Delivery Experience Management

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A platform to increase conversion and reduce cost-to-serve

About Delivery Experience Management

Convey’s Delivery Experience Management (DEM) platform is made to streamline operations along the entire supply chain. This software utilizes machine learning to optimize all steps of the buyers journey. It starts by presenting competitive delivery dates pre-purchase through outcome-based shipment execution and continues to shopper communication, exception management, and transportation analysis.

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Features of DEM

  • Discover: Prescriptive Analytics and Transportation Insights
  • Convert: Intelligent Pre-Purchase Estimated Delivery Dates
  • Initiate: Intelligent Last Mile TMS
  • Engage: Post-Purchase Customer Experiences and Notifications
  • Recover: Real-Time Visibility and Exception Management
  • Extend: Delivery Data APIs

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User Reviews of Delivery Experience Management

Submitted on March 31st, 2020 by Lance Harcrow from Estes Forwarding Worldwide

We pride ourselves on world-class delivery services for our customers. Because of Delivery Appointment Scheduling, we were able to help our customers reduce transit costs, improve delivery speed, and make end-customers even happier with their deliveries.