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An online accounting system for small and medium businesses.

About AccountingSuite

AccountingSuite is an online accounting, order management and inventory software for growing businesses. Designed for the 99% of companies who aren't accountants, AccountingSuite makes it easier to run your business and find the information you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Their mission is to provide easy-to-use, no-nonsense business software for startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses to manage their finances and day-to-day operations.

Their vision for AccountingSuite is to give you, your employees and business partners easy, secure access to company information from anywhere on the planet--empowering everyone at your company with the business-critical information that often makes the difference between gaining new customers and losing them to the competition.

Accounting and Reporting Module

  • The Accounting Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners simple access to the financial information and reporting tools needed to make critical business decision. AccountingSuite gives comprehensive and fast access to data for Accountants, Bookkeepers and CPAs to analyze, adjust and close on time. General Journal, General Journal Entries, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows and Other Comprehensive Income are included.

General Journal Navigation

  • AccountingSuite General Journal quickly shows the end user all entries that have affected the general ledger. Entries listed are from the Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting module. Simple buttons allow the end user, business owner and accountant the ability to search for specific transaction types, date ranges, text, and also sort by columns.

General Journal Entry Features and Benefits

  • Cloud-based AccountingSuite general journal entry screens are very basic and either the keyboard or a mouse can be utilized. With a small menu of hot-keys such as f4, AccountingSuite gives the end-user a simplified approach to save time in their daily workflow and quicken the entry process.
  • Entry screens are in an excel type layout and columns can be customized per user. Entries can be easily exported in spreadsheet format and emailed. Accountants will love the fact that upon entry, you can simply save the entry and continue working without any effect to the GL. Another great end-user feature about AccountingSuite is instant copy of a general journal entry to another screen, even a new tab within the software!
  • Given the international core and multi-currency functionality of AccountingSuite, each journal entry can be classified into the currency of choice on an entry by entry basis. Flexible currency is now at your fingertips.

Reporting Essentials

  • Reporting is essential to managing any business. Reporting in AccountingSuite can be as precise as today, weekly, from the beginning of this week, last 10 days, monthly, quarterly, half year, last year, prior years.. You get the point. No more being stuck with outdated reporting restrictions. Get the reports for the time period that you want, not what the software developer wants.
  • AccountingSuite comes standard with reports for CPAs, Management, and Business Owners -- listed below. Either use the "Quick Reports" drop down menu to print or use the Accounting menu to print your report. Multiple reports can be opened either in separate windows or separate tabs within your AccountingSuite screen. This functionality makes your reporting simplified and you don't have to close and re-open screens to change reporting parameters. Reporting parameters can be changed on the fly and refreshed.
  • Upon completion of the right report for you, AccountingSuite gives the user several options. Saving options allow saving to Excel, PDF, HTML and other formats. Printing options include printing to the cloud or printing to local printers. Very straightforward, simple and flexible are the words that describe the reporting functionalities of AccountingSuite.
  • List of Standard Reports in the Accounting and Reporting Module:
    • General Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Income Statement
    • Income Statement Detailed
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow Direct (Cash is King!)
    • Other Comprehensive Income (for you IFRS/international folks)

Purchase Module

  • The Purchasing Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners simple access to create Purchase Orders, add Vendor/Suppliers on the fly and receive inventory. Vendor invoices are quickly created by copying an existing invoice or creating a new invoice from a purchase order, saving time to allow for employees to analyze information and expense to projects. Purchase Return is built-in to the software and allows for credit memos or refunds which can be received against in cash receipts.

Purchase Order Features and Benefits

  • AccountingSuite Purchase Order screens are enabled for creating a new purchase order or simply copying from an existing purchase order (open or closed) in the PO list. A unique feature of AccountingSuite is that your Vendor can also be your customer (if the company is set up this way). In addition your vendor can have multiple addresses, thus alleviating the need to setup a new vendor for each purchase address or billing address they may have. AccountingSuite allows the addition of new items on the fly that may not already be setup in AccountingSuite.
  • As you enter the order, you are automatically in "New" status. Hitting the button keeps you in the Order, but is now changed to "Draft" so you can take a break and come back. Once the user clicks the order status is changed to "Open", but you can still stay in the Order! Simplifying the process and not exiting users out of screens keeps your workflow more efficient.
  • Editing existing orders is fairly simple, since AccountingSuite lists orders and gives users simple navigation tools to sort by columns such as date, status, and vendor. Double-click on and order and you are back in the order and click an button to edit. By the way, all actions are traced and recorded for historical purposes in case you need to go back and "undo" something you shouldn't have done. Or if a manager or other user needs to update the Purchase Order from their iPad.

Purchase Invoice and Returns

  • Supplier and Vendor Invoices are simple to enter from existing purchase orders or basic invoice entry. Line items can be classified and expensed to projects as needed for simplified project accounting. Each invoice screen is broken out into 2 tabs which feature a separate tab for expenses and items (for inventory or assets). Built in controls make sure that user entry follows best practices by only allowing items in the item tab and expenses in the expenses tab.
  • Project accounting is a breeze with AccountingSuite, which allows each line for item or expense to be allocated to a project. We used the simple "tag" methodology to allow you to add projects on the fly and make the assignment to projects. Keeping this process simple is our methodology.
  • Purchase Returns are uncomplicated in AccountingSuite. Many users are frustrated by this process and end up using manual methods. We simplified this approach, by simply giving you the following options when creating a Purchase Return:
    • Credit Memo/Refund -- which you can receive against in Cash Receipts!
    • Vendor Invoice for the Return if there is a specific invoice against the return
    • Currency options -- functionality in case you are returning in a foreign currency
    • Flexibility to return without choosing a specific invoice
    • Simple field for entering the RMA number provided by your Supplier

Sales Module

  • The Sales Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners and entrepreneurs welcome flexibility in Orders, Invoicing, Customer Returns, Customer Refunds and accepting Customer Payments.
  • In the world of small business, Cash is King. The simple to use browser-based interface of AccountingSuite allows for flexible Invoicing, Cash Sales and Cash receipts. All from your MacBook, PC, laptop and mobile device.

Sales Order Features and Benefits

  • AccountingSuite allows for backorders so you don't lose out on additional revenue when you are short on shipping to customers. You can add unlimited shipping addresses for each customer which is retained in history. This allows your marketing department to market to real customers that have received your products and services.
  • During the Order and Quote entry process, cloud-based AccountingSuite allows you to check each inventory item on the fly by a simple click or touch. Find out Quantity On Hand, the Last Cost, Average Cost, Quantity on existing Purchase Orders, Quantity on other Sales Orders without ever leaving your Order Entry screen. In fact, you can even edit the Inventory item while entering your Order.
  • Browser-based AccountingSuite allows you to quickly print your Sales Order and Quotes and save to PDF, send, print or any other functionality that you may need. Save to Google Docs and share quickly with your customer, partner or co-workers.

Sales Invoice Features and Benefits

  • Cloud-based AccountingSuite has extreme flexibility for new business owners, advanced entrepreneurs and accounting veterans. Invoice from an existing Sales Order or create a new invoice on the fly with no Sales Order while the customer is on the phone or there in your office.
  • AccountingSuite displays the gross margin per line item before sending the invoice to your customer. Add more cash to your pocket and make sure you are not losing money on each sale.
  • Ability to copy an invoice and create a new invoice is simple and extremely quick. This allows for time-savings and major efficiencies in your invoicing process. Leading to happier employees and customers.

Cash Sales Uncomplicated

  • The quickest way to cash is through Cash Sales, and cloud-based Accounting Suite is a simple, intuitive way to get your business to start making Cash Sales. Each sale is instantly posted to your system and no additional entries or processes are needed to see where your business currently stands cash-wise.
  • Use AccountingSuite's Cash Sale interface as your POS system from any web browser on a PC, Mac, iPad or mobile device. Inventory information is instantaneous and there are no additional processes to update with your books being in balance. Your whole company will have up-to-date information using their browser.
  • Simple and easy, that is the way we designed your AccountingSuite solution for Cash Sales.

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User Reviews of AccountingSuite

Submitted on March 16th, 2021 by Karen Z from Dream It Launch It

Cloud-based Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

The Good…

Biggest thrill is the never-ending expansion of functionality! And improvements to what is set up.

The Bad…

Balance sheet account reconciliations — a tool or extension to make that easy would simply be remarkable! And/or access to the registers for those accounts, so I can easily find and see any duplicated entries and/or missing entries.

Submitted on October 26th, 2017 by Dan

Great guys. I can’t say enough about them. They are without a doubt an awesome company. From the owner Kurt down to Jay Lawson (the guy I deal with), they are amazing. I lean on Jay for so much. They know I’m a 1-man operation and they treat me like I’m a million-person operation.

The Good…


The Bad…

Like any accounting software like QB or Peachtree, it’s hard to integrate in with my computer… if I make PO files in my computer, I have to print either their sales order or their receipts and I have to scan them in and put them into my files here. I’m too small to have a server here. That’s really the only knock I have but I feel almost all accounting software has this limitation so I won’t hold this against AccountingSuite.

Submitted on September 12th, 2017 by an anonymous AccountingSuite user.

AccountingSuite was incredible fit for me and my business at the time. They were incredibly helpful getting me set up and responsive to my individual needs. I would and do recommend them with the highest of confidence that they will be of service and satisfy the needs of any company.

Submitted on February 10th, 2017 by Sidera from Parthenon Envelope Co. LLC

Our software had not been updated since 2003. When I first came across AS online, I was a little skeptical of change, especially to a cloud based program. I was very impressed with the software and how simple it is to make it work for your benefit. It is extremely difficult to find an accounting program that a manufacturing company can easily adapt to, but we have found that with A.S.

The Good…

Too many to list but right off the top of my head, but their support is second to none! I couldn’t ask for a better group to work with and train us on this software. Any time I have encountered an issue or didn’t understand something, they were always just a phone call away. If the software didn’t do exactly how I wanted it to, my suggestions were taken into consideration OR I was shown a different way to do things that would work for me and I would get the same results. Our company definitely gets their moneys worth! A.S. is much more affordable than a major competitors cloud based software and it does SO much more for me than theirs could! I feel very fortunate to have found this company and this software and especially the people I have had the pleasure of working with!

The Bad…

There’s really nothing negative to say! Every issue that I have encountered has been accepted graciously and I’ve always felt that my opinions were important.

Submitted on September 19th, 2016 by Don from Studio SB

AS is a robust, nicely-designed, and affordable package which has the convenience of the Cloud.

The Good…

There’s really nothing ‘best’ about it because there are so many positives: the staff at AS is excellent, the software is nicely presented/designed aesthetically, the functionality is robust …

The Bad…

There are some minor omissions in screens/lookups.

Submitted on September 16th, 2016 by Anne from PQI Technical Wear, LLC.

Accounting Suite is an affordable icloud accounting system which include inventory system.

The Good…

the software has more than meeting our accounting needs at this stage and glad that it keeps developing with new features so we can grow with them.

The Bad…

Sometimes we stumble on bugs with the software but technical support is always there to help. Some need time to fix but they will update the status.

Submitted on September 16th, 2016 by Wade from E Group Inc.

Overall, the AccountingSuite is a very good accounting software. It gives us many functions such as sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, payments, etc., specially the inventory and reports which are so helpful for our distribution business. The software is easy to use and very convenient to work on multi pages on the same time. It improves our operation efficiency and save time and costs.

With the solutions they are working on, I believe AccountingSuite will be getting better and better.

The Good…

The most functions/modules I like are the Sales, Inventory and reports.

The Bad…

If the print forms can be more editable (customizable), that will be better.

Submitted on September 16th, 2016 by Melisa from BookKeepInc

AccountingSuite is a highly innovative, incredibly intuitive, web-based accounting software that has found a way to maintain all of that integrity while keeping fluid with the market and staying incredibly affordable!

The Good…

The affordability, cloud solution and the overall intelligence of the software is a wonderful breath of fresh air in the world of accounting! When you talk to the developers, they’re not just software people, they have backgrounds in accounting and you can tell by how versatile, yet simple the software is! The only question you’re left with is WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!!

The Bad…

Everything is on the ground floor. While that is an exciting place to be in a relationship with such a great company, it’s also a little frustrating. There are little glitches that need to be ironed out. However, when you call, you make suggestions or have an issue they have to help you with and, BOOM, it’s fixed, changed or revised in a way that SCREAMS they are soooooooooooo listening to you!

Also, the verbiage takes some getting used to. If you’re not an Accounting professional, this probably won’t matter much to you. However, as someone who has been doing accounting (sadly, mostly QuickBooks for the past 20 years), changing my jargon has been challenging. You say ‘payments’, I say ‘checks or debits’. And so, on. So, I really have to switch gears to wrap my brain around how it’s worded on AccountingSuite as opposed to how I’m used to referring to something. However, I will say, the jargon they use actually is correct and makes more sense than the jargon I’ve unfortunately become accustomed to!

Submitted on August 7th, 2016 by Christine from Electronics Teaching Tools, LLC

It was very hard to find an affordable accounting software that included all the features we needed. Accounting Suite was the only option that fit perfectly with our small business. Most softwares require upgrading plans in order to get all the features. We found Accounting Suite to handle everything from complex inventory with large assemblies to simple everyday tasks. Customer support training and set up assistance was amazing. They walked us through it all. We are very happy with the switch and highly recommend it.

The Good…

We sell large assemblies and that is a rare feature to find unless it’s a high end very complex and expensive software. We had almost given up on integrating inventory management and accounting together but with Accounting Suite it’s all in one place and running very smoothly.

The Bad…

The few hick-ups we encountered the team is already working on improving.

Submitted on August 6th, 2016 by Sandy from US Decor, LLC

AccountingSuite is a one stop shop online accounting system that can link directly to your bank account, credit card, etc. Not only that but it is a true ERP… creating quotes, managing items, creating POs, sales orders, invoices, etc. And it is customizable for your individual needs.

AccountingSuite is accessible at any time - no software to install and no software updates to worry about. All that is needed is internet access. Customer service is responsive and helpful, and the training offered is FREE and awesome! They do a great job with ensuring that their customer has the tools needed to be successful with AccountingSuite. Not only does it handle all the accounting functions, but it also manages inventory. Best product for the money!