize working in!

Easy to Install and to Use

You do not have the time to spend days or even weeks learning a new software program. You need something that is easy to install and to use. With IQS Business Analytics, you can be up and running almost immediately, thanks to the web-based format and the intuitive nature of the program. The dashboard feature is easy to understand, and it allows you to drill down to data sets to truly understand the data involved and to make intelligent business decisions. Data visualization, mining, analysis, and integration are uncomplicated and does not require IT support.

  • See more at: http://www.iqs.com/solutions/software/iqs-business-analytics/#sthash.Fi75lqNp.dpuf

Audit Management

One of the most challenging aspects of coordinating quality management and regulatory compliance initiatives is how to properly manage each stage of an audit. Due to the immense growth of government-regulated and industry-specific quality standards, paper-driven quality management and compliance systems are no longer efficient when conducting audits.

The automotive, medical device, aerospace and defense industries have a particular interest in developing auditing systems to keep pace with a constantly changing regulatory environment. The compliance challenges facing these industries extend beyond the sphere of general ISO standards, including AS 9100, TS 16949 and FDA GXP mandates.

In the new global economy, competitive pressures alone demand that manufacturers develop proactive auditing systems. To overcome these challenges, manufacturers must develop audit management systems that help control the rising cost of maintaining regulatory and industry compliance.

Audit ManagementThe IQS audit management software ensures the integrity of internal, third-party and supplier audits by integrating audit documentation into an enterprise-wide platform. Quality management and compliance personnel can utilize an integrated platform to initiate follow-up procedures and escalate issues to nonconformance or corrective actions when appropriate. The IQS solution also features the ability to facilitate feedback derived from the results of performing internal audits among departments and personnel.

By deploying the IQS audit management software, business decision-makers can hold quality departments accountable while simultaneously preparing auditing systems to accommodate regulatory and industry audits. IQS’ audit management software also includes the ability to create audit templates as well as customized audit-related reports, charts and quality management system queries providing a fully integrated audit management solution.

In summary, use the IQS Audit Management Software to:

  • Focus on technical matters while the software tracks, inventories, schedules and performs all the time-consuming tasks involved in the audit process
  • Ensure that findings do not fall through the cracks by assigning responsibility, a due date and trending information for efficient and timely reporting
  • Automatically cross-references the audit result to the corrective action request so personnel responsible can launch the audit and review what happened and more!
  • Review more details on the IQS audit management software

Change Management

Quality management and regulatory compliance systems require software that creates an enterprise-wide platform to communicate changes to product design processes automatically. At each stage in the manufacturing process, quality management IT solutions must be able to adapt to change requests and control plan revisions as fast as possible. IQS’ software has the agility necessary to perform all change management and ECN functions efficiently and quickly.

The quality management systems of manufacturers must be adaptable and flexible enough to provide engineers with the tools necessary to design products properly. In the aerospace and defense industry in particular, the change management features of quality management systems is a mission-critical function. Failure to communicate alterations to product design documentation leads to myriad problems that can delay production substantially. IQS’ software provides a means to manage critical changes to design requirements across multiple manufacturing sites, as well as among suppliers.

By lowering the risk of breakdowns in communication, IQS’ software can potentially lower production costs across the board. Manufacturers in the automotive industry in particular must develop quality management systems to accommodate change management functions and ECN rapidly, allowing employees access to change requests, process flow alterations and updated process and design FMEAs. Quality management systems must also be able to make information readily available automatically. As engineers refine product designs and coordinate corrective action efforts, rapid communication is the key to accomplishing a manufacturer’s quality management goals. IQS’ software provides manufacturers with the ability to communicate changes in documentation alongside the ability to cross reference customer and supplier data in tandem with ECN and changes to processes at every manufacturing stage.

In summary, use the IQS Change Management / ECN Software to:

  • Manage critical changes to design requirements across multiple manufacturing sites, as well as among suppliers
  • Adapt to change requests and control plan revisions at any point in the production process
  • Archive previous revisions and track who made the last revision with electronic signatures.
  • Allow employees access to change requests, process flow alterations and updated process and design FMEAs and more!

Document Management

Regulatory compliance is a constant challenge in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the automotive, aerospace and defense, and FDA regulated industries. To satisfy government-mandated regulations in tandem with industry-specific quality standards, manufacturers require innovative software solutions to lower the bottom-line cost of compliance initiatives. Document management is one of the most critical facets of maintaining regulatory compliance, and one of the most challenging aspects to facilitate at an optimal cost.

In the past, paper-driven document control systems allowed innumerable opportunities for simple human error to delay the process of updating quality management and compliance-related documentation. The IQS solution includes an integrated document management software application to meet this challenge proactively, allowing quality and compliance personnel to accommodate revision control protocols.

Paper-based quality management systems muddle the operational efficiency of compliance procedures and work instructions communicated via updated documentation. The IQS document control software allows manufacturers to centralize document management systems into an enterprise-wide platform, which streamlines the change approval process in its entirety. This approach to document management allows enterprises to coordinate and schedule change approvals in concert with document-auditing initiatives across several manufacturing sites, achieving compliance at a lower cost.

IQS’ document management software links approval and distribution lists with change request notices and training records efficiently. All compliance-related documentation integrates seamlessly into the IQS software solution. IQS’ document management software also provides employees with the ability to locate and execute document revisions quickly, informing employees of changes immediately. Utilizing the integrated control features in IQS’ software, enterprises can both improve communication and lower the total cost of satisfying regulatory compliance and industry standards, eliminating the need for paper-driven document revision and change approval systems. Add the IQS Document Viewer to improve document visibility on the shop floor.

In summary, the IQS Document Management Software:

  • Streamlines complete document control from change requests to document archiving
  • Links to approval and distribution lists with change request notices and training records efficiently
  • Provides employees with the ability to locate and execute document revisions quickly, informing employees of changes immediately
  • Aids in document auditing initiatives and more!

Employee Training

To remain competitive in global manufacturing, enterprises must be able to track, audit and train employees efficiently. Properly managing employee skills and training records requires the deployment of integrated employee training software solutions. By adopting an enterprise-wide approach to the management of employee skills and training records, business decision-makers can allocate human resources by analyzing objective data on employee expertise.

IQS’ employee training software creates a single interface to develop and manage training initiatives across the board. As the rate of technological innovation in the manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, manufacturers must be able to educate employees on new information technology systems thoroughly. To overcome this challenge, IQS’ training management software allows enterprises to conduct periodic assessments of employee skills.

Skills management is an important component of a cost-effective employee training system. The IQS solution provides enterprises with an integrated platform to achieve this goal. The survey management features included in the IQS employee training software allow enterprises to maintain a complete inventory of employee education levels, job descriptions and certification records. By consolidating course management into IQS’ training software, enterprises can also maximize the effectiveness of developing employee skills internally.

The IQS software solution includes an automated notification function to keep employee certifications up-to-date. As new employees enter the system, IQS’ software features the ability to assign tasks based on skill level while integrating this information into other IQS software modules. By creating a complete employee skills and training system, manufacturers can deploy new technology faster while mitigating operating expenditures. In the automotive, medical device, aerospace and defense industries, global competitiveness demands no less.

In summary, the IQS Employee Training Software:

  • Creates a single interface to develop and manage training initiatives across the board
  • Manages job descriptions with skills including complete control of documents and revision control
  • Keeps track of employee personal information, past jobs, job descriptions, competency, qualifications and more!

Equipment Maintenance

In manufacturing, ISO 9000 standards require enterprises to develop preventive maintenance programs to establish compliance. According to ISO, ensuring that equipment characteristics correlate to key product quality characteristics allows manufacturers to adopt a process-centric approach to quality management and regulatory compliance. This broad concept of an ideal equipment maintenance system forms the basis of all on-site maintenance protocols.

In the past, maintenance protocols were handled by developing paper-driven quality management systems. Today, these paper-driven initiatives are a hindrance to achieving regulatory and industry compliance at an optimal cost to the enterprise. To overcome this challenge proactively, IQS developed its equipment management software application to eliminate the inherent redundancies and inefficiencies of paper-driven maintenance management systems.

Equipment Maintenance Screenshot The efficient management of documentation related to equipment maintenance is arguably one of the most daunting challenges of developing an automated maintenance system. Creating a spare parts and tools inventory alone encompasses reevaluating maintenance scheduling from an enterprise-wide perspective. Enterprises that conduct operations among disparate manufacturing sites and suppliers know the value of an automated, real-time maintenance management system. IQS’ equipment management software offers manufacturers the chance to reap the benefits of an automated system, eschewing the difficulties of disparate paper-driven maintenance scheduling protocols.

The IQS equipment maintenance software allows manufacturers to deploy an integrated platform to facilitate preventive maintenance initiatives. The benefits of an automated system include achieving an improved delivery time by decreasing the amount of downtime caused by untimely maintenance. The IQS software solution allows manufacturers to establish automated controls to notify quality personnel of maintenance-related issues, which improves process reliability by maximizing the lifespan of key manufacturing equipment.

In summary, the IQS Equipment Maintenance Software helps you:

  • Inventory all parts needed to successfully complete preventive work orders
  • Track equipment usage for traceability, accountability and maintenance scheduling
  • Automatically calculate last and next preventive maintenance dates based on your defined intervals when preventive work orders are saved
  • Deploy an integrated platform to facilitate preventive maintenance initiatives and more!

FMEA/Control Plan/Process Flow

FMEA/Control Plan/Process Flow Software

Manufacturers require innovative IT solutions to overcome the challenges of evaluating design process elements at the most significant stages. These advanced planning challenges have particular resonance in the automotive industry, which must develop quality management systems to satisfy stringent regulatory mandates domestically and abroad. As such, deploying software to tackle process flow, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and control plan challenges proactively is an absolute necessity. IQS’ FMEA/Control Plan/Process Flow Software is critical for companies wanting to produce high-quality products.

Process Flow Software

Process Flow lays the bedrock foundation for effective Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). To define the requisite operations and control characteristics, manufacturers must be able to deploy a robust software platform that accommodates the creation and implementation of process flow variables well. Process flows define operations and the characteristics they control. These operation characteristic combinations form the foundation of the Process FMEA and Control Plan. IQS Software helps synchronize your process flows, process FMEAs and Control Plans.

FMEA Software

Effective FMEA requires a proactive approach. The ability to assign failure modes to all design elements and processes in tandem with assigning an accurate risk priority number is crucial. Software solutions must have the capacity to define the effects of failures and potential causes as well as display recommended actions quickly. The IQS Software allows you to assign failure modes to design item/functions and process/function requirements and rank them by Risk Priority Number (RPN). You can define effects of failures, the potential causes and the recommended actions if and when they occur. It also allows user-defined text for your organization’s descriptions of severity, occurrence and detection values.

Control Plan Software

Assigning control plan elements allows quality management systems to define the control method of each operating characteristic. Software solutions must be able to manage all requisite equipment in addition to all applicable measuring devices used when designing an effective control plan. To satisfy this requirement, manufacturers must be able to deploy integrated software solutions to control this final characteristic of evaluating design processes. IQS will help you define how each operation characteristic is going to be controlled, help you manage the equipment required to produce your Product, assist in identifying measuring devices used to measure it, and help you prepare sample sizes, frequency of inspection and reaction plans.

The number of problems that may arise in process flow, FMEA and control plan elements are innumerable, so software solutions must be able to account for all three phases of evaluating design process elements thoroughly.

Gage Calibration

Ensuring the integrity of process quality data is an absolutely critical component of cost-effective quality management and regulatory compliance initiatives. To provide quality management personnel with valid, actionable process data, manufacturers must deploy an agile gage calibration tracking software solution. Without reliable device management protocols, manufacturers may increase the risk of unknowingly producing nonconforming items, which can delay time-to-market objectives. In the worst-case scenario, invalid process data resulting from inaccurate equipment gages can lead to defective products reaching the open market.

Gage Calibration Screenshot To overcome this challenge proactively, the IQS gage (gauge) calibration software allows quality management personnel to perform routine MSA device analysis experiments such as RR ANOVA, RR attribute, RR range, bias and stability/linearity studies. In the past, manufacturers have relied on disparate third-party software applications to perform these different types of MSA experiments. IQS’ gage calibration software creates an integrated system to incorporate the results of various analyses via a single interface, eliminating the need to manage difficult-to-integrate software applications.

Through automation of MSA via gage calibration software, manufacturers can develop a calibration schedule that is well suited to the unique needs of their industry. Manufacturers in the automotive, medical device and the aerospace and defense industries have a particular interest in deploying an integrated gage calibration software solution. IQS’ gage calibration tracking software features the ability to automate escalation notices to the appropriate personnel in addition to integrating data gathered during receiving and in-process inspections. By deploying IQS’ software, manufacturers can further streamline quality management and regulatory compliance initiatives at a lower bottom-line cost.

In summary, the IQS Gage Calibration Software allows you to:

  • Perform routine MSA device analysis experiments such as RR ANOVA, RR attribute, RR range, bias and stability/linearity studies
  • Simplify notifications with color coded calibration status fields indicating device is OK for use on the floor, coming due or past due for calibration
  • Document and track calibrations for measuring devices and test equipment including: date and time of calibration, who performed the calibration, time to calibrate, temperature and more!


Statistical process control functions are essential components of quality management system software deployed in the manufacturing industry. Equally important is the ability to complete thorough inspection plans that satisfy regulatory standards at a low cost. Providing an integrated IT solution, IQS’ software satisfies these two critical elements of efficient quality management systems.


Manufacturers must also develop solutions to the challenges of conducting myriad inspections throughout a product’s lifecycle. At each stage of inspection, IQS’ software can store an unlimited amount of user-defined characteristics. The software even allows manufacturers to track revision levels and change histories after previous inspections to provide manufacturers with a broader view of a product’s lifecycle.


Manufacturers must find novel solutions to the challenges of reducing appraisal costs, avoiding errors and inefficiencies, validating data and producing accurate records on-demand. The SPC functions featured in IQS’ software provide a means to answer these challenges proactively via a single interface. Manufacturers can use IQS’ software to perform required SPC actions such as collecting data, defining sampling plans, accommodating new supplier performance data, integrating data with legacy systems automatically and creating various SPC charts automatically.

IQS’ software can likewise create charts from inspection and revision data automatically, allowing manufacturers the flexibility necessary to respond to change requests quickly. Manufacturers must also be able to create reports on demand and generate PPAP dimensional results. IQS’ software achieves this via a fully integrated interface. Inspection results and SPC data both integrate into other IQS modules to provide manufacturers with an agile, complete quality management software solution.

In summary, use the IQS’s Inspection and SPC Software to:

  • Validate that you are collecting data on the correct inspection plan and the correct revision of a print
  • Alert operators with an NCM Warning for out-of-spec results and post a nonconformance record with a single mouse click
  • Utilize skip-lot function which loads appropriate plans for an operator and then automatically promotes or demotes based on results
  • Create charts from inspection and revision data automatically, allowing the flexibility necessary to respond to change requests quickly and more!


The high cost of poor quality undermines the return-on-investment of quality management systems. To lower costs by optimizing NCM procedures and corrective and preventative actions (CAPA), quality management systems require issue-tracking software that includes a wide range of features and increased system agility. IQS’ quality management solution contains an integrated, real-time platform that consolidates the strengths of disparate NCM software, corrective action software and issue tracking software into a unified solution.

Complaint Tracking

Outdated nonconformance software and corrective action software platforms are a hindrance when conducting CAPA optimization initiatives. Disparate software systems create inefficiencies that allow redundancy to muddle quality management systems as a whole. The IQS issue tracking software solves this problem by streamlining NCM procedures from an enterprise-wide perspective.

Complaint tracking software must be able to provide real-time data throughout the various stages of correcting NCMs. IQS’ software allows quality management teams to adapt workflows as needed when solving NCM issues. The challenge of manually coordinating the different classes of disparate quality management software is eliminated from the quality management system, creating ample opportunities to optimize nonconformance initiatives further.

Nonconformance and CAPA Optimization

Manual paper-based quality management systems obstruct efficiency when coordinating corrective actions among department personnel. By deploying an integrated, software-based platform, quality management personnel can obtain and assign access to data at the appropriate stage of the nonconformance process. An enterprise-wide, real-time quality management system allows key personnel to conduct root-cause analyses and forward results to quality managers via a single system, removing the problem of coordinating disparate software altogether.

In summary, the IQS Nonconformance/CAPA Software helps:

  • Define and analyze each nonconformance and assign risk priority numbers
  • Ensure disposition efforts are effective by assigning responsibility for verification
  • Provide automatic look-up of information regarding nonconformance from IQS Inspection/SPC allowing you to track the employee or supplier who produced the nonconforming product
  • Integrate with email to provide serial and parallel workflow approval routing and more!

PPAP/First Article Software

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) remains one of the most critical components of a cost-effective quality management and regulatory compliance system. In today’s economic environment, paper-driven advanced planning systems are no longer adequate to meet the demands of a global manufacturing industry. The aerospace and defense industry, in particular, faces daunting regulatory and competitive challenges as related to first article inspection protocols. In the general manufacturing industry, a streamlined, software-based product part approval process can potentially create opportunities to optimize operational costs across the board.

IQS’ Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) software module creates an enterprise-wide platform to manage all first article documentation via a single interface. The IQS solution allows manufacturers to consolidate project protocols in one system that keeps track of personnel assignments and the level of assigned task completion. To reduce the risk of nonconforming products delaying time-to-market objectives, manufacturers must develop a quality management and regulatory compliance system that integrates supplier and customer data in a unified system. This advanced planning strategy can potentially lower both production and warranty costs by identifying pre-production problems more quickly.IQS Sample First Article Inspection Report

IQS’ PPAP / First Article Inspection software allows manufacturing sites to facilitate part change requests to suppliers efficiently by performing process audits from an enterprise-wide perspective. The IQS software also features the ability to incorporate real-time data from other IQS software modules and documents to yield more reliability first article inspection results. By deploying the IQS software solution, manufacturers can manage all elements of cost-effective APQP in a single system to improve the overall effectiveness of quality management and regulatory compliance initiatives.

In summary, the IQS PPAP/ First Article Software:

  • Creates an enterprise-wide platform to manage all PPAP/first article documentation via a single interface with an unlimited number of user-defined steps
  • Allows manufacturers to consolidate project protocols in one system that keeps track of personnel assignments and the level of assigned task completion
  • Facilitates part change requests to suppliers efficiently by performing process audits from an enterprise-wide perspective
  • Creates a submission and assigns and notifies the supplier that work needs done and more!

Supplier Performance

In manufacturing, reducing the cost of product quality (COPQ) requires the deployment of an integrated, real-time quality management software solution to troubleshoot supplier performance issues thoroughly. By streamlining communication among suppliers and manufacturing sites, IQS’ software creates an enterprise-wide supplier management solution to minimize supplier-related COPQ issues.

Issue Tracking: Nonconformances and Corrective Actions

The IQS software solution features the ability to track supplier nonconformances in real-time by giving suppliers access to quality-related data via the Web. Establishing consistent supplier performance procedures is critical when identifying and analyzing non-conforming lots and supplier components. To solve this common challenge, IQS’ software allows suppliers to identify nonconformances before problems arise.

Quality management systems must also coordinate corrective actions with nonconformances to lower COPQ. IQS’ software facilitates collaboration among suppliers and manufacturing sites to perform root-cause analyses and coordinate follow-up actions efficiently, consolidating supplier management issues via an integrated software platform.

Supplier Audits and Scorecards

The challenge of planning, scheduling and conducting audits creates opportunities to optimize supplier performance procedures by deploying a real-time supplier management software solution. The IQS software solution provides such a platform, establishing the reliability of supplier processes and products.

Improving supplier performance is the responsibility of every member of an enterprise’s quality management team. The score carding capability featured in IQS’ software gives quality departments an agile quality management software solution that enables users to perform real-time metrics and track improvements over time. By adopting a proactive approach to score carding, quality management personnel can facilitate corrective actions faster by improving communication among suppliers and manufacturing sites.

In summary, use the IQS Supplier Performance Software to:

  • Build Scorecards to give quality departments a solution for real-time metrics and track improvements over time
  • Categorize your suppliers with your own codes for supplier type, territory, ratings and approval levels
  • Define fields and categorize communications to allow for sorting and analysis
  • Analyze supplier satisfaction and supplier problems to improve business planning activities
  • Record nonconformances and corrective actions with all necessary traceability and more!

Supplier Portal

Today’s global manufacturing industry demands that enterprises deploy streamlined quality management and regulatory compliance systems to improve communication throughout the entire supply chain. Fast and accurate dissemination of information lowers the inherent risks of coordinating operations among geographically disparate manufacturing sites and suppliers. In the past, enterprises have relied on paper-based systems to facilitate communication among employees, suppliers and customers. To keep pace with global competitors, enterprises must deploy a unified platform that eliminates reliance on paper-based systems, which only raise the risk of miscommunication occurring at the most inopportune moments.

The IQS software solution provides a web-based, unified platform, integrating disparate quality management and regulatory compliance strategies into a single system. IQS Supplier Portal facilitates communication via a web-based interface that allows manufacturers to automatically dispense quality performance information. By creating customized automatic notifications, manufacturers can tailor notifications to be non-visible, read-only or editable, which aids in fostering improved supplier communication and customer communication from an enterprise-wide perspective.

IQS Supplier Portal integrates data collected via the IQS system and dispenses internal data such as issue tracking, advanced planning/submissions, corrective action requests, nonconformances and documentation. IQS Supplier Portal also improves supplier communication by providing a web-based platform to inform suppliers of past and present quality scorecards alongside the results of supplier audits. IQS Supplier Portal even allows suppliers to drill down information to stay abreast of open issues in tandem with the effectiveness of corrective actions. Through a single point of entry, IQS Supplier Portal facilitates communication among employees, customers and suppliers in an agile, integrated and flexible quality management and regulatory compliance system.

In summary, the IQS Supplier Portal:

  • Allows for easier and better communication between suppliers and customers
  • Facilitates when and where notifications are needed and to whom they should be sent
  • Integrates disparate quality management and regulatory compliance strategies into a single system
  • Allows for global access and tight security and more!

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User Reviews of IQS

Submitted on September 27th, 2019 by Shaik Mahaboob Subhani

This helps to record the entire data.

The Good…

This IQS helps to implement the SPC on shop floor which helps to stabilize the process.

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Nothing. When we go deeper into it, will get more thoughts.

Submitted on June 6th, 2013 by Nicholas Sondelski

The software does a really good job of meeting our needs in a lot of different areas from human resources to our maintenance department and of course our quality department. Everybody in our business uses IQS. It really is at the heart of our company now. It’s a software that runs our company and has really changed how we do business today.