Automate student information solutions with Campus Nexus Student, from Campus Management Corp.

About CampusNexus Student

CampusNexus Student is a cloud-based student information system for higher education institutions. CampusNexus Student integrates with other cloud-based software from its parent company, Campus Management Corp., like CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll.

CampusNexus Student focuses on the issues for tertiary schools, like recruiting, retention, tuition, financial aid, graduation rules/processes, course catalogs, and more. It can also identify and communicate with poorly performing students, students with disciplinary issues, and more.

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  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Accounting
  • Customizable Transcripts
  • Recruiting Tools
  • Course Scheduling
  • Career Explorer

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User Reviews of CampusNexus Student

Submitted on September 25th, 2018 by Christian Hunhoff

Mount Marty traditionally has not invested heavily in IT infrastructure. So if we were really going to be serious about on-premise [installation and management], we would have to make some serious infrastructure investments. And I think our money is best spent elsewhere. So by going to the cloud, we really are reducing our reliance on internal infrastructure.

One big change [through CampusNexus] was to make us more of a service organization, where we’re proactively going out and helping our [students]. So from an IT standpoint it’s really allowed us to do that and stop focusing on the servers being down, replacing hard drives; and it allows us to focus on the [students].

Submitted on December 31st, 1899 by Dr. Maggie Hinojosa

A good CRM solution will enable you to better identify and target students in the community who are likely to succeed.

For example, we now see a link between high school students who have taken college courses while in high school as an important indicator of success at UTRGV. Prospects who have already earned even three or six hours of college are almost eight times more likely to graduate in four years than a student who has none of that experience.

CampusNexus CRM enables us to capture metrics like this that are unique to our institution and community and build campaigns around them.