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About Financials

Tyler Technologies offers Financials, a robust, scaleable collection of modules (or applications) created to assist local governments with financial software needs. This fully integrated suite of modules boasts an outstanding feature set and support for multi-relational databases. Financials also has a familiar Windows-based environment, extensive flexibility and is fully compliant with state and federal regulations. All of this adds up to an easy-to-use, complete package for any government agency which includes: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, Fixed Assets Inventory, Purchasing and Project Accounting.

Accounts Payable

EDEN Accounts Payable can manage every aspect of an accounts payable department, from extracting purchase order line items to writing checks. A dynamic link with EDEN Purchasing allows you to extract previously entered data to streamline data entry. Complete integration with EDEN General Ledger means Accounts Payable can seamlessly validate accounts, enforce user security, monitor budget availability and manage other control issues.

Accounts Receivable

EDEN Accounts Receivable serves as the central repository for all receivables information. This module provides a complete, full-featured billing and cash receipting solution – from miscellaneous billings to automated recurring receivables. The comprehensive Accounts Receivable system integrates with other EDEN Financials modules, including General Ledger and Cashiering. Accounts Receivable validates accounts and user security, manages other control issues, provides flexible invoice and receipt processing and tracks infinite customer information and history.

Bid & Quote

EDEN Bid & Quote automates your agency’s procurement process. Bid & Quote initiates the purchasing cycle by generating Requests for Proposals, helps you manage vendor relationships via the Internet, and aids your decision-making process by providing vendor and quote analysis tools.


EDEN Budgeting provides all the tools necessary for you to manage the budgeting process. Budgeting supports multiple budget versions, user-defined scenarios and customized reports. All Budgeting tools fully integrate with EDEN General Ledger providing access to crucial historical information. This allows you to create budget scenarios for future years, while eliminating the need to generate time-consuming external spreadsheets and export or import information. Using the Position Budgeting component (provided with EDEN Payroll), you can model and forecast future labor and benefits costs with one-click updating of the General Ledger.


EDEN Cashiering provides a central solution for over-the-counter and back-office payment processing. Cashiering centralizes the auditing, issuing and researching of receipts in an easy-to-use environment. Also, with integration to other EDEN applications, constituents can make payments across one or more modules with a single check or credit card.

Contract Management

EDEN Contract Management provides complete control over vendor contracts, grant awards or other contracts managed by the agency. Contract Management tracks all activity associated with a contract, and works seamlessly with other EDEN applications such as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Project Accounting.

Fixed Assets

EDEN Fixed Assets provides complete asset management, from acquisition through disposal. Designed specifically to meet local government needs, Fixed Assets supports GASB 34 requirements and integrates with EDEN General Ledger to give you a powerful, fully integrated tool for tracking and reporting all fixed assets. Also, integration with EDEN Accounts Payable and Purchasing applications eliminates duplicate data-entry efforts by creating a single-source asset entry.

General Ledger

EDEN General Ledger serves as the hub of the Financials application suite. General Ledger integrates with other EDEN Financials modules as well as with modules within the Personnel and Citizen Services application suites. You can instantly review and report on relevant financial information with complete drill-down detail into any transaction – from a journal entry entered directly into the General Ledger module or an invoice from Accounts Payable. General Ledger provides one central repository for all accounting information, making access to all data simple and fast.


EDEN Inventory empowers government agencies to accurately manage items within central stores or warehouses. With Inventory, you can oversee the acquisition and storage of materials, equipment, supplies, parts and more. Also, Inventory directs the distribution of items to internal departments or external agencies, and also tracks the billing and receiving of items.

Project Accounting

EDEN Project Accounting provides a central location for collecting data, such as capital projects or grant accounting, to support the General Ledger. Project Accounting can budget, track progress and provide full financial reporting. Additionally, it simplifies grant funding requirements by tying qualifying expenditures to the appropriate funding sources. Regardless of a transaction’s origin, (Payroll, Purchasing or Accounts Payable), all project-related information is captured in the Project Accounting application.


EDEN Purchasing manages all processes from electronic approval of purchase requisitions and automated purchase order generation to change orders and user-defined purchase order printing. Purchasing integrates with EDEN General Ledger to easily validate accounts, set user security and budget availability and more.

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