A multi-module management system designed by Restaurant Technology for accommodations & food services and accounting/legal/professional companies.

About RTI 2000

RTI 2000 is the proven software solution for restaurant accounting and management. The fully integrated, menu-driven accounting and management applications meet the special needs of both single and multiple-unit franchisees. The modular format allows you to build a system for your specific needs.

Meets the changing needs of your industry.

THe philosophy at RTI is to perpetually improve upon existing technology. RTI’s research and development team works continually to upgrade and enhance its software packages.

Provides unprecedented service.

The RTI Client Services Department offers quality customer support that is unmatched in the industry, including:

  • Toll-free telephone assistance from a thoroughly trained client support representative.
  • Extended hours of telephone support to meet the needs of clients coast to coast.
  • On-line support of all products via modem and communications software when necessary.
  • Product updates and new feature enhancements.
  • Easy-to-understand, self-paced tutorials.
  • Menu Management master recipe and inventory item database, maintained for you by RTI staff so that you can add new items to your system via modem.
  • Informative newsletter, Techtalk, providing your staff with product how-to’s, ideas, and timesaving tips.

Accounts Payable

Pay bills… Track expenses… Simplify your cash management with RTI 2000 Accounts Payable! Forecast your future cash needs, and save money by taking advantage of payment terms and discounts.

Flexibility and excellent audit trails are the strengths of the RTI 2000 Accounts Payable module. Automation of accounts payable tasks is essential for today’s restaurant owner faced with invoices that require distribution to more than one restaurant, and the possibility of duplicate invoices.

RTI 2000 Accounts Payable provides the controls required to process your invoices and payments in a timely and efficient manner–plus, it provides sophisticated features such as duplicate invoice checking, recurring invoices, and vendor search.

When A/P is used with RTI Check Reconciliation, all A/P checks automatically appear in Check Reconciliation, for reconciling bank statement and printing reports.


  • Provides for an unlimited number of vendors with 1099 accounting.
  • Each vendor may have its own terms and discounts, e.g., 2% 10 days, net 30 days.
  • Pay Now feature to pay selected invoices quickly.
  • Each vendor has up to 20 default General Ledger distributions for automatic invoice setup and entry.
  • Invoices can be distributed to as many as 100 stores and 100 different General Ledger accounts.
  • Prepaid invoices may be entered for complete audit trail on all expenses.
  • Automatic invoice checking for duplicates against the invoice history file. Also, invoices can be kept in the history file for up to 30 months for vendor analysis.
  • Recurring invoice option that provides an easy method for handling note payments, auto allowances, etc.
  • Cash Requirements Report with time frames you define to help project future cash needs and maximize your cash flow.
  • Select-for-payment and invoice-on-hold options that include all invoices for a vendor, specific invoices, invoices due through a specific date, and all invoices for one or more stores.
  • Partial payment of invoices option to allow consideration of prepaid deposits and invoice disputes.
  • Check Registers with detail and summary information for all invoices paid.
  • Invoice reports that show vendor status at a glance as well as vendor history.
  • Use Tax worksheet to eliminate time-consuming research at the end of the month for reporting sales tax due.
  • Past Due Invoice Report with time ranges you define to keep late charges to a minimum.
  • Information automatically posted to the General Ledger by account, in summary or in detail. A complete audit trail dramatically reduces time spent locating coding errors.
  • Reports produced on-screen and/or printed.


  • Invoice Batch Listing
  • Use Tax Report
  • Duplicate Invoice Report
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Invoice Master File Report
  • Due Date Report
  • Posting Ledger
  • Past Due Report
  • Vendor Labels
  • Check Register
  • 1099 Exception Report
  • Check Detail Listing
  • Audit Trail

Check Reconciliation

Automate the time-consuming task of reconciling your bank statements. With RTI 2000 Accounts Payable or RTI 2000 Payroll, all checks are automatically transferred to Check Reconciliation. All you do is flag the checks that have cleared, and print a report of outstanding checks!

The primary function of the RTI 2000 Check Reconciliation module is to let you reconcile your bank statement. The system allows you to keep track of which checks have cleared and for how much each check cleared. It also keeps track of all outstanding checks. You can use Check Reconciliation with multiple bank accounts, e.g., one for Accounts Payable and one for Payroll. And, at any time, you can request a quick bank balance estimate based on checks issued in Accounts Payable and Payroll and on the deposits entered in RTI 2000 Daily Store Reporting.


  • Through normal processing options, you can enter checks manually; clear a check or a range of checks; void a check; remove old checks; add a check; delete a check.
  • Generates a Check Reconciliation Report, at any time, using beginning/ending check numbers or beginning/ending dates. You can produce this report in any combination of any status of checks (all, outstanding, cleared, voided).
  • The Check Reconciliation Report shows the difference between the check amount and the cleared amount (i.e., due to a bank error during clearing).
  • Produces a bank balance estimate based on bank deposits entered in Daily Store Reporting and checks issued from Accounts Payable and Payroll.


RTI 2000 Payroll or RTI 2000 or Daily Store Reporting or RTI 2000 Accounts Payable ** Reports**

* Bank Account Reconciliation Report * Checking Account Balance Report * Reconciliation Listing


RTI 2000 Communications lets you retrieve information from your store’s Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, providing the information you need to stay competitive in today’s market.

With Communications you benefit from accurate, timely, and pertinent information polled directly from your store registers. The Communications program runs on your office PC. At scheduled times, Communications connects to POS systems and time clocks within your restaurant(s) and retrieves the information you select.

The best part: Communications runs unattended, retrieving information from every compatible POS system in each of your restaurants. This is called polling. By polling your stores, Communications automates data entry for almost all of your store data, including cash receipts, hourly sales, product mix, and payroll information.

When you use Communications with other RTI 2000 products, both the office and the restaurant benefit. In the office, data entry is greatly reduced, and errors caused by manual entry are eliminated. At the restaurant, the time required for paperwork is reduced, giving managers more time for customers and crew.

Communications is compatible with a variety of POS systems, including PAR, Panasonic, and numerous other systems used by hundreds of owner/operators.


  • In addition to automated overnight polling, Communications also allows you to poll one or all stores immediately, retrieving the most up-to-date POS data available.
  • Communications gathers data for RTI 2000 Menu Management, Payroll, TimeKeeping, Labor Scheduling, and Daily Store Reporting.
  • Used with RTI’s Hand-held Inventory Recorder, you can transfer inventory counts directly to RTI 2000 Menu Management.
  • Communications polls all restaurants through one operation, even if POS types differ between the restaurants.
  • The ability to poll data for multiple unattended days allows you to gather and process store data even when the office is closed.
  • The system recovers automatically from a power failure or brownout, ensuring a high success rate for polling your stores.
  • Password protection provides security and data confidentiality.


  • Communications Activity Log
  • Daily Cash Sheet
  • Hourly Readings
  • POS Menu Items
  • Product Mix
  • Employee Information
  • Time Clock Punches
  • Payroll Hours
  • Inventory

Daily Store Reporting

RTI 2000 Daily Store Reporting (DSR) combines the features of a restaurant cash receipts program with the data collection and report-writing abilities of a database to monitor any type of information generated on a daily basis!

Traditional restaurant cash receipts programs only provide the ability to track information pertaining to sales and cash control at the restaurant level. Daily Store Reporting greatly enhances your ability to monitor the complete results of your restaurant operations.

DSR doesn’t just handle sales and cash control information. It also provides an extensive database of information such as labor hours, special events, weather, or hourly readings.

The versatile Report Writer offers you the ability to create up to 100 different reports with options for trend analysis, year-to-year comparisons and store consolidations.


  • Daily cash balancing to ensure proper accounting of daily sales, deposits, and overages/shortages.
  • Integrated General Ledger posting of items in summary or detail and full audit review capabilities.
  • Polling interface for automated input of Point-of-Sale information using RTI 2000 Communications.
  • ASCII interface for automated input of data from non-Restaurant Technology software.
  • Database tracking and storing historical information of up to 248 different items. Items tracked may be numeric (sales, hours) or text (special event, comments).
  • Data entry validation for minimum and maximum expected values, reducing potential for data entry errors.
  • Store Grouping capability allows you to consolidate stores for supervisors or areas on reports.
  • The Report Writer produces comparative (store vs. store, supervisor vs. supervisor) or trend (day-to-day) reports. Compare sales information (for any date) with information from:
    • the same day of the previous week
    • the same date of the previous year
    • the same day of the week of the previous year
  • Calculated fields on reports.
  • Reports combined into ýmacrosý for unattended printing.


  • Comparative Column Reports (groups stores to allow comparison for a date range)
  • Trend Column Reports (shows data for each day over a specified time frame for one store)
  • Line Reports

EDI-Electronic Invoicing

EDI-Electronic Invoicing automatically transfers invoices from your vendor into the RTI 2000 Menu Management system, enabling you to have your food cost as soon as the inventory period ends and saving data entry time.

With EDI (electronic data interchange), you can electronically collect all your invoices from your major vendor and transfer them into Menu Management and Accounts Payable by pressing a key.

Whether you have one store or multiple stores, there are hundreds of line items you must key in and then verify. EDI handles all of this electronically, automatically. With EDI, there is no more waiting for days for your food cost. You get information you need that is accurate (and effortless) to make knowledge-based decisions.

EDI is easy to use! Your distribution center sends invoices electronically to an electronic network (RTInet). You transfer them from the network via a modem and phone lines to your computer and into RTI 2000 Menu Management and/or Accounts Payable.

These invoices–including item quantities, costs, dates, and other vendor information–are ready to be processed for payment and used to calculate your food cost dollars.

EDI requires an RTI-approved external modem and either RTI 2000 Menu Management or Accounts Payable.


  • Eliminates data entry of vendor invoices, saving hours of time and eliminating data entry errors.
  • Inventory item prices are automatically updated.
  • A fully automated food costing system: (1)Used with RTI 2000 Communications, Menu Management, and RTI Remote customized Inventory Recorders, you can virtually eliminate all data entry related to food cost (inventory items, quantities, costs). (2)You can have your food cost automatically as soon as the period ends.


  • EDI Activity Log
  • Invoice Review

General Ledger

RTI 2000 General Ledger monitors income and expenses, and produces financial statements–reducing bookkeeping costs!

The General Ledger module is designed to automate your financial-reporting tasks and streamline your data entry. By retaining long-range historical balances (up to five years), G/L provides a broader view of your business’s financial health.

General Ledger interfaces with Payroll, Menu Management, Daily Store Reporting, and Accounts Payable modules.

General Ledger automates the accounting process and reduces–from weeks to days–the time required to produce financial statements. You can run individual or consolidated financial statements or budgets (and you decide when to run them). These statements can be easily and quickly produced, for any accounting period in the operating year.


  • Accommodates up to 100 stores.
  • Multiple levels of security provide confidentiality.
  • Financial statements such as Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, and General Ledger may be consolidated with other stores by store groups.
  • Accommodates Prior Period Adjustments automatically, without requiring that you restore data.
  • Simplifies and automatically processes year-end closings.
  • Automatic journal entries allow for allocation of expenses and calculating rent and service fees.
  • ASCII export of account balances allow graphing of sales history.
  • Cumulative ledger prints any combination of stores and accounts over any designated time period.
  • Comparative Profit and Loss Statements include: This Year vs. Last Year, This Period vs. Last Period, Budget vs. Actual.
  • Multiple types of journal entries, such as repetitive or automatic reversing entries, decrease data entry requirements.
  • Budget spreadsheet allows you to budget fixed and variable expenses.


  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss (Income Statement)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flows

Labor Scheduling

Labor Scheduling can save you money in labor costs–your store’s second largest expense–by letting you schedule employees based on past sales patterns and projected labor needs.

RTI 2000 Labor Scheduling provides immediate and substantial results: greater profits for store owners and improved service and quality for their customers.

Current users report that using Labor Scheduling has helped improve their ability to deliver quality service and timely prep and production. Labor Scheduling can enable you, too, to attain your labor cost and effectiveness goals.

RTI 2000 Labor Scheduling frees managers from paperwork and allows them to concentrate on store management. By scheduling ýthe Right person doing the Right job at the Right time(SM),ý it provides consistency in customer service levels that are unattainable without its unique scheduling techniques.


  • Generates work schedules based on individual needs of every store, taking into account sales patterns to ensure that the proper number of people (no less, no more) is available to serve your customers.
  • Allows for ýextraordinaryý days by examining sales patterns for holidays, school vacations and various promotional events.
  • Uses historical data for sales trend calculations, using patterns from the past year, the past month, or a weighted average of the past four weeks.
  • Schedules unit-producing labor for customer service and food prep/production as well as non-unit-producing labor for other jobs such as administrative tasks, cleaning, maintenance, store opening, etc.
  • The labor scheduled for a job may be fixed or may vary based on hourly, daily, or weekly sales or transactions.
  • ýSpecial Eventsý tickler file helps track events that will have an effect on sales projections.
  • Optionally schedules 30-minute unpaid meal breaks.
  • Provides the ability to define fixed schedules for managers and key employees.
  • Office-based system ensures operator control over labor standards used to develop schedules.
  • Comprehensive, ýfill-in-the blanksý employee schedule form minimizes the store manager’s time to complete the weekly schedule–typically less than one hour.
  • Automatically receives hourly data from the POS when used in conjunction with RTI 2000 Communications.


  • Staffing Review Form
  • Employee Schedule/Staffing Plan
  • Staffing Summary
  • Daily Task Summary
  • Daily Task List
  • Management Coverage Report

RTI 2000 Menu Management provides a comprehensive analysis of menu item sales and inventory item usage to help maximize sales and control food and paper costs! Menu Management was designed with the understanding that menu mix analysis and product control are two of the cornerstones of successful fast-food operations.

Menu Management provides this analysis and control while freeing managers to work more closely with personnel and customers. It also decreases your clerical costs while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Automated Food Costing

With the combination of RTI 2000 Communications, Menu Management, EDI, and Hand-Held Inventory Recorders, you reap two enormous benefits:

  • Data entry is almost entirely eliminated.
  • You can have food cost automatically the minute the period ends!


  • RTI maintains the recipe database, providing your system with electronic updates to significantly reduce maintenance.
  • Multiple inventory periods (daily, weekly, or monthly) are available concurrently.
  • Yield Comparison Reports examine product yields and show possible problem sources.
  • Variance analysis reports show you the inventory depletion that should have taken place based on actual sales, indicating losses and gains for each item, and the total dollar impact.
  • Provides ability to see all components of waste: raw, completed, and unknown.
  • Easily includes promotional and coupon items in calculations.
  • Processes data for self-liquidating items.
  • Tracks waste in units, in dollar value, or as a percentage of actual usage.
  • Optional RTI Remote inventory recorder reduces time required to enter ending inventory figures–and improves accuracy.
  • Inter-store borrowings can be reconciled in dollar amounts, product amounts, or both.
  • Sales Analysis Report shows individual menu item sales over any specified time range. Also reports on sales groups (e.g., sandwiches, salads, and drinks).
  • Provides ability to create ýwhat ifý scenarios, with menu prices and units sold, to forecast results of menu changes or promotions.
  • Consolidated reports provide information on multiple store grouping.


  • Variance Reports (all items or selected item)
  • Inventory Item Usage Summary (all or partial)
  • Yield Analysis Summary
  • Sales Analysis
  • Menu Analysis
  • Food Waste Analysis
  • Yield Analysis - Detail
  • Menu Waste Analysis
  • Prep Sheets
  • Order Forms
  • Cabinet/Bin Charts
  • Cabinet/Bin Chart Recap
  • POS Usage Report
  • Where-Used Report
  • Purchase Orders
  • Calculations Log
  • Transfer Summary
  • Extended Inventory
  • Variance Worksheet
  • Detailed Inventory Item Usage
  • Detailed Menu Item Sales
  • Selected Item Sales Analysis
  • Projected Product Mix
  • Projected Ingredient Usage
  • Detailed Prep Calculation


RTI 2000 Payroll processes all your payroll paperwork, including payroll checks, forms, and tax reports, for as many as 100 stores, providing customization and confidentiality. If you can use relief from the high cost of an outside payroll service, let RTI 2000 Payroll handle those functions in your own office!

Traditional payroll systems are designed to process employee information for a single business, under one roof. This structured approach is necessary to meet the needs of markets such as manufacturers and small retail businesses. RTI 2000 Payroll, however, was specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of the restaurant industry. For example, Payroll allows the restaurant owner to process and report on each store individually, yet consolidate various stores for tax reporting.

Payroll comes with an easy-to-use Report Writer that gives you the ability to create up to 100 custom reports. Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date withholdings, Birthday, Anniversary, Date of Last Check, and EEOC reports are only a few of the possibilities. Consider all the employee database and the power of creating your own reports from that information. All this is at your fingertips with RTI 2000 Payroll.


  • Easy to get started with self-paced tutorial that teaches how to process a payroll cycle.
  • Confidentiality through user access codes that control who can view or print salaries and pay rates.
  • Calculates labor percentages in each department to keep you up-to-date on labor costs.
  • Accounts for employees who work in multiple stores or states.
  • RTI maintains all federal, state and local income tax tables.
  • Accommodates withholding for employees who work in multiple stores with different local tax rates.
  • Prints a payroll proof before printing the checks to verify important information such as calculated taxes, deductions, and net pay.
  • Change Payroll Year feature allows easy access to prior years’ payroll info.
  • Easily prints a check for a single employee.
  • Easily accomplishes mass wage adjustments for changes in minimum wage.
  • Processes multiple pay frequencies in the same pay run (weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly.)
  • Integrates with in-store time clocks and POS for polling hours worked.
  • Accommodates Common Paymaster reporting when both the Federal and State reports are filed using the common paymaster method.
  • Produces customized reports through the Report Writer.
  • Offers complete tips processing and reporting.


  • Employee Information
  • Withholding Report
  • Payroll Transmittal
  • 941 Federal Tax Recap
  • Timecard Listing
  • FUTA/SUTA Recap
  • Payroll Proof
  • Withholding Recap
  • Payroll Check
  • State Quarterly Forms
  • Payroll Summary
  • W-2 Proof & W-2s
  • Payroll Journal
  • Report Writer Reports
  • Payroll Expense Report

RTI Remote

RTI Remote creates a remote link to your restaurant data, using an industry-standard Palm" compatible handheld organizer. This little device enables you to transmit food inventory, transfers, waste, and miscellaneous cash sheet data to RTI’s Menu Management and Daily Store Reporting (DSR) software in your office.

Count on It!

Using RTI Remote, you can walk through the stock room and coolers and enter inventory counts. With self-prompting menus, store managers will find RTI Remote simple to operate. And input is easy with handwriting recognition, an on-screen keyboard display, or an optional keyboard attachment.

When your count is complete, attach a special modem to the handheld unit, and transfer information directly into the office’s Menu Management food cost system. Your ending inventory is updated electronically with greater speed and far more accuracy than by using a manual system.

RTI Remote eliminates both manual inventory extensions at the restaurant and tedious hours of data entry at the office. As a result, food cost information is available almost immediately, improving your ability to react to developments in the restaurant’s performance.

Used with Menu Management, RTI Remote can be an integral part of your automated food cost system.

Automate Your Operations Reports

Do you need daily deposits, TTL’s, labor hours, or other information that can’t be polled from your POS systems? With RTI Remote, you can record the miscellaneous cash sheet information that is needed for your operations reports, and send it directly to the office’s Daily Store Reporting (DSR) software. When reports are printed, your information is automatically included. Think of the possibilities!

Uses Industry-Standard PALM OS®

RTI Remote was specifically designed for compatibility with a variety of handheld organizers. It is currently compatible with any handheld running PALM OS® version 3.1.0 or higher. (We’ve tested the software on the Palm IIIe, V, VII, and m100 units, as well as the Handspring Visor). So, choose your organizer based on your budget and your personal requirements, and you’re ready to go!


RTI 2000 TimeKeeping automates the process of collecting time clock information and eliminates the manual entry of labor hours into Payroll. It monitors employee hours and alerts you to labor law violations!

Time clock punches, daily hours, or pay period hours polled by RTI 2000 Communications are audited by TimeKeeping, then transferred as regular and overtime hours to the Payroll system.

As the government increases surveillance for labor law violations (especially for minors), avoiding penalties becomes a major concern. As part of TimeKeeping’s auditing process, the system identifies standard state and federal labor law violations, helping you to eliminate violations before they become a financial issue.

Printed reports help management stay on top of employee tardiness, extended breaks, overtime pay, and other costly excessiveness.


  • Accepts time clock punches, daily hours, or pay period hours from POS registers that collect punches/hours.
  • Interfaces with RTI 2000 Communications and Payroll.
  • Alerts you to state and federal labor law violations through a Labor Law Exception Report.
  • The state and federal labor law database is maintained by RTI.
  • Allows you to set up company-specific labor limits to alert you to excessive overtime and breaks.
  • Reports labor cost by department/store.
  • Has the ability to round off punches to eliminate over-pay to employees who add unauthorized minutes to timecards.
  • Holds detailed TimeKeeping information, by employee, for over two years.
  • Maintains database size automatically based on the length of time you want to save the data.
  • Archives necessary data for reports, auditing, or research purposes.
  • Includes multiple levels of security.
  • Provides a concise, easy-to-read recap of employee punches for the time period, eliminating the need to keep time clock tapes.


  • Punch Recap Report
  • Daily Hours Report
  • Transmittal Report
  • Process Exception Report
  • Labor Law Exception Report

Product Overview

User Reviews of RTI 2000

Submitted on October 21st, 2019 by Teri from Franchisee

This is software that does a multitude of tasks related to running a restaurant including but not limited to AP, payroll, menu management, general ledger and timekeeping

The Good…

That it does everything within one platform

The Bad…

That it no longer has support from the company that owns it