Complete seed to sale consumer compliance software.

About GrowFlow

GrowFlow is an end to end inventory management, compliance and point of sale system for all legal cannabis markets. The software serves all license types, up and down the cannabis supply chain. GrowFlow helps you sell more product in less time, all while staying 100% compliant with state regulations.

Video Overview

GrowFlow integrates with your state compliance provider (BioTrack, METRC, Leaf Data Systems) to report your activities to your state legislation, automatically. GrowFlow also can automatically generate compliance reports in states that do not have a central reporting system.

GrowFlow Features

  • Complete supply chain management from Seed to Sale and to Consumer
  • Integrates with all State Compliance systems to report for you automatically
  • Automatic label generator saves you hours of time printing every type of label from plant tags to full color retail packaging
  • Automatic invoice and manifest creation for all order
  • Storefront feature allows retailers to order directly from wholesalers live inventory
  • Retail point of sale system is hardware agnostic and has a built in loyalty program
  • Retail point of sale system never slows down because each customer gets their own unique secure server that never shares resources with competitors
  • Retail point of sale system has built in purchase limits and tax configurations
  • Retail point of sale system has the most robust discounting configuration in the industry
  • Retail point of sale system has built in reporting suite and granular permissions to hold all employees accountable

GrowFlow Pricing

The cost of GrowFlow starts at $250/license/month. The software is priced per month and priced per customer. There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of GrowFlow

Submitted on August 17th, 2021 by Thresia

I choose Grow Flow when a friend recommened them to me . I can’t believe that they calmed my fears and walked me thru the program many times till I got it. They constantly encouraged me and would tell me I was doing great. You have no Idea how many times they helped me in the beginning and not ever did they say one word about the fact I kept needing help. But they are a awesome group of people and I highly recommend them. So Grow Flow I am giving you a A++!

The Good…

They are always willing to answer your questions.

The Bad…

Sometimes they go to fast when training you.

Submitted on February 3rd, 2021 by Donna Christensen

We started using GrowFlow about two months ago and I was nervous and new! All of the customer service people I have worked with have been GREAT! Everyone is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the recorded Zoom sessions and having them emailed to us.

My assigned helper, Talia, is doing an OUTSTANDING job!! She is very helpful and calm. When she doesn’t know the answer, she figures it out and gets back with me! She has a very soothing voice and helps me, even when I totally mess up! Right before Thanksgiving, she showed me how to do something and said she would be off for Thursday and Friday. Well, I had a mental block and couldn’t forget what to do, so I emailed her on Friday, knowing that she probably won’t look at it until Monday…well, I was wrong, she emailed me back. We emailed about four times back and forth! I was so so happy she did! I was able to finish up some things that were stressing me out. She didn’t need to do that but I was so thankful she did!

I just wanted to let you know, Talia is a superstar—but you probably already know that.

Submitted on January 11th, 2021 by Quinn

GrowFlow helps keep track of my inventory, sell through their live marketplace, make data driven decisions through their data analytics reports and overall grow my company.

The Good…

The best part is support, using the chat bubble and knowing that the person I am talking to is an expert makes me feel confident. Selling through their live marketplace has grown my sales by 20%.

The Bad…

I would love for my sales rep to make sales through the marketplace on the stores behalf.

Submitted on October 19th, 2020 by BossLady of BigPapas

HAS BEEN A BLESSING STAYING IN COMPLIANCE WITH OMMA. There is no “hard” parts to learn. Its a simple as anything on the market. GrowFlow takes care of any problems you have.

The Good…

Steph!!! The greatest part of the entire program!!!

The Bad…


Submitted on August 25th, 2020 by Anonymous

A processing program should help you process. This program only allows you to ad one item and chang it to another. If you have more than one ingredient you cannot use the software. also if your not selling it in bulk you cannot use your packaging in the program. what this program does for a processor can be don on a spiral notebook. Unfortunately my employee assumed a processors program would help combine ingredients and packaging into one final product and she didn’t ask these questions. Waste of money and more important time

Response From Developer: Chris, we are really sorry to hear that we didn’t meet your expectations with our solution. If we are reading and understanding your review correctly, you were hoping that GrowFlow would track your non-cannabis ingredients and also your packaging and labeling supplies and levels (like jars or packaging for retail products). While we don’t track these non-cannabis items in our system, we do track everything, from seed-to-sale for all of your cannabis materials and ingredients.

Our solution allows you to create any compliant cannabis product and supports combining as many inputs as needed. This includes simple products, like turning bulk flower into pre-rolls or more complex products and conversions, like turning bulk flower into distillate or using oil or concentrate as the input for an edible product. We help processors handle all conversions compliantly and track everything from seed to sale.

In addition, we speed up your packaging and sales processes with invoicing and manifesting tools, as well as a very powerful drag and drop automatic label editor so you can generate 100’s of unique labels for an order in a single click.

We would love another chance to show you how we can help your operation realize your cannabusiness dreams. We want to save you as much time as humanly possible, keep you compliant, and support you with our team of cannabis experts. We would also love your feedback on how we can make our product better and save you even more time.