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About BioTrackTHC

BioTrackTHC is an all-in-one cannabis tracking software. The solution helps cultivators, distributors, and retailers monitor every step of the production process from seed to sale.

BioTrackTHC helps your business stay compliant by tracking necessary data and offering reporting tools customized to your jurisdiction’s regulations. At it’s core, BioTrackTHC will help your cannabis business with reports, marketing, data entry, and customizable workflows.

The solution offers many different levels of licensing and can be purchased to focus on a specific area of operation. If you’re just a cultivator, you can purchase a license to only include those needed features. The solution is scalable and lets you add additional pieces of functionality down the road if needed. It also includes various universal features that are included regardless of license type.

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Primary Features

BioTrackTHC is a true seed to sale software as it manages your operation from cultivation, through processing and manufacturing, and ends at the sale of the product at dispensaries.

Cultivation Operations

The cultivation software functionality of BioTrackTHC helps licensed operators stay compliant. The software aims to optimized inventory management and overall improve cultivation, processing, waste management, transportation, and lab testing.

  • Monitor Plant Applications: Track nutrients and pesticides.
  • Automated Reminders: Schedule times to apply nutrients and pesticides.
  • Analyzed Results: Monitor volume of nutrients applied to plants and track their effects on strains. Review watering cycles and evaluate past harvest cycles.
  • Genealogy Tracking: Record important details about plant genetics and monitor any mixes or crossbreeding.
  • Yield Forecasting: Predict and optimize for larger yields.

Processing and Manufacturing

Licensed cannabis operations will need to record all necessary data for compliance which becomes especially important during the manufacturing process. BioTrackTHC can help store this required information and issue reports to any state system, as well as provide a look inside your business so you can learn more about where you can improve.

  • Transportation Manifest: Ensure your transportation stays compliant too. Track details about vehicles used, the participating drivers, and any cargo contained on vehicles for regulatory review.
  • Conversion Tracking: Convert products into single or multiple by-products. Monitor what each product has been at every point of it’s lifecycle. Track waste.
  • Wholesaling: Package items together for wholesale purchases and monitor invoices and purchase orders relating to it.
  • Transactional Reports: Generate invoices and purchase orders.
  • Inventory Audit: Track product conversions to prevent waste.

Dispensary Point-of-Sale

When selling your cannabis product, there is still data that needs to be collected and reported on to any state systems, as well as data any sales department should track to monitor performance. BioTrackTHC offers online ordering, digital menu displays, and CRM tools.

  • Automated Data Entry: Integrated hardware can help populate data and metrics automatically, such as product weight, patient IDs, and customer profiles.
  • Data-Driven CRM: Customer loyalty and referral options. Email and text marketing plans. Track customer’s favorite products, last visit date, purchase history, and more.
  • Customer Profiles: Track medical information, rewards points, purchase history, and more.
  • Discounts & Loyalty Programs: Offer discounts based on date, time, product type, brand, and employment status.
  • Purchase Limits: To ensure compliance, establish limits based on product type.

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User Reviews of BioTrackTHC

Submitted on July 26th, 2019 by an anonymous BioTrackTHC user.

Not ready for primetime, trying to figure it out.

The Good…

The ability to graphically see your grow facility.

The Bad…

No one at Biotrack seems to have a firm grasp of California track and trace reporting requirements. System confusing to set up and use, trainers and tech support lack hands on experience in a grow operation. Cannot reference a fully functioning client near us, although they have clients near us.

Submitted on June 26th, 2019 by Souren Eriksen

I’ve used BioTrackTHC in Washington and New Mexico. I would only recommend using it long enough to perform critical regulatory tasks while you evalute 3rd party traceability solutions. Although it covers all the traceability actions one must perform in a regulated cannabis market, it does so with extremely poor workflow. Many actions are hidden in bizzare menu locations, everything takes an excessive number of clicks to complete, few actions have a batch function, and it runs much slower than is acceptable for a modern software solution.

The Good…

If you are just getting started they offer a free version that lets you at least be compliant with state laws. However, time is money. And when considering the time it takes trying to get things done in BioTrackTHC it’s actually more cost effective to spend $150-400 on a competitor and save time instead of using BioTrackTHC at all.

The Bad…

  • Software runs slow.
  • No Mobile app. Very useful for working in grow room, scanning plant tags with phone, taking plant notes etc.
  • While managing plants/inventory scanning bar-codes still necessitates hitting enter, slowing one down.
  • No Batch strain creation (i.e. create strain name with a number affix, instead each strain must be created individually. Huge waste of time if one has hundreds of breeding strains to keep track of.)
  • Workflow segmented among lots of pop ups and windows, jarring experience. Usability feels like late 90s early 2000s software.
  • Point of Sale very cumbersome, inventory appears at different stock levels depending on what menu view you are currently in. Difficult to gauge at a glance what is in stock or selling well. Checking out customers takes to many steps and is much slower than competitors.

…And much more. Every-time I join a new operation and am forced to use BioTrackTHC (until i switch the operation to something better) I am utterly bewildered at the lack of fore thought for workflow efficiency when this piece of software was created.

Submitted on June 6th, 2019 by an anonymous BioTrackTHC user.

They’e been around forever and it shows. Any time

The Good…

Its flexibility. If my workflows ever change I can change them in the program too.

The Bad…

not web based but I can log in remotely which is nice but fully web based would be a bit better.

Submitted on June 6th, 2019 by an anonymous BioTrackTHC user.

Very robust, granular settings, and permissions. It’s a little more complicated than some of the other options, but as you get deeper into your business plan, the complexity is a necessary evil. The complexity can be troublesome for low level budtenders or dispensaries with high turnover and a a need for constant training. Vertical integration is great, reports are extremely useful. It does have some issues but if you’re familiar with the system most issues are user-error and can easily be resolved.

The Good…

Reporting features, easy to use, great integrations. Their support is great but sometimes can be hard to get a hold of.

The Bad…

It can be buggy and it’s frustrating when you can’t reach support.

Submitted on June 3rd, 2019 by an anonymous BioTrackTHC user.

The software has many bugs that need to be addressed and the support is lacking.