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A software system designed by JAMIS Software.

About JAMIS e-timecard & e-xpense

Workflow Tools for Project-Based Businesses

JAMIS is the price/performance leader in providing Web-based labor and expense collection and reporting solutions for project-oriented government contractors. Workflow driven, these affordable best-of-breed solutions will save your company both time and money.

JAMIS e-timecard enables compliance with all DCAA requirements, including support of timely entry of labor, electronic signatures and a comprehensive audit trail so your staff can control timesheet changes and corrections.

Now, after nearly 20 years of success, some of the most respected government contractors - companies both large and small - rely on JAMIS applications. These firms process millions of JAMIS e-timecards every year.

Streamline Labor and Expense Posting

JAMIS allows you to process labor and expense costs quickly and post them to projects accurately. So you’ll bill your customers quicker and collect cash faster.

What’s more, e-timecard and e-xpense do away with improper and unauthorized charging. Charges will be assigned to the appropriate jobs correctly the first time, and eliminate the error correction process associated with manual systems. Because our business rules catch mistakes at the time that they’re entered, they never have a chance of being processed into the general ledger.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

JAMIS e-timecard and e-xpense have the sophistication you expect from a state-of-the-art online labor and expense tracking system, yet is intuitive and extremely user friendly. What’s more, it’s easy to learn, so implementation won’t disrupt your staff. With e-timecard and e-xpense, you’ll:

  • Support time and materials contracting by allowing employees to charge contract labor categories mapped to contract or GSA specific billing rates
  • Get timely labor and expense reporting and approval processing prompted by email workflow alerts
  • Have the ability to designate multiple approvers and delegate approval responsibility
  • Assure a comprehensive audit trail for all recorded activity, including best-of-breed amended time card processing and recording of late entries
  • Offer employees on-line, self-service access to their vacation and time-off accrual balances
  • Process and authorize workflow-based forms for expenses or other activities such time-off requests, travel approvals or purchase requests that require request and approval
  • Automate the enforcement of government/company per-diem restrictions, caps and ceilings
  • Distribute expenses from a single expense report to multiple projects based on project allocation distributions for specific days and or specific cost elements
  • Force detailed explanations, meeting attendee lists and or receipts for individual expense cost elements

Process Timesheets and Expense Reports–Anytime, From Anywhere

Employees can easily record labor and expenses through a secure website from anywhere in the world. Supervisors can approve timecards and expenses from any location at any time. Personnel who cannot directly access the system via the internet may use e-timecard’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Group Time Keeping modules.

Get timely information to the right people at the right time. With JAMIS, you can generate standard reports easily or develop your own personalized reports using the query reporting tool of your choice.

And JAMIS provides you with a comprehensive set of reports designed to meet the needs of your employees, line supervisors, payroll personnel and project managers. Employees, supervisors and project managers have instant access to current project information from any location, and that means improved business intelligence.

Establish Your Unique Business Rules

JAMIS e-timecard and e-xpense’s flexible and powerful tools let you define your business rules for labor and expense reporting. The application is designed to support multi-company enterprises, so you can establish rules by company, site, department or group of employees within a specific company. Use these features to:

  • Associate employees to approved project charge numbers or personalized job lists
  • Control indirect personnel charging direct
  • Control direct personnel charging indirect
  • Prevent charges to closed, completed or suspended contracts
  • Automate the enforcement of overtime policies
  • Define holiday, work and site-specific work schedules

Open Architecture Easily Integrates With Your Existing Business Systems

The open architecture of JAMIS e-timecard and e-xpense makes it easy to integrate with virtually any payroll, ERP or accounting solution. JAMIS provides interfaces to applications such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Deltek, as well as to services like ADP, Paychex and Ceridian.

Hosting/Subscription Option

JAMIS e-timecard and e-xpense are complementary products that can be licensed individually or as a suite.

In addition to licensed software applications, e-timecard and e-xpense are available as a hosted subscription service. You access the applications simply by logging onto a secure JAMIS-hosted site. Our hosting expertise allows you to focus on your core competencies and frees you from maintaining software at your company. Currently, clients from over 25 countries log into our hosted solutions.

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User Reviews of JAMIS e-timecard & e-xpense

Submitted on September 27th, 2022 by Anonymous

My company uses JAMIS for time and expense. I am a user. The timecard function is fine. The expense function is HORRIBLE. Just attaching a receipt is a multistep pain in the rear. If you make an error, you get an error code that makes no sense. Unlike most software applications, JAMIS doesn’t highlight the missed or incorrect fields. Instead, I have to engage someone from HR or my project manager to figure out what happened. I strongly suspect that this was the cheapest time and expense software that met contractural requirements, because cost is about the only thing going for it from a user standpoint. Avoid!

The Good…

It’s easy to log off.

The Bad…

I am convinced that the expense function was built with ZERO evaluation by USERS. Attaching a receipt is a multistep process. You select ATTACHMENTS, BROWSE, select the file, wait for it to partially upload, then you have to describe the file, then save it. So if you have a scanned receipt named HOTEL RECEIPT, once you’ve selected it, you then have to enter a description before you can save it. There isn’t a SINGLE ASPECT of the UI that is intuitive. The worst part by far of any business travel is using JAMIS.

Submitted on March 15th, 2021 by Anonymous

Does timecards and expense reports

The Good…

Available from the web

The Bad…

Cannot delegate someone to create expense reports. Executives have to do it themselves rather than their administrative assistants

Submitted on September 23rd, 2020 by Anonymous

This is the most frustrating software. The UI is not intuitive, buttons don’t make sense. Little things like when you resize a window, it doesn’t resize the contents of the window (just literally the outside border of the window). In the job list you can’t select and copy a code. Just little things that they didn’t think through that create a terrible workflow. There are three different places to click to add a job to your timesheet depending on the minutae of what you want to do. There should be ONE job list with filters, not this nonsense about there being a personal job list, a job master, yet another place where you configure the jobs on your timesheet…and lastly, the UI just looks dated. Looks like windows 2000. I’m flabbergasted that my company chose this software and I’m not the only one in my company who feels like this. (And we are software developers so we know our stuff).

The Good…


The Bad…

The workflow, user interface, too many clicks, not ituitive…

Submitted on January 23rd, 2020 by Anonymous

User interface not intuitive. Late entries take 10 minutes or longer to enter the reason due to bad logic in the pop up box

The Good…

The user guide is user unfriendly

The Bad…

The GUI needs lots and lots of work.