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QuickBooks Pro

An accounting software system designed by Intuit for startups and small organizations.
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QuickBooks, with more than 80% retail market share and over 2 million users, is the undisputed leader in accounting software for small businesses. Intuit designed QuickBooks to bring complete financial management capabilities to small business owners who do not want to deal with the hassle of trying to understand accounting jargon or debit/credit accounting.

QuickBooks Pro is more than just accounting software. It is a comprehensive business management solution. QuickBooks Pro provides small businesses more than 15 integrated business solutions for their business including:

  • Easy Accounting, QuickBooks Online Payroll & Direct Deposit Service
  • Online Banking and Bill Payment
  • Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • The New Website
  • One-click Access to Quicken Business CashFinder
  • QuickBooks Training Seminars Support
  • QuickBooks Support Network
  • One-click Access to Ordering QuickBooks Supplies Online
  • One-click Access to QuickBooks Professional Advisors
  • One-click QuickBooks Updates Online
  • Quicken & Quicken Home and Business Conversion
  • TurboTax & TurboTax for Business Integration

Accounts Payable

QuickBooks helps you keep track of expenses, so you can easily see the money you’re spending in each category. Plus, QuickBooks helps you fill out your sales tax form in minutes and make sure your sales tax balance is accurate and up-to-date.

The system will also allow you to easily create and print checks. By using a batch processing method you can print all of your checks at once, and have them tracked for ultimate control of your money.

QuickBooks will help ensure that all of your financial obligations are met on time. To ensure that you don’t incur costly late fees, QuickBooks has a reminder feature that will allow you to record bills as they come and set a reminder to pay them before they are due.

Accounts Receivable

QuickBooks Pro gives you the ability to create a central data repository, containing all customer contact and transactional data. This allows you to easily track and follow up on past-due accounts and answer all customer requests more efficiently. Using QuickBooks Merchant Services you can even accept customer credit card payments directly right in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Pro allows you to easily create invoices and track receivables. Using the data that has already been entered in QuickBooks (i.e. customer contact info & products/services) to create invoices in a snap. Invoices can be created from over 100 pre-designed templates; you can even customize invoices to show your company logo and tag line.

General Ledger

The General ledger will allow you to stay on top of your business. It will provide you with a consolidated view of who owes you money, who you owe money to, important reminders, and income/expense performance.

QuickBooks Pro uses the transactional history established in the general ledger to provide you with over 100+ pre-designed reports. Each report is adjustable, allowing you to gain useful insight into your business. Within each report you can click on any number to see the details behind it. Any report in the system can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Using recent spending history, the system will allow you to create a working budget automatically. The budgeted amounts are then fully adjustable either individually or across line items. This allows you to later refer back to the budget to see how your actual spending compares to your original budget.


QuickBooks Pro gives you the ability to easily track your inventory. This will allow you to avoid overbuying and backorders. The system will allow you to setup reorder points that will automatically alert you as to when you should reorder a product.


The payroll application will allow you to easily manage your staff. The system will allow you to quickly process payroll with appropriate tax deductions. The software is capable of paying employees by direct deposit as well. You can have the system automatically populate and print 1099s for independent contractors. QuickBooks Pro contains every tool you need to pay your employees.

Purchase Orders

QuickBooks Pro gives you the ability to quickly create purchase orders for your purchases. All you need to do is select the appropriate vendor from a list of vendors and select an inventory item to order. Upon receiving the inventory, QuickBooks recognizes the products and matches it to the appropriate PO. Meaning when you enter inventory items, the correct corresponding PO is automatically reconciled.

Time Tracking

The QuickBooks Time Tracking functionality allows you to properly track your employees’ time to avoid under-billing your customers. The system will alert you when creating an invoice if there are any outstanding time or expenses for that customer. Easily bring over both item descriptions and notes to invoices, so customers can clearly see what you are billing them for.

The system allows you to track time by employee, service, and customer. This is done by using timesheets. If you are creating an invoice, QuickBooks automatically alerts you to any unbilled time and expenses.

With a subscription to Time Tracker for QuickBooks Pro, you will give your staff the ability to enter their time in a easier and more efficient manner. The Time Tracker allows you to enter and record billable and non-billable hours into QuickBooks remotely. This will ensure accurate invoicing, payroll and reporting. Your employees or sub-contractors will only need an Internet connection to enter their timesheets directly into QuickBooks.

Reviews of QuickBooks Pro

pardeep says...

The product is fairly easy to use and online access is a plus. I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that everything is backed up in real time, at no additional cost.

The good: The Online version of QuickBooks pro is a lot of “business” features that I realized we relied on so much with the Desktop version.

The bad: quickibooks pro 2017 feature

Sharon says...

I have used quickbooks pro for the past 20 years and have loved it till a few days ago. This product is great for a small business. However if you have a problem you will be waiting on hold for at least 2 hours. I started to use the payroll about 10 months ago as I have always paid out to my employees as sub contractors, after using this product for payroll and deciding did not want it they told they were going to shut down my quickbooks and that I would not be able to use quickbooks pro whatsoever. All I wanted to do was stop the payroll monthly fee as I was not going to be using it anymore. This is terrible. I am running 4 different companies with Quickbooks and now I am shopping for another product other then Quickbooks. Up until yesterday I loved the product and have recommended to all of our business associates. I have on multiple occasions trained people how to use the product but will highly now recommend looking for something other then Quickbooks

The good: I really liked everything about it till yesterday

The bad: Customer service. Having someone that speaks well. Finding out that if I want to stop a certain service that I cant and they will shut my Quickbooks down

An anonymous QuickBooks Pro user says...

The good: Exporting reports to Excel is convenient.

The bad: Reports are not very customizable. I would like to be able to manipulate them.

Kieran from Central DE Business Consultants says...

A basic small business accouting program with options for expansion.

The good: Customer support

An anonymous QuickBooks Pro user says...

they need to improve their inventory futures

The good: Billing System

The bad: Inventory