A cash management software for retailers that automates processes like balancing registers, safes, and deposits.

Product Overview

Brink’s VeriBalance is a cash management software designed for retailers. It automates cash office operations, reducing errors, labor costs, bank fees, and shrinkage. The software’s key features include machine learning-powered cash forecasting and compliance reporting. It also guarantees next-business-day fund transfers with Brink’s Direct Credit. Overall, VeriBalance serves to optimize cash levels in-store and provide accelerated access to funds.


  • Tracks and manages deposits at every stage
  • Automates cash handling and reconciliation
  • Accelerated cash access through provisional credit


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Target Market

Retail trade companies and businesses of various sizes needing to cut bank fees and identify shrink.

About VeriBalance

The Brink’s Company’s VeriBalance system is a patented cash management software tailored for retail businesses. It enhances the efficiency of cash office operations by automating standard procedures. This automation minimizes errors, reduces labor requirements, lowers banking fees, and helps in both reducing and pinpointing shrinkage.

VeriBalance improves cash office workflows by automating reconciliation and cash handling tasks. It eliminates the need for manual counting of cash and other transaction media, enhancing control over checks, credit/debit card transactions, and non-cash items. The system also streamlines safe management, expedites deposit processing, and enhances self-checkout unit management. Advanced reporting features aid bookkeepers in identifying and minimizing front-end shrink.

VeriBalance Key Features

  • Notable reduction in labor costs
  • Decrease in shrinkage
  • Minimized errors
  • Streamlined automated processes
  • Uniform platform across multiple locations
  • Advanced automated reporting
  • Efficient safe management
  • Simplified training process
  • Efficient check handling
  • Improved auditing functions
  • Two-way integration with point-of-sale systems
  • Elimination of manual reports and ten-key operations
  • Suitable for various accountability settings, including lane-, cashier-, and mixed-accountable environments.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of VeriBalance

Submitted on July 14th, 2017 by Anonymous

It makes doing my job 100% easier

The Good…

Haven’t been using it long but I’m finished a much faster and more accurate

The Bad…

Haven’t used it long enough to find any negativities