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About ArcTitan

ArcTitan by TitanHQ is a cloud-based email archiving service. This software is compliant, fast, secure, and compatible with Office365. Quick to set up, ArcTitan is also easy to use and manage.

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  • Office 365 Email Archive: Significantly enhances Office 365 email Search and Storage functionality. Massive cost and time savings.
  • Lightening Fast Search and Retrieval: A powerful search tool. Load performance of more than 200 emails per second from your email server – your emails are archived and retrievable instantly. Slashes time and cost.
  • Easy to Use Email Archive: ArcTitan is designed to optimize ability to find important things when you need them. Locate emails instantly on desktop or mobile.
  • Secure and Perpetual: All emails are encrypted in transit and when stored. Giving your business total protection against data loss. 11,070,826,210 emails archived to date.
  • eDiscovery and EU GDPR: Industry Standards Compliance. Legal safeguard for email compliance. Perfect for eDiscovery and GDPR compliant. Acts as a “black box flight recorder for email”. Never delete auditability.
  • Remote Access to Archived Emails: All the benefits of email archiving accessible anywhere at anytime. The same great user experience everywhere.
  • Cloud Based Solution: Zero limits on user numbers or storage space in the cloud. No on-site hardware required. Ultimate scalability.
  • Save up to 75% Email Storage Space: Flexible pay as you go email archiving model. Per live user subscription only. Save up to 75% email storage space.
  • Savings in Email Storage Costs: Save 80% on email storage space. Reduce from 1,000 GBs to 200 GBs. Eliminate PST files. Reduce the load on your mail servers.
  • Protection and Back Up: 100% protection against data loss. Protect mail servers against outages.
  • Simple Administration: Ability to administrate the entire system from your outlook. Admin can replace retention policies and staff mailbox quotas.
  • GDPR Compliance: The ability to find and remove a customer’s personal data is a key tenet of GDPR. The majority of a customer’s personal data sits in email.

ArcTitan Pricing

ArcTitan pricing is per user, per month. However, there are discounts for purchasing 1-, 2-, or 3-year plans in advance. The average cost for 100 users is $4.59 per user or $459 per month. 25 users will average $4.80 per user or $120 per month.

Product Overview

User Reviews of ArcTitan

Submitted on December 13th, 2021 by Mike Pluta from NRC Broadcasting

Exceptionally easy to install and insert into our email infrastructure. The effect and affect of ArcTitan Email Archiving was dramatic. The load on our Exchange server was reduced by 80% immediately.

Submitted on December 13th, 2021 by Jesse Gusmao from Sociedade Hospital Samaritano

Fast, scalable, very easy to operate and has all the email archiving features a company needs to have. Safe and the cost was fantastic. A truly superb email archiving tool.

Submitted on December 13th, 2021 by Lou Liberio from Clarion Data Systems

I can tell you our experience has been outstanding. ArcTitan email archive has been the most effective solution we’ve found. Initially, we tested it for ourselves, but given the success we’ve had, we’re now signed up as a reseller and are confidently introducing the product to our small and medium clients. It’s a perfect fit for our marketplace. Keep up the good work.