A transportation management systems for freight across all modes of transportation.

Product Overview

MercuryGate TMS helps carriers and brokers manage freight across any mode of transportation – land, sea, or air. The platform allows users to handle inbound, outbound, inter-company, and returns. It also helps them ship to any part of the world or multiple geographies at the same time. It offers functionalities including planning, executing, optimizing, and financially managing shipments. The software, available as both cloud-based and on-premise platforms, is designed for businesses of all sizes.


  • Covers multiple geographies
  • Handles inbound and outbound on land, air, or sea
  • Has dynamic rule sets


  • Pricing details not provided by the developer
  • Requires some training to fully utilize

Target Market

Small to large businesses needing a TMS for managing different transportation modes and seeking a system that can be customized to their specific requirements.

Not Recommended For

Mid-size FTL asset companies or traditional brokerage setups due to its complexity and high costs associated with customization and support.

About MercuryGate

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Features of MercuryGate TMS

  • Omnimodal: MercuryGate supports all modes to ensure use of the most cost-effective mode for each shipment. The capability to support all modes also provides a way to meet or exceed required customer service levels.
  • End-to-End Optimization: Best-in-class optimization of routes, rates, and processes yields greater overall efficiency for customers.
  • Brokered Freight and Contract Freight: Enable management of all freight types, including brokered freight and contract carrier freight. Using a single platform solidifies a standard process across both types of transportation management solutions and eliminates the cost of buying and supporting two systems.
  • Prioritized Exception Management: Built-in workflows hasten exception management to ensure users address the most critical issues first, allowing you to move forward with fewer disruptions and providing total network exception visibility into freight, carrier, and user performance.
  • Dynamic Rule Sets: Designated users create their own business logic, leveraging the point-and-click interface, to support freight process customization. Dynamic rule sets continuously adapt the interface to maximize value and ease of use. This enables users to extend the platform to meet unique business needs and future-proof the business.
  • Market Rate Index: Gain buy and sell rate information for all major modes, including truckload, less than truckload, intermodal, drayage, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and more. Indices help clients understand the appropriate rates for a given lane and benchmark rates to ensure the user gets the best rate possible, driving cost efficiency along the way.
  • EDI Provisions: Electronic data interchange (EDI) and international Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT) messaging allow for creating, changing, and validating shipments. Enable communications with carriers for bookings, managing cargo status, and estimated time of arrival for all modes.
  • Global Reach Capabilities: Multi-currency billing, time zones, integrated party screening, and interfaces to automated export system (AES) and customs and border patrol (CBP) to efficiently handle loading meter, optimizing supply chain interactions around the globe. Personalized system configurations enable end-to-end visibility and clear communications regardless of user location.

Product Overview

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