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About ALLDATA Manage Online

ALLDATA Manage Online provides everything you need to run an auto repair shop or detailing center. Use Manage Online to quickly create estimates, repair orders and invoices which can be shared digitally. Order parts from industry-leading vendors, run essential business management reports, and keep in touch with your customers with a built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tools.

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  • Custom Jobs: Build and search custom jobs; link jobs to integrated parts catalogs; set specific tax codes per job
  • Vendor-Specific Price Matrix: Assign specific markup prices to each vendor
  • Flexible Tax Setup: Choose specific tax rates for each tax code; works with Canadian tax codes
  • Work In Progress Screen: View the status of all work at a glance; customize views by user/station
  • Built-in Customer Relationship Manager: Send job notifications & promotions via text or email
  • Credit Card Integration: Process card payments online
  • Technician Cost & Time Tracking: Compare estimated vs. actual time spent on jobs; analyze wage efficiency
  • Service Writer Report: Find repair orders and totals by Service Writer to measure performance
  • Financial Reports: Access the reports necessary to run your shop; assess costs and profitability

Parts Vendors

  • AutoZone®
  • WHI/Nexpart
  • Transtar Industries®
  • OEM Parts & Labor
  • MCSM
  • IAP (Internet Auto Parts)
  • FederatedAutoi
  • TurboParts® (DST)


ALLDATA Manage Online is available for either $159 per month or $1,908 per year.

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User Reviews of ALLDATA Manage Online

Submitted on February 27th, 2023 by Anonymous

After doing some research I found the short comings of this software are due to Alldata. The software is actually owned and created by MAM and is called Autoworks in Europe. The Autoworks version is amazing and has endless functionality. Alldata simply sucks…

The Good…

The software has most everything you need to run a parts & service center and is customizable.

The Bad…

The team at Alldata that supports this product is pathetic! They fail to support the product and make required changes to further evolve the software. They fail to allow any new integrations, they force Autozone on you within the software, the server is always slow and at times the server is down leaving us clients at a stand still. The response from Alldata is, sorry… Give the software back to MAM Autoworks!

Submitted on February 24th, 2023 by Anonymous

Don’t like it. Changed systems after a year of trying to use it.

The Good…

The only thing I like about it is that it is cloud based

The Bad…

I hate a lot about it. Can’t dearch for a customer or vehicle without clearing what you are working on. Integrations with suppliers are slow and clunky. Multiple clicks to get to what I need. Whole system is slow and often times out. Has been completely down 2x in the last year which brings our shop to a halt. Do not recommend