An ERP system for the textile and apparel industry, by Datatex.

Product Overview

NOW ERP from Datatex is a management software suite specifically designed for the textile and fashion industry. It stands out for its flexibility in adapting to various business processes and its ability to handle the unique demands of the sector, such as managing a diverse range of products, ensuring rapid delivery, and reducing costs.

The software employs object-oriented technology, allowing for dynamic integration and traceability of business processes, from the fiber stage to the final product. It’s scalable, allowing companies to start with necessary modules and expand as they grow, and integrates advanced web standards like Jakarta EE, web services, and XML for Industry 4.0 advancements​​​​​​​​​​​​.


  • Scalable modular implementation
  • Flexible business process adaptation


  • Complex for non-textile sectors
  • Potential high customization demand

Target Market

Companies in the textile and fashion industry, especially those looking for a solution that offers flexibility, scalability, and detailed control over various business processes. It’s particularly well-suited for companies seeking to manage a wide variety of products, ensure short delivery times, and maintain lower costs.



Order Management

  • Sample Development: Various stages, bill of material, final approval.
  • Order Receipt: Quantity by color/size, price confirmation, entry in system.
  • Planning: Production and material planning.
  • Procurement: Purchase orders, material receipt, quality checks, issue to production.
  • Production: Laying, cutting, bundling, sewing, quality inspection, finishing.
  • Packing and Loading: Assortment packing, carton sticker printing, container loading.
  • Invoicing: Customer invoicing.

User Defined Item Code Structure

  • Item Type Definitions: 10 Sub-codes, primary/secondary, mandatory/non-mandatory.
  • Item Natures: Products, containers, tolls, recipes, designs.
  • Multiple UM Handling: Independent product conversions.
  • Sub-codes: Customer/supplier/sizes/user group.
  • Product Approval: Approval process and quality levels.


  • Order Types: Made-to-stock/order, forecast/open/confirmed orders.
  • Customer Handling: Multiple customer management (bill to, ship to).
  • Sales Order: User-friendly sessions, real-time availability check.
  • Sales Management: Season, collection, channel management.
  • Customer Management: Credit, claims, sales return.

Procurement Management

  • Order Types: Open, normal with flexible schedules.
  • Order Entry: Matrix, carton/box-based.
  • Purchase Requests: Auto-generation linked to sales/reorder levels.
  • Approvals: Multiple levels, value-based.
  • Expense Management: Invoice booking, purchase block, MRN rejections.


  • Planning Methods: Sales order, availability, mix model, project-based.
  • Production and Purchase: Auto-generated demands and requests.
  • Sales Order Impact: Adjustments to changes in sales orders.
  • Demand Types: Firm and non-firm.


  • Planning Boards: Multiple boards for various processes.
  • Resource Handling: Manpower, tools, special machines.
  • Scheduling: Semi-automatic, production order realignment.
  • Planning Reports: Customizable structures and filters.


  • Cutting: Integrated with quality, marker generation, bundle progress.
  • Sewing: Progress tracking, rework handling, shift-based production.
  • Washing: Recipe management, rejected/reworked quantity management.
  • Finishing/Packing: Carton generation, packing calculations, numbering.


  • Single Click Inventory: Multiple locations/warehouses.
  • Balance and Availability: Definitions and controls.
  • Zone/Row/Rack/Bin Management: Definitions and controls.
  • Quality Levels: Multiple levels with same product code.
  • Stock Transactions: Easy search/filter, multi-product transactions.
  • Integration: Barcodes, RFIDs, weighing bridges, readers.
  • Warehouse Movements: Provisional and confirmed at all levels.
  • Internal Orders: For inter/intra-warehouse transfers.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of NOW ERP

Submitted on April 7th, 2023 by Yue Chen

it’s user friendly, very logic and comprehensive.

The Good…

It’s a tailor made solution, but base on best practices in the industry. very smart.

The Bad…

interface, a bit too flexible

Submitted on August 16th, 2020 by Ronnie

Financial module now available, fully integrated end to end solution , purchase to sales, fiber to garment.

The Good…

Flexible dynamic solution for the industry.

The Bad…

Its perfect

Submitted on October 20th, 2019 by Nishshanka somarathna

This one great ERP for SME business

The Good…

It gives benifit to end user

The Bad…

Finance module need to develop

Submitted on November 8th, 2018 by nishshanka somarathna

This is one of great soft ware for textile & apperal manuafacturing industry.

The Good…

It gives real time integration any other soft ware & of cause user friendliness is main advantage of it.

The Bad…

finance module it need to implement further