Infor LN

An ERP software system designed by Infor.

About Infor LN

A single, global platform for growth and innovation

Infor LN empowers you to run your entire business–across every department, every site, and every country–on one platform.

Delivering flexibility in operations and strength in financials, Infor LN is a uniquely versatile system that delivers everything complex product manufacturers need in a standard, packaged ERP. The result is an integrated system that gives you complete visibility and control across your organization with the flexibility to make adjustments as your business evolves.

Manage Complexity, Engineer for Speed.

Today, every manufacturing business is faced with the relentless pressures of a global marketplace. Competing in this fast-paced marketplace requires managing more complex supply chains made up of customers and suppliers from around the world. At the same, the accelerating pace of innovation continues to shorten product lifecycles, requiring that every company improve the speed at which they bring new products and services to market.

Globalization and the pace of innovation have stretched existing IT business systems to the breaking point at many manufacturing companies. A disparate IT landscape pieced together over the last 15 to 20 years based on business process concepts from the 80s simply does not adequately allow companies to manage the complexity of constantly changing global supply chains. To stay competitive, manufacturing companies need applications that allow business processes to be engineered for speed, so that they can be quickly adapted to changing requirements.

Consolidate and Simplify.

Infor LN is a next generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is specialized by industry and optimized for complex, global operations. With Infor LN, you’ll gain faster time to value and increase agility so you can out-compete the market based on speed. More than 4,500 organizations-from mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 businesses-rely on Infor LN as a global platform for growth and innovation. Infor LN combines rich specialized industry capabilities, developed over many years of working with the best manufacturing companies in the world. with highly productive new technologies. including support for mobile devices and social networking.

Standardize Processes Using Proven Industry Best Practices.

Standardize systems, information, and processes with Infor LN’s industry best practices-delivered through standard, packaged software. Where other ERP systems take a one-size-fits-all approach, Infor LN is a purpose-built solution that delivers industry best practices in industrial manufacturing, equipment, automotive, high tech, aerospace and defense, distribution, and service management. Infor LN fits the unique requirements of your business out of the box.

By using Infor LN’s rich, industry best practices, you can retire customizations and take advantage of continuous innovation. Further extending Infor LN’s capabilities to rapidly adapt to changing business needs, Infor Ming.le brings the power of social networking to ERP, helping employees collaborate virtually to quickly solve any problem.

To address your business needs beyond your ERP system, Infor ION connects Infor LN with many other best-in class applications that can address any business problem.

Configuration Management

Offer more features and options with less complexity.

LN’s powerful, rules-based configurator enables your customers, distributors, and sales representatives to easily configure products while 2D and 3D images allow your users to view product variants. Powerful rules enable you to display current prices, upsell options, and check for incompatible configurations. Automatic creation of manufacturing bills of materials and routings eliminate the need for super bills of materials.

Functionality Includes:

  • Guide product selection features, options, and dimensions, while ensuring they define a valid product.
  • Ensure an accurate price and cost for any configuration.
  • Receive immediate visual confirmation of the product’s features and options.
  • Manage documents and data.

CRM and Sales Order Management

Exceed customer expectations - at a profit.

LN can quickly process any sales order, from a single spare-part order to a complex, configure-to-order assembly. With integrated CRM, your customer service agents will have a 360-degree view of the entire order lifecycle, providing them with unparalleled insights into every customer relationship. LN improves customer relationships while minimizing the cost-to-serve.

Functionality Includes:

  • 360-degree customer view dashboards
  • Streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process
  • Support for complex bids and proposals
  • Avilable-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-to-Promise (CTP) capabilities during order-entry process
  • Integrated Rules-Based Configurator

Design and Engineering

Foster collaboration between design and manufacturing.

Reduce time to market through tight integration between design and manufacturing. You’ll be well positioned to control upfront costs by designing with full visibility of the effects on downstream manufacturing operations and sourcing and procurement. And by receiving early warnings of field issues, you’ll be able to take quick action to improve design and reduce warranty costs.

Functionality Includes:

  • Engineering Change Order Management
  • Collaborative design and engineering
  • Design for Supply
  • Design for Manufacturability

Global Financials, Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Gain confidence with global financial visibility.

In order to meet financial goals with confidence, companies need global financial budgeting and control combined with real-time visibility into revenues, costs, and profits.

Infor LN can be used in a fully integrated ERP environment and as a stand-alone financial model for any organization structure. With this flexibility, LN supports global organizations that consist of multiple companies or business units operating across different geographies. LN provides flexible account structures for recording, analyzing, and monitoring the activities of each company or business unit.

Functionality Includes:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Budget System

Manufacturing Management

Support any manufacturing strategy.

Infor LN supports all discrete manufacturing processes including engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, project-based, make-to-order, and make-to-stock. Whether you are manufacturing a stamped metal part or assembling an airplane, Infor LN provides comprehensive operations control with streamlined business process management.

Functionality Includes:

  • Mixed-mode manufacturing
  • Assembly Planning and Control with WIP changes
  • Bills of materials and routing
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Assembly Line Control

Project Lifecycle Management

Master complex projects.

Manage everything from single contracts to complex multi-year projects, from contract negotiation to shipping and installation. Infor LN empowers you to quickly prepare estimates, monitor budgets, and determine earned value and accurate invoices against even the most complex manufacturing projects. Extensive out-of-the-box analytics, including a powerful and intuitive project manager workbench, enable continuous tracking of key performance indicators.

Functionality Includes:

  • Advanced contract terms and conditions
  • Bids and Quotes, Proposal Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Product Cost Ledger
  • Project Contract Management
  • Project pegging of demand and supply
  • Supplier staged payments

Quality Management

Improve control and gain predictability.

LN Quality Management enables manufacturers to monitor and improve the quality of their products by enforcing regular inspection procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Quality Management uses a logistical flow of products to schedule inspections.

Functionality Includes:

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Statistical Quality Control, including sampling plans
  • First Article Inspection
  • Quality Manager Dashboard
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Embedded enterprise social collaboration to help plan and resolve

Service Lifecycle Management

Generate more post-sales revenue.

Comprehensive Service Lifecycle Management enables manufacturers to generate revenue from products after they ship. LN Service Management empowers you to manage a global field service organization with complete visibility into the components of every installed product. Offer and maintain service plans, schedule preventive maintenance, and identify upgrades/upsell opportunities. Infor LN also manages your MRO facilities and warranty claims.

Functionality Includes:

  • Customer Contact Center Management
  • Warranty and Claims Management
  • MRO and Service Deport Management
  • Usage-based, preventative maintenance

Supply Chain Management

Unite global manufacturing operations.

Infor LN excels in multi-site planning and operations management, helping companies implement Enterprise Planning to synchronize demand and supply across a global supply chain.

Infor LN also features strong inventory and warehouse management capabilities, including advanced warehousing as well as fulfillment practices such as Static and Dynamic Cross-Docking and Direct Material Supply. Direct Material Supply supports vendor managed and direct-to-line component sequencing.

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