Preactor 500 APS

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A web-based software system designed by Preactor International.

About Preactor 500 APS

Advanced Materials Control

Preactor 400 APS uses pegging rules that use the Standard Material Control algorithm. This provides for the consumption and production of materials at the first operation and last operation of an order respectively. Preactor 500 APS provides additional functionality to allow production and consumption of materials at any operation step, including intermediate operations. This allows Preactor to model the complexities of co-products and bi-products.

Order Promising

There are various approaches to order promising in Preactor. Where there is no BOM (all operations for a product are in a single order) and the process route is defined within Preactor, then the order enquiry button can be used. When a BOM explosion and/or netting off of current stocks and WIP is required to produce the order promise response, then the Preactor 500 APS has an additional capability to hold BOM data and perform the BOM explosions, netting off and scheduling on demand.

As an enquiry is entered into Preactor 500 APS, orders for each level of the BOM are created including routing. It then links or pegs them together and adds them to the current schedule taking into account all resource constraints, to give a realistic promise date.

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