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A warehouse management system that scales with your business.

About Logiwa WMS

Logiwa is a fully integrated WMS and order fulfillment software that provides B2C and B2B warehouse management. The cloud fulfillment software platform integrates with ecommerce, shipping, and accounting platforms to stay up to date with your sales and shipment options.

Logiwa will synchronize all orders and fulfillment across your channels to ensure accurate and real-time inventory management. This is handled through the total control and visibility offered by the platform, which includes:

  • Digital Warehousing: A fully digital 3PL fulfillment center with mobile apps, smart job batching, automation rules, real-time exception handling, and online reports
  • Connected E-Commerce: Sell more with a fully integrated inventory management system that connects instantly with over 200 e-commerce, marketplaces, and order management systems.
  • Smart Shipping: Save time and money with Logiwa's shipping software, enjoy price-optimized carrier selection and auto-printed shipping labels that process orders out the door faster.
  • Total Control: Easily update and extend your Logiwa system in minutes not months: create warehouse layouts, process orders, update automation rules, and bring a new fulfillment center online with clicks not code.

Video Overview

Logiwa Features

The core areas of Logiwa include warehouse management, inventory management, 3PL warehouse management, and order fulfillment.

  • Optimize warehouse layout
  • Shopping cart integrations
  • EDI
  • Automate warehouse receiving
  • Order synchronization
  • Automated picking workflows
  • Order packing and shipment
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Cycle counting and inventory management
  • Returns processing
  • Billing and contract management
  • Client portal

Digital Warehousing

Includes everything to automate warehouse operations and improve productivity.

  • Directed Putaway: Optimize inventory based on velocity, volume, fragility, temperature requirements, cross-dick, zone, or other criteria.
  • Smart Picking Jobs: Use grouped waves/jobs for identical item orders, single item orders, and multi-item orders while applying FIFO, FEFO, or cross-docking inventory management rules.
  • Walking Path Optimization: Dynamically map the best pick-and-pack paths through each warehouse based on proximity, product weight, or fragility and make adjustments when exceptions arise.
  • Pre-integrated Channels: Sync online channels with real-time inventory to accurate reflect stock to customers and maintain order accuracy.
  • Multi-warehouse Operations: Optimize inventory levels across fulfillment centers with location-based rules, and optimize inventory within each distribution center with group and zone-based rules, fixed and dynamic picking locations, and clear location capacities. Get visibility into inventory shortages at each warehouse to route orders to the best fulfillment center and manage inventory transfers.
  • Mobile Operations: Allow use of mobile scanners to send information about items at receiving, put away, picking, packing, shipping, counting, and transfers.

Connected eCommerce

Includes an order fulfillment platform to seamlessly connect marketplaces and order management systems to share real-time product inventory and route orders to the best location.

  • Integration: Connect with popular eCommerce, marketplace, and accounting systems.
  • Order Routing: Route orders to the best fulfillment center based on product availability, shipping costs, and delivery time commitments.
  • Visibility: View inventory levels across all locations. Avoid overselling with synchronized inventory checks between sales and fulfillment centers.
  • Real-time Sync: Get visibility into order trends across each channel, inventory level monitoring, and automatic reorder points.
  • Open API: Connect Logiwa with stores, custom websites, warehouses, vendors, ERP systems, TMS software, HR software, or BI tools.
  • EDI: Integrate with standard logistics and warehousing transaction and file types, including 850, 856, 940, 945, 753, 754, 810, 846, 855, 128

Smart Shipping

Helps optimize pricing for shipping carrier selection and shipping labels to ensure more orders get out of the door faster at more favorable prices.

  • Integration with Popular Carriers: Automates rate shipping across all connected carriers to find the lowest rates.
  • Automated labelling: Pre-print packing slips, return forms, and shipping carrier labels for every box. Tailor different scenarios with real-time rate shipping, batch label printing, and print on demand in packing station.
  • Rate shopping: Optimize for the best shipmenet method and price with automation rules based on rate shopping.
  • Group shipping options: Group shipments together for a less expensive rate from carriers
  • Shipping box suggestion: Get recommended for the best box size based on the product-specific volume, clients, and ideal dimension.
  • Dimensioning: Gather dimensional and weight data of shipping boxes to ensure proper shipping costs.

Total Control

Ensure warehouse automation visibility and controls and adjust quickly to fulfillment requirements. Administrative screens allow you to make updates to your digital warehouses.

  • Grow clients: Add clients and update billing contracts
  • Expand fulfillment network: Bring new warehouses online with predefined templates and adjust parameters.
  • Adjust warehouse layout: Adjust inventory across multiple locations and adapt for changing product demand.
  • Customize algorithms: Build automation rules to accelerate inbound operations, outbound operations, shipping, and more.
  • Analyze: Create reports that track and measure what is important to your business.

Logiwa WMS Target Market

  • 3PLs: Cloud 3PL software for high-volume fulfillment excellence
  • Wholesalers and Distributors: Hybrid wholesale distribution software for 3PL transitions
  • Fulfillment Networks: Cloud fulfillment network software for consistent fulfillment success
  • Brands: Warehouse execution system for omni-channel fulfillment
  • Online Sellers: Ecommerce inventory management software
  • B2B Shippers: Cloud logistics software for B2B and B2C fulfillment

Product Overview

User Reviews of Logiwa WMS

Submitted on January 6th, 2022 by Hooner Baweja from ShipCube

We knew we needed a modern WMS for ecommerce fulfillment. We looked at all the other solutions available and chose Logiwa for its intuitive UX and ease of use.

We were up and running on Logiwa in our first warehouse in just 2 — 3 weeks. Our west coast warehouse really took off after we started using Logiwa.

New warehouse workers are trained and on the floor in just 3 — 4 hours with Logiwa. Logiwa is very intuitive and makes everyone more efficient.

Submitted on January 6th, 2022 by Kathy Smith from ITF Group

Logiwa’s software reminds us of Apple — everything looks easy but it’s super powerful. We can easily add custom reports when we need them, and we love that Logiwa is evolving along with our business.

Logiwa’s customer support is amazing. Whether we need a reminder on how to do something or run into a problem, Logiwa’s support helps us be super responsive to our customers.

Submitted on January 6th, 2022 by Kameron Norwood from PackDash

We started PackDash to give SMBs the same high-quality fulfillment experience as the largest brands in the world.

Logiwa makes it easy for us to provide every client with a high-quality fulfillment experience. We provide a personalized experience for each client and use Logiwa to ensure that every order is properly routed, picked, packed, scanned and shipped to customers on time, every time.

We’re adding 3 to 5 new clients each week. Onboarding a new client into our fulfillment network takes just one hour with Logiwa.