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A financial, human capital, and revenue management solution for cities, counties, and special districts.

About Incode

Incode is designed to aid in the challenges of providing water, sewer, refuse, electric, gas or other related services to your community. This product is fully customizable to the specific needs of your utilities organization. All revenue transactions are automatically posted to the Incode General Ledger. This product will drastically enhance the way you serve your community by tracking complete customer histories, supporting the transfer of service locations and by giving you real-time access to a complete, integrated database of information.

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This product will give you benefits in the following areas of operation:

  • Meter Inventory and Reading--Not only can this product completely track the status of all meters in service in your community, but it can also control meter inventories and generate management reports. An automated meter reading process interfaces with most industry leading meter-reading devices.
  • Service Order Processing--This product will automate the process of creating and scheduling service calls, with minimal input required from you and your staff.
  • Additional features:
    • Top customer tracking
    • Automated billing calendar
    • Customizable consumption and billing audits
    • Integrated form letters (individual or mass)
    • Integrated work orders
    • Automated bank drafting options

This product supports multiple billing rates based on service type and billing definitions. You are given the additional flexibility to generate final bills outside the billing cycle. Automatic audits during the billing process verify accuracy before printing or exporting for third party printing. The billing calendar displays events for all billing cycles, including bill creation date, statement date, due date and notice dates

Product Overview

User Reviews of Incode

Submitted on January 1st, 2018 by Kent Reeves from Bosque and Hamilton counties

Bosque County purchased Incode from Tyler and it has exceeded our expectations. The program is incredible and the support has been great. In fact, I liked Incode so well I purchased it again for Hamilton County less than a year later.

Submitted on January 1st, 2016 by Ken Eppelheimer from Wilmette Park District

We have about 70 employees, and with our old software, they weren’t involved with the financial reporting at all. But within a year of having Incode, all of our staff are doing their own budgets. They have the tools they need to pay invoices and make sure things go to the right accounts. It used to take a month to get all of our financials over to accounting, but with Incode, that task has gone from taking one month to just one day, with fewer errors.