A full ERP system assisting with budgeting, general ledger, inventory control, and customer relationship management.

Product Overview

Palladium Accounting supports comprehensive budgeting across multiple aspects like general ledger and inventory. It’s an accounting software system with advanced multi-warehousing and distribution features, maintaining unique item valuation methods. The system facilitates customer relationship management, sales orders, invoicing, and receipting. It also offers sales performance, inventory levels, and financial status reports.


  • Integrates with Microsoft Power BI for advanced business intelligence
  • Includes integrated point-of-sale capabilities
  • Offers mobile sales and warehousing app


  • Complex setup
  • Requires consultation call for pricing quote
  • Some distribution tasks require multiple clicks

Target Market

Small to mid-sized businesses requiring an ERP with advanced business intelligence and mobile capabilities.

About Palladium Accounting

Palladium Accounting software offers a variety of Accounting Solutions for different organization sizes, from single users to large enterprises, without hidden costs for extra modules like Point Of Sale or Project Costing. Its familiar interface facilitates quick learning, supported by a unique 3-year money-back guarantee on data corruption.

The software includes different products:

  1. Palladium Individual Accounting: A free, single-user application for small startups, featuring invoicing, general ledger, and recovery accounts.
  2. Palladium Business Basics: Supports up to 3 users, adding inventory management, sales/purchase orders, and budgeting to the Individual Edition.
  3. Palladium Business: For up to 10 users, includes features of Business Basics plus Profit Centers, Manufacturing, and Multi-Warehousing.
  4. Palladium Enterprise: Serves over 500 users with a comprehensive feature set including Projects, PoS, Distribution, and Multi-Currency.

Additional Modules

  • Remote Sales Module (RST): For creating customer orders remotely and syncing with the head office.
  • Bulk SMS Module: Integrated in Palladium, allowing communication via SMS.
  • Accounting Server Utility: Includes tools for database administration and backups, free with any licensed Palladium package.

Palladium Accounting Key Features

  • Microsoft Certified: Ensures compatibility with current operating systems.
  • Transactional History For Life: Stores all data indefinitely for comprehensive reporting.
  • Integrated Business Intelligence: Allows detailed data analysis.
  • Powerful “Any Date” Reporting: Offers real-time reporting for various financial documents.
  • Advanced Directional Printing: Customizes document printing for different departments or branches.
  • Centralized Version Updates: Uses Microsoft Technology for hassle-free updates.
  • Easy Navigation: Intuitive screens for easy system access.
  • Attach Documents to All Masterfiles: For consolidated document management.
  • Strong Security & Audit Trails: Ensures secure data handling with detailed audit trails.
  • Flexible International Tax Engine: Adapts to various tax structures.
  • Full Multi-Currency Compatibilities: Supports transactions in different currencies.
  • User-Definable Fields Throughout: Offers customization across various system aspects.
  • User Tasks & Company Bulletins: Facilitates internal communication.
  • Financial Budgeting & Forecasting Throughout: Allows comprehensive budgeting across various facets.
  • E-Business Integration: Seamlessly integrates with major ERP solutions.

The platform includes comprehensive features like Accounts Payable and Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory & Manufacturing, Projects & Point of Sale, Remote Sales Terminal & SMS Module, and Warehousing & Distribution. These functionalities help manage various aspects of business accounting and operations for efficient financial management.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Palladium Accounting

Submitted on August 30th, 2023 by Anonymous

After a several month long decision process we felt confident moving forward with Palladium but once we went live with the system, we felt everything we had been promised was a lie. We have had to keep Quickbooks because the accounting module could only meet half of our financial needs. On the distribution side, tasks that use to be done by the press of a button, now take 3-4 steps. We are disappointed and looking to move off the system as soon as possible.

Submitted on March 31st, 2022 by Anonymous

Palladium is a truly full ERP that contains all the needed modules even if it gives false results occassionally. I just wish those in charge could solve the problems when contacted. They never do.

The Good…

It has all modules needed for most businesses as part of its core.

The Bad…

It contains errors within itself. E.g. My Stock Count, Inventory by Location report and Inventory Quantity reports all give different results for the same day. There are several other errors within the system that one only discovers after basing heavy decisions on it.

Submitted on August 4th, 2021 by LJ Partnership

Basic accounting requirements are not available such as notes to debtor accounts, debtor statements that do not balance, etc. The support team is unable to attend to queries and always has to come back to you with a solution which they never do. Palladium support has a ‘no care’ attitude and there is no escalation options. You purchase Palladium Accounting but from there you are on your own. Palladium Accounting is not a software that is recommended.

The Good…

Once we can get support and a team that actually knows their software and how to deal with customer queries, it would a pleasant surprise. Although Palladium Accounting is functional it is not without short comings, but the unwillingness to attend to these short comings is completely unprofessional.

The Bad…

Details of transactions are not available on the general ledger - just Palladium reference numbers are displayed. The customer statements are incorrect and these can not be sent to customers. Collection notes can’t be displayed in a report. The information extracted in reports are insufficient and too limited for management purposes. The cost matrix just displays totals against a line item which means nothing when sitting in a management meeting. The debtors age analysis is incorrect due to sales orders. Not able to capture management notes and extract into reports. Not a popular software and therefore no integration with other applications such as Dext, AutoEntry, T-sheets, etc. which causes unnecessary manual input and time delays. Account sets and journals sets are complex and difficult to reconcile. Complex accrual system (GRV’s) and causes the Cost of Sale accounts to be messy.

Submitted on February 1st, 2021 by Eliud Mugo

Great and cost friendly ERP

The Good…

Integrated Point of sale,Integrated BI

The Bad…


Submitted on January 14th, 2021 by Duke

More than just accounting software

The Good…

Upselling feature

The Bad…