Supply Chain Visibility

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A supply chain solution by NeuroTags

About Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility platform by NeuroTags lets you control your supply chain visibility and stock traceability. This software has many benefits to provide working solutions for economical track and trace, inventory management, dead stock prevention and illegitimate diversion prevention. An economical and integrated end-to-end platform, there is AI monitoring to protect your supply chain needs at every level.

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Features of Supply Chain Visibility

  • Reduce dead stock: Centralized information about the current and dead stock in every warehouse and distribution center.
  • Track from warehouse to consumer: Real-time visibility all the way from warehouse to the consumers with geo-location on built-in dashboards with map views.
  • Prevent unauthorized distribution: Instant alerts, verification and validation of the origin to prevent leaks and diversions.
  • Control and make supply chain efficient: Have a consolidated and pro-active control of supply chain visibility by setting automated alerts for unexpected or desired events.
  • Scalable: Economical, customizable and scalable to any size; performance benchmarked on billions of items.
  • Fully integrated: All the solutions smoothly work together.
  • Comprehensive: Everything you need to track and defend your products, your brand, and your customers is here.
  • Extensible: Incrementally activate the additional capabilities as you expand your product’s digital footprint.

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User Reviews of Supply Chain Visibility

Submitted on March 31st, 2020 by Anthony Gagliardi from The Kind Pen

NeuroTags is helping me reduce fraud and connect with more customers - in one integrated solution.

Submitted on March 31st, 2020 by Gurumukh Uttamchandani from SYSKA LED Lights

NeuroTags has helped us a big way in implementing anti-counterfeit and paperless warranty solution for our brand. They have a great technology, and the implementation & integration setup was really quick.