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A full accounting software system designed by Sage for small businesses in the United States. Formerly Peachtree by Sage.

About Sage 50c Accounting - US

Sage 50 is a small business accounting program. Originally known as Peachtree Accounting, Sage 50 is one of the most popular, inexpensive, and long-running accounting software options on the market.

Video Overview

Sage 50 is designed to help small businesses:

  • Easily pay bills, invoice customers, and track cash availability,
  • Spend more time on core business, rather than administrative tasks,
  • Avoid costly accounting errors,
  • More accurately create budgets and control cash-flow, and
  • Monitor all financial aspects of company operations in order to make effective business decisions.

Sage 50 Pricing

The cost of Sage 50c will vary depending on the functionalities you desire. Sage provides three distinct versions of Sage 50c that offer varying levels of features, allow for increased users, and thus have varying price levels.

Sage 50c Pro Accounting

  • Starts at $46.83/month or $465.95/year
  • Their most simple version
  • One user only
  • Covers invoicing, income, expenses, and payments

Sage 50c Premium Accounting

  • Starts at $72.41/month or $720.95/year
  • Includes everything in Sage 50 Pro as well as job costing, advanced budgeting, inventory, audit trails, multi-entity accounting, and more
  • Can handle 1-5 users and up to 10 companies

Sage 50c Quantum Accounting

  • Starts at $182.91/month or $1834.95/year
  • Primarily used as an industry-specific option for manufacturers or construction companies
  • Includes all features of Sage 50c Premium and more
  • Handles up to 40 users

Average Total Sage 50 Project Costs

Beyond licensing and technical support/update costs, Sage 50 buyers may have total project costs that include:

  • Implementation services (install, data conversion, system configuration)
  • Services related to integrating Sage 50 with other business applications
  • Training
  • Hardware

Companies who review Sage 50 as a purchase option most often have total project cost expectations under $10,000 for licensing and implementation.

Portion of Sage 50 Reviews by Spending Range Expectation

Under $10,000 $10,000 to $40,000 Over $40,000
92.7% 6.7% 0.6%

Sage 50 Functionality Checklist

Functionality Support Note
Accounting Yes Small biz accounting with AP, AR, GL
Asset/Equipment Management No Available in other developer products
Bank Reconciliation Yes Requires Internet connection
Billing Yes Includes standard & recurring billing
Budgeting Yes Basic budgeting in all versions
Business Intelligence Yes Sage Intelligence provided with Sage Business Care support
Commissions Management No 3rd party software available for integration
Credit Card Processing Yes Requires additional licensing & usage fees
Customer Relationship Management No Available in other developer products
eCommerce No 3rd party connectors to 3rd party shopping carts available
Estimating No Available in other developer product lines
Field Service Management No No full field service, but mobile sales module available
Fixed Asset Tracking Yes Asset depreciation supported
Inventory Control Yes Average/LIFO/FIFO costing supported
Job Costing Yes Phased & coded costing in Premium & Quantum only
Manufacturing Yes Quantum only
Order Management Yes Sage Mobile Sales available to extend standard order capabilities
Payroll Yes Requires additional licensing fees
Point of Sale No 3rd party software available
Project Management Yes Quantum only
Purchasing Yes Purchase orders supported in all versions
Quotes Yes Basic quoting capabilities included in all versions
Warehouse Management (Advanced) No 3rd party software available for integration
Work Order Management Yes Quantum only

Sage 50 Quick Facts Q&A

Q. What functionality does Sage 50 include?

A. Sage 50 is an accounting focused program that provides functionality for key financial tasks like accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger reporting, billing, and job costing. A variety of add-on offerings both from Sage and 3rd party developers are available to extend the functionality of the software.

Q. What's the difference between the different versions of Sage 50?

A. The three main versions of Sage 50 include Pro, Premium, and Quantum. Sage 50 Pro is a limited functionality version available only for single-user usage. Sage 50 Premium offers more features than Sage 50 Pro and allows up to 5 users. Sage 50 Quantum supports up to 40 users and provides significantly more features than other Sage 50 Versions--including industry-specific functionality for distributors, manufacturers, contractors, and non-profits. There is also a Sage 50 version designed specifically for public accountants. The Canadian versions of Sage 50 differ from the US versions and reviewers looking for more info on the Canadian Sage 50 should check here. A more comprehensive discussion of the differences between the Sage 50 versions appears below.

Q. How much does Sage 50 cost?

A. The introductory, single-user version of Sage 50 is among the least expensive accounting options on the market and starts at $229/annually. Software licensing costs increase with different versions, the addition of multiple users, and add-on functionality like payroll, credit card payment processing, and mobile sales support.

Other factors that can influence final pricing include implementation needs, technical support requirements, and training costs. Sage 50 is most commonly reviewed by companies with "low-end" spending expectations. Nearly 93% of companies who consider Sage 50 as a purchase option have set a total software spending range of under $10,000.

Q. What support options are available for Sage 50?

A. The standard support package for Sage 50 is called Sage Business Care. Sage 50 Business Care provides weekday, business hour tech support and access to software updates. Upgraded support options are available from Sage for users who require a higher level of service. Additional support and product consulting services are available through authorized resellers. Advanced support from authorized resellers is recommended for new Sage 50 users and more complex deployment situations.

Q.What are the deployment options for Sage 50?

A. Sage 50 is only available as an on-premise product from the developer. Authorized vendors sometimes offer hosting services for the program, which allows for the use of remote access technology to support it as a cloud option.

Q. What user platforms is Sage 50 available on?

A. Sage 50 is designed for use on Windows OS workstations.

Q. Is Sage 50 mobile compatible?

A. Sage 50 does offer mobile device support for sales order functionality via an

add-on product called Mobile Sales.

Q. What size companies use Sage 50.

A. Sage 50 is most commonly reviewed as a product option for companies under 20 employees.

Q. When was Sage 50 first released?

A. The original release date for Sage 50 was 1978, when it was offered under its original name, "Peachtree Accounting."

Q. What is the current version of Sage 50?

A. The current version of Sage 50 is Sage 50 2016.

Sage 50 Version Comparison

In order to meet individual licensing and functionality needs, Sage offers Sage 50 in multiple different versions. The three main versions of Sage 50 are Pro, Premium, and Quantum.

Sage 50 Pro

Sage 50 Pro is the entry-level version of the program. Sage 50 Pro includes basic functionality for accounting tasks such as receivables, payables, and general ledger. It also provides invoice creation capabilities. Sage 50 Pro is limited to a single user license.

Sage 50 Premium

Sage 50 Premium builds on the capabilities of Sage 50 Pro, but allows for licensing up to five individual users. Sage 50 Premium also offers extended features, offering more opportunities for efficiency and automation than what is found in the Pro version of Sage 50.

Sage 50 Quantum

Sage 50 Quantum is more robust than either the Pro or Premier versions. Sage 50 Quantum can support up to 40 users. A larger database provides faster performance and is an important program attribute for companies with larger transaction volumes or increased records quantities. Sage 50 Quantum comes in manufacturing, non-profit, construction, and distribution oriented editions, which provide support for many of the business tasks common to each industry. Quantum also provides additional accounting, billing, and job costing features for improved financial management control.

Sage 50 Tech Support

Sage offers tech support through its Sage Business Care program. Sage Business Care offers the following benefits:

  • Maintenance updates and fixes
  • Product updates
  • Sage 50 Intelligence reporting
  • Unlimited access to phone support, between 9am and 8pm ET M-F
  • Unlimited access to online support tickets
  • Remote access assistance
  • In-product support chat

Sage 50 customers using the subscription licensing plan will automatically receive Sage Business Care and do not have the option to unsubscribe. Sage 50 users licensed under the traditional plan will be automatically enrolled in the Sage Business Care annual program, but can cancel and continue to use their program, unsupported.

A network of authorized Sage 50 resellers is available to provide more in-depth support services including:

  • Business and technical consulting
  • Program configuration advice and services
  • Technical assistance integrating Sage 50 with other software
  • Personalized training

Sage 50 User Platforms

Sage 50 is available for users on Windows workstations. Limited order entry functionality is available via web browser through the add-on Sage Mobile Sales product.

Sage 50 Key Attributes

A keyword analysis of online discussions of Sage 50, reveals that it is most frequently described as "efficient," "simple," and "flexible."

Other terms used to describe Sage 50 include: easy-to-use, convenient, accessible, affordable, streamlined, comprehensive, modular, intuitive, organized, scalable, and cost-effective.

Target Company Size for Sage 50

Sage 50 is marketed as an accounting program for small businesses and is most commonly reviewed by businesses with under 20 employees.

Portion of Sage 50 Reviews by Company Size

Under 20 Employees 20 to 99 Employees 100 or More Employees
71.8% 28.2% 0.0%

Add-on Products for Sage 50

Sage 50 is one of the most popular small business accounting programs on the market. While Sage 50 is primarily focused on providing functionality for core financial management and billing tasks, a number of 3rd party add-on products have been designed to augment the software with support for other key management tasks.

Product Developer Functionality
Sage 50 Accounting Certified Payroll JCS Payroll
TrueCommerce EDI HighJump Software EDI
MiSys Manufacturing TMiSys Manufacturing
Sage Alerts and Workflow Vineyardsoft Utility
ProTrack Warehouse Solution Inner-Net, Inc. Warehouse Management
AccuCOUNT Inventory Attitude Positive Inventory
AccuPOS Attitude Positive POS
Ace Retail POS 3000 Advanced Computing Edge POS
Aegis Business Optimization System Aegis Commerce Solutions Warehouse Management
AllReports Granite Software Reporting
AltOrder Noverhead Order Management
Anytime Collect e2b Teknologies Accounts Receivable
ArcFreight and ArcFleet Trucking Dispatch Arcline Dispatch Software
AllReports Granite Software Reporting
AvaTax Avalara Sales Tax Management
B2BGateway EDI B2BGateway EDI
BillQuick BQE Software Billing
BizOps Distribution Aegis Commerce Solutions Warehouse Management
Commission Report Phase One Computing Services, Inc. Commission Management
CoreIMS Inventory B2BGateway Inventory
DiIntegrator DiCentral Corporation EDI
Exactor Sales Tax Compliance Exactor Sales Tax Management
ExpenseWatch ExpenseWatch Expense Reporting
Inventory Pro Computerized Inventory Systems Specialists Inventory Software
Projector PSA Projector PSA, Inc. Professional Services Automation
Qcommission CellarStone Commission management
QuoteWerks Aspire Technologies Quotation Software
Web Timesheet Software OfficeClip Time and expense
ShipGear V-Techologies Shipping


Some of the most used functioanlity modules include:

Accounts Payable

Display Vendor Balance - Gain easy access to balance information and prior purchase detail by reviewing what you owe your vendors directly on purchasing screens, drilling down to detail level with just one click.

Bill Payment Online or using your standard method. - Write your checks and pay your bills as if you were working in your own checkbook. Simply select which vendors and bills to pay, even review the invoice detail in one click, and print the checks-task done!

Enhanced AP Cash Requirements Report - You now have more filtering options so you can select the right bills to pay. Filter invoices that need to be paid by due date, amount due, discounts to take, and more. The updated report will make it easy for you to see what you owe and how much money you need to pay your bills on any given day.

Write Checks Fast - Write checks with a simplified screen that looks like the manual checks you're used to. And the split screen feature shows ýbehind the screensý allocations for multi-account tracking just like a personal finance system.

Purchase on Time - Receive partial shipments and put items in inventory before receiving a bill! Easily handle drop shipments and review reorder reports for a quick glance at quantity-on-hand, quantity-on-order and backorder information.

Vendor Credit Memos - Track returns to your vendors with easy to use Vendor Credit Memos. Just choose the invoice to apply to, record the amount returned and you're done! You can even track Return Authorization numbers.

Accounts Receivable

Generate Customer Quotes - Quickly and easily provide your customers with estimates for their orders by printing quotes! Your quote does not actually update your accounting information until the quote is converted to a sales order or invoice.

Progress Billing - Better manage your cash flow with Progress Billing. Bill your customers during the job cycle calculated on either of the following milestones: a percentage based on the total estimated job revenue, percentage completed or percentage based on the job proposal. Peachtree will now allow you to create invoices based on the job's current progress.

Create and Track Sales Orders and Back Orders - Track your sales from order to invoice. Easily enter orders and track partial shipments, and always know what is on backorder with the on-screen ýOut of Stocký warning or review the Sales Order Report. Plus, make sure you accurately fulfill your shipments by using the Pick List Report.

Track Your Payment Statuses - Instantly know which purchases or invoices are paid in full, partially paid, past due or unpaid so you can easily stay on top of who owes you and who you owe. Plus, use payment status tracking to view partial payment information and net due for any invoice.

Customer Statements - Use statements for billing your customers with detail from invoices, credit memos and payments automatically printed on the statements.

Receive Payments - Track each invoice until it's paid, even drill down to the detail in one click, and see how your receipts affect your balance. You also have the ability to print receipts detailing items sold and payments received upon recording Time of Sale payments.

Easily Void Invoices - Voiding invoices is as easy as voiding checks! Voiding an invoice reverses out the transaction instead of deleting it. It will automatically update your balances and aging reports, while keeping an audit trail of the original transaction.

Credit Memos - Easily create Credit Memos for your customers by linking to outstanding invoices. Just choose the invoice to apply to, record the amount returned and you're done! You can even track Return Authorization numbers.

Fixed Assets

Manage Fixed Assets

Calculate depreciation easily, quickly, and accurately! The fixed asset system allows for seven books of information, including Financial and Tax, all in full compliance with government rules and regulations1. Track up to 200 assets.

General Ledger

Archive Company Data - Increase your day-to-day performance levels by archiving your historical data and purging your active company. Plus, retrieve a copy of your company data to report on historical data or reprint forms such as old invoices.

Prior Period Locking - Improve data integrity by preventing an unauthorized user from entering or modifying a transaction in a previous accounting period.

Gain General Ledger Control - With Sage 50, you can have up to 13 periods in a fiscal year, and keep transaction detail open for two fiscal years. You can also easily maintain and report on budgets, as well as show or hide your GL accounts on task screens.

Quick Entry Account Register - Account transaction entry is easier and faster with the new Account Register. The new format looks as familiar as your checkbook register with the ability to drill down for more detail.

Accounting Behind the Screens - See what you want to see with the ýAccounting Behind the Screensý function. With one mouse click, you can view the double-entry accounting going on, or click again to hide it, so you don't have to hassle with it.

Year-End Wizard - Save time and follow the correct steps during the critical process of closing your fiscal year.

Keep an Audit Trail - Record and report on any changes made to your transactions! Turn the feature on and off as needed, and control who has access to do so. When coupled with Peachtree software's password security, you can monitor each employee's activity within a company data file, including who made changes and where.

Safeguard your Data - You decide who has access to your accounting and at what level. Choose to give employees access at the module level, or drill down to five screen levels of access for more specific security needs.


Serialized Inventory Tracking - Assign serial numbers to specific individual inventory items when creating transactions and maintain detailed records for tracking, recall, and warranty purposes. You can also track actual cost of each serialized item for more accurate profit measure.

Auto-Creation of Purchase Orders based on Stocking Levels - Set it up so the software automatically creates purchase orders for you based on minimum stock levels, re-order quantities and quantities on sales order. You no longer have to manually fill out purchase orders every time your inventory gets low!

Create a Purchase Order from Sales Order - Purchase orders are automatically created right from the sales order screen while placing new customer orders so that you can eliminate double entry and potentially fill customer orders faster!

Powerful Inventory - Know how much inventory you have, how much you've sold, and how much it's all worth. Peachtree will even automatically update your inventory after you invoice your customers or purchase new stock from vendors.

Multiple Costing Methods - You have the flexibility of tracking your inventory with a choice of various costing methods including Average, LIFO (last in, first out), FIFO (first in, first out), or Specific Unit costing.

Create Assemblies - Easily build assembly items by defining the Build of Materials in the Maintain Inventory Items screen. Simply choose the items you want to make up the assembly and everything is tracked together.

Item Attribute Sets - Easily create and track inventory items in a product line by defining attributes such as size, color, or any attributes you define. With this functionality, you can automatically create and maintain Item Attribute sets, and your reports and lookups will reflect this for easy cross-selling, tracking, and maintaining.

Track Item Detail - Track extensive detail on each of your inventory items, such as price levels, tax types, weight, cost method, item type, and more!

Enhanced Item Pricing - Ensure bottom line profitability with flexible, user-defined, formula-based pricing calculations, such as basing a price level on a percentage above average cost, and store them for use across all your inventory items. There are 10 Item Price Levels, and you have the ability to custom name each level, which show on reports and data entry windows. The Item Price Levels can be stored at the customer and item level.

Item Price Changer - Because your business' costs rise and fall constantly, Sage 50c makes it easy to update pricing. You can update prices by an amount or percent for all or part of your inventory. With a simple point and click, you can globally increase or decrease prices, rounding up or down to a specific cent or dollar.

Job Costing

Always Know What a Job will Cost - Know in an instant if a job is worth starting, before you even begin! Easily determine which jobs are more profitable by comparing all job expenses versus revenue. Create job and project estimates by breaking down jobs to the phase level, and then review cost codes by breaking each phase down to a particular type of cost.

Change Job IDs - Change the assigned lookup IDs for Jobs, Phase and Cost Codes at any time even after you have used them within Peachtree. This allows you to make necessary edits to existing IDs without having to start over and better matches your business needs.


Payroll is a crucial element of doing business. To help you better focus on growing your business, rather than on tedious, time-consuming payroll activities, let Sage Software make your payroll processing easier and simpler!

Time & Billing

Comprehensive Time Tracking- Easily track time using the time card features, and never enter information twice! Employees simply enter hours on daily or weekly forms and the time information then flows automatically into both invoices and paychecks.

Flexible Billing Rates - Choose from multiple rates-Employee, Activity, and Flat Fee-or choose to override the rate.

Flexible Billing Status Options - Choose from multiple billing status options the moment you enter a time ticket-Billable, Non-billable, Hold, or No Charge.

Instant Expense Tracking - Track all job or project costs and streamline your billing procedures by keeping track of expenses like travel, copies, meals, and more! Your expenses can then be linked automatically to your customers' invoices.

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

Ratio of reviewers by sector.

Professional Services
Other Industries:
  • Consulting (9%)
  • Construction (7%)
  • Non-Profit (7%)

Other Software by Sage

User Reviews of Sage 50c Accounting - US

Submitted on August 23rd, 2022 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

I’ve been using it for 20+ years. Small business. Lots of features are useless, reports are too limited and it’s too expensive. Why then do I still use it? “A known evil is better than an unknown good.”

The Good…


The Bad…

First, it is overly expensive since they changed it to a subscription. Second, it crashes constantly. Have to “repair” the software once every 2 months more or less. Third, they ask for suggestions, but they never follow them; OR, these suggestions are features you can find in other countries’ versions! Why then they don’t put them in the US version?

Submitted on March 24th, 2020 by Jermy

We were happy when you could renew every 3 years. This annual renew is VERY VERY much overpriced.

The Good…

Sage 50c is difficult to use.

The Bad…

The cost is Five times over priced. Ridiculous. Quick books is easier and much less costly.

Submitted on February 1st, 2020 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

Very expensive for small business, have to purchase yearly even though you are having accountant do payroll and monthly IRS reporting. I only need to invoice customers, track inventory and customer activity. Sage 50 does a great job at this but not economically feasible. Sales and tech support very hard to contact.

The Good…

selling and invoicing inventory and services

The Bad…

expense and aggravation

Submitted on October 8th, 2019 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

Terrible service. Bugs everywhere. As a 10 year user, I am so disappointed with the latest version Sage Quantum 2020. Horrible. Just had to reinstall it after only using it for a month since it got corrupted. I tried to ‘chat’ with them but they were useless. Tried having them call me back but it was over two hours and I was in another meeting. I finally decided to call and wait on hold and after 2 hours and 20 minutes, I hung up and decided to write this review.

Use any other software other than Sage. It’s beyond terrible.

The Good…

I know it because I’ve used it 10 years.

The Bad…

Crashes. Terrible customer service. No material improvements in the software in the past 10 years.

Submitted on September 25th, 2019 by Lori

Very user friendly.

The Good…

Very user friendly.

The Bad…

nothing so far

Submitted on April 19th, 2019 by Rebecca

I have used Quickbooks and Peachtree now Sage 50 and it doesn’t compare to Quickbooks. Using this program is frustrating and to get support is even more frustrating. Sage City and the chat assitant Peg are useless

The Good…

It is very slow and simple things like credit memos or linking credits is a daunting process. Making templates and recurring expenses isn’t easy. The dashboard for each process has too many icons you don’t need and not easy to revise. Not intuitive or easy to use.

The Bad…

Using other accounting software prior to this there is really nothing that would make me recommend this program.

Submitted on December 27th, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

Good for Accounting, not so good for Fund Accounting

Submitted on October 31st, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

Not customizable at all, we quickly outgrew it as a solution

Submitted on June 15th, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

We find ourselves having to constantly dump data into Excel to create the reports that we want. I feel that if there are too many people in the system or you try and run a report it crashes the system. Don’t even get me started on trying to work remotely with this solution because it just doesn’t work.

Submitted on June 5th, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

A lot of what Sage 50 does is it more of an inventory system, but doesn’t allow us any assistance in the manufacturing process. We have no reporting availability

Submitted on April 16th, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

Sage 50 is not enough for us. It’s not GAAP compliant and too simplistic to use and have no structure to them.

Submitted on April 3rd, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

Peachtree generally works well for accounts receivable and the GL. We need more ability to give individual customers discounts on line items, without additional key strokes when invoicing. The canned reports are not the best and you are somewhat limited in the changes that can be made. The biggest issue is from purchasing thru to inventory. Another major problem, the inventory. Its inability to reconcile pieces and cases is the problem.

Submitted on March 27th, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

We used to be able to renew every 3 years, they changed that a few years ago and now it has to be every year. We’ve gone from upgrading to November to July then to April. The cost continues to increase as we upgrade and has gone from $499 to $950 annually

Submitted on March 1st, 2018 by an anonymous Sage 50c Accounting - US user.

I now have the Sage 50 Premium 2018 program and am not happy with it. I have four different companies that I switch back and forth with. The main page is different with two of them and I can’t seem to get them to look the same with the blocks. Also when I enter the invoices it use to tell me if I already entered them and now it doesn’t. When I try to put a vendor in to enter a bill it used to show me the list as soon as I would enter a letter now it doesn’t. I have to go down the list every time I want to look up a vendor to enter a bill. Also when I enter a general ledger number there too I have to enter the whole number instead of just the first few.

Submitted on September 20th, 2017 by David

If you are a small business DO NOT go with Sage. I’ve used them since 2003, and they were OK when I could purchase the software and use the same version for multiple years (I don’t need to update annually.) Now, with the new annual subscription only, it’s way too expensive for a small business. Then when I told them I was going with QuickBooks they transferred me to a manager named Kiree (spelling?) who basically told me I was stupid for changing and that I wouldn’t have access to my software any longer, even though the actual program told me I had 14 days to use it. He wasn’t interested in listening to my reasons, just trying to get me to pay an extra $65 for one additional month of access. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I am very disappointed in a company that I have been using for 14 years now. By the way, I only had to update 3 times in the 14 years when I could purchase the product. Now you have to pay them the full price every year, definitely NOT WORTH IT.

The Good…

It was easy to use.

The Bad…

Having to pay them every year to use the program. Their switch to a subscription basis sucks.

Submitted on September 11th, 2015 by Lee

Works great until the contact nears the end.

The Good…

Have been using Peachtree for close to 20 years. I have no complaints when it works.

The Bad…

I have a small company. I don’t need or want updates, just for the software to work for more than a few months or have it fixed. Seems like the problems may be designed to start when it knows you no longer are in a contract paying for support

Submitted on June 15th, 2015 by Mary from Fire Protection

It is an eary accounting program to use. I never had any problems with it or the upgrades until this past year. It seems as though it is getting very commercialized and they are nickel and dimimg customers.

The Good…

I have used Peachtree Accounting for over 15 years and never had a problem until this past year. It has always been very easy to use.

The Bad…

The fact that there is a yearly fee to use their software and they keep terms and conditions hidden from customers until it is too late to get out of the contract.

Submitted on July 28th, 2014 by Peter from Precision Computer Methods Inc. (since 1979)

Few packages in this price range present a consistent user interface to payroll, manufacturing, sales and purchase orders, job cost, and the usual suspects of GL,AP,AR, Bank recs. Lots of bang for the buck

The Good…

You can do many things and only have to learn one user interface. Also, they implemented importing from external files to automate data entry a long time ago. (E.g. import 50 sales orders from a spreadsheet)

The Bad…

Monthly close is awkward and unlike a lot of other packages. Its a good discipline once you understand it.

Submitted on May 9th, 2014 by Andrea


The Good…

More for the accounting person, than a person unfamilar with accounting

The Bad…

Peachtree by Sage use to be an awesome product and I would have highly recommended it in the past, but now that they have implemented a yearly fee, we are currently looking for another software system. Not my 1st choice, but it will have to do.

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by Justin

Very versatile and can have many add-on’s

The Good…

Ability to do trending, and overall cost

The Bad…

Having yearly fees after purchasing the software.