Jeff Budiac

Avatar of Jeff Budiac Jeff Budiac is a managing partner at Software Connect. He has a bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Economics. For nearly 20 years, Jeff has helped lead partner relations and has worked closely with thousands of software providers to achieve their marketing goals.

The Manufacturing Jobs of the Future

America’s manufacturing workforce is moving through a major transformation—and adaptation is needed in order to survive. Read the article for a deep dive into US manufacturing past, present, and future.

Updated January 30th, 2023 • By Jeff Budiac
Fund Accounting Software Buyer Trends - 2023 Report

We sampled 516 fund accounting software buyers over the past two years. We analyzed their responses for motivations, requirements, and trends.

Updated January 27th, 2023 • By Jeff Budiac
The Best EDI Software

Understand your EDI choices. Find the electronic data interchange system best suited to help you handle order and document communication most efficiently.

Updated January 27th, 2023 • By Jeff Budiac
Accounting Software Buyer Trends

We sampled 3,051 accounting software buyers from the past year, and analyzed their requirements to find trends in demand and demographics.

Updated January 26th, 2023 • By Jeff Budiac
Church Accounting Software Buyer Trends - Report

We sample 270 recent conversations with churches buying accounting software. Our study found a handful of trends. Most notably there's been a significant shift preference for cloud-hosted software.

Updated November 3rd, 2018 • By Jeff Budiac