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A software system designed by Advanced Technology Group.

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About C3 Software

The most comprehensive community association management software package ever. C3 is specifically designed to meet the most challenging requirements of association management.

C3 is not only the most complete management software package available today, but its design is aimed to provide the user with flexibility and easy to understand functionality. Because C3 is Windows based it enhances the user interface and makes navigation simple. C3 is an unparalleled solution, essential to the effectiveness of managers, assistant managers, bookkeepers, accountants and independent auditors.

C3 was developed in conjunction with one of the largest and most well-respected management firms in the country. By identifying the needs of their diverse community portfolio, including self-managed groups they consult for - and making all portfolio managers, assistant managers, bookkeepers, accountants, independent auditors and association staff available to ATG for information and testing - ATG has created the ultimate software package for community associations - C3. This is the One.

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User Reviews of C3 Software

Submitted on September 13th, 2015 by Donn from Lone Star Association Management

The financial statements are neat in appearance. The header information of the various reports available are not always consistent. The user-defined report fields are limited to one category. In order to create true user-defined reports, you will need to export several and then combine the reports using a primary key or other pivot point in Excel. Exports to Excel are very useful. One large pitfall is the inability to import budgets. The ability to create report packages is a very useful. C3 was one of the early choices for this industry, but I believe it has been surpassed by other software packages developed from more modern platforms with a friendlier interface.

The Good…

The ability to create custom report packages from the various reports. This ensures the numbers from the reports tie since they are created at the same time.

The Bad…

Not able to import new budgets from csv/text. Budget preparation is a very non-intuitive and time consuming affair.