A Management Intelligence software that combines Business Intelligence software with Corporate Performance Management.


  • Integration into sage 100
  • Speedy consolidation between different locations


  • Lack of ability to fix/maintain a working ecommerce website

About Board

Within one single product BOARD offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence Software and Corporate Performance Management application solutions, without the use of any programming. Its revolutionary toolkit approach, as well as delivering unrivaled speed in BI and CPM applications building, customization and maintenance, provides end-users with an advanced interactive interface.This unique capability turns the self-service creation of any report or analysis into the simplest of tasks.

From the outset, BOARD was conceived as a solution to maximize the efficiency of organization’s decision-making processes, by integrating top Business Intelligence Software (BI) with Corporate Performance Management tools (CPM): a visionary approach named Management Intelligence. Fifteen years later, BOARD leads the way in BI and CPM unification, providing a seamless solution from both a technological and functional standpoint. A full complement of Business Intelligence functions, including reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, ad hoc querying and dashBOARDing, is combined with the ability to manage and monitor all performance planning and control processes, from budgeting, planning and forecasting to profitability analysis, scorecarding and financial consolidation.

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BOARD software analysis makes it possible to easily integrate data from different sources and to create a self-service analysis environment, that allows users to run:

  • Drill through & drill anywhere, to navigate data from the highest level of aggregation to the lowest level of detail
  • OLAP slice & dice analyzes, to obtain a multi-dimensional view of data (e.g. viewing sales by channel, zone, agent, POS), and identify and analyze any sub-set (e.g. sales by agent X, of product Y, for territory Z)
  • What-if and goal-seeking scenarios, to simulate the impact of future events and to determine the necessary actions to achieve a previously set objective
  • Business data modeling, to build, with top analytics tools, sophisticated models for distribution, allocation, consolidation, conversion and reclassification
  • Ad hoc queries, to allow users to build personalized data analysis in a self-sufficient way. Discover Board All in one business intelligence software solution with analytics tool and analysis


  • A single integrated architecture for reporting, viewing, querying, analyzing and running your CPM applications
  • Self-service business user view of data
  • Self-service queries performed across multiple data sources using relational or multidimensional data
  • Easy to use: all users, regardless of their business or technical level can easily drill down, drill through, slice and dice, rank, sort, and forecast to gain greater insight into trends, causes, and effects

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

BOARD software solution enables organizations to combine planning processes with budgeting, forecasting, reporting and scorecarding – effectively aligning performances with corporate strategic vision.

Unlike spreadsheets, the management of BOARD’s multi-dimensional planning system makes it possible to introduce workflow, security, audit trail and versioning mechanisms. This enhances the control and efficiency of the entire process.

Advanced tools and functions of What-if analysis and Goal Seeking are combined with the possibility of creating and managing scenarios, allowing multi-dimensional simulations in which the impact of future events is automatically spread to every level of data aggregation, from the broadest outline (e.g. Sales by Division) to the lowest level of detail (Item Code).


  • Complete management of: workflow, audit trail, versioning, scenarios and approval status processes
  • Automatic allocation of changes, to modify data at all levels of aggregation (e.g. budget by division) and to distribute the change automatically to the finest levels of detail (e.g. items and customers)
  • What-if and what-for functions, for real-time impact assessments
  • Excel add-in, with off-line data-entry functionalities
  • Rolling forecasting and budgeting
  • Simultaneous write-back, for the purpose of saving budget data to the company’s relational databases or data-warehouses


Thanks to a wide selection of cockpits, maps, tables and other data-aware objects, BOARD software users can easily create and manage customized dashboards. These dashboards representations provide a visual overview of corporate performance and of the main trends and factors affecting it . Latest-generation graphic animations and containers such as thumbnails, carousels and tab screens ensure that key data are represented with ground-breaking clarity. Native drill-down and drill-through functions enable users to examine the information down to the lowest level of detail, for immediate and in-depth analyses.


  • Drill-through and ad-hoc queries for more detail about what the dashboard shows you.
  • Wide variety of visualization options to show performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits.
  • Self-service dashboarding creation and customization.
  • A single integrated software system environment to manage data from different core areas such as sales, marketing, finance, HR, logistics, and distribution.
  • Adaptable to any data source.

Profitability Analysis

BOARD provides a complete Visual Modeling environment to create sophisticated models for the allocation of costs and earnings, generating detailed views of company profitability and optimizing pricing, product inventory, bundling and commercial policies.

Thanks to the multi-dimensional logic, costs and earnings can be calculated to the lowest level of detail and automatically distributed by aggregation to different objects, allowing immediate association of several analysis perspectives (e.g. highlighting product earnings in relation to a specific customer).

In this way, in addition to the traditional marginality by customer and product, BOARD makes it possible to calculate profitability at various levels of hierarchy and drill-up and drill-down to aggregate and disaggregate data for each analytical or reporting dimension.

The multi-dimensional “what-if” and “goal seeking” capabilities make it possible to test hypothetical scenarios to verify the potential impact of future events or new business strategies, providing a powerful tool for simulating and optimizing corporate profitability.

In addition to offering multidimensional and simulation capabilities, BOARD stands out from conventional cost controlling solutions for its ability to integrate margin analysis with the processes of Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, providing control of the future economic performance of the entire organization.


  • Visual, flexible and multidimensional modeling environment
  • Single integrated framework for support, control and management of Performance Management processes including ABC, profitability analysis, planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and score-carding for a perfect profitability analysis and financial planning.
  • Support for all activity-based costing methodologies, including bottom-up, consumption-driven ABC
  • Simultaneous multi-users read and write access to each model
  • Unlimited scenarios, activities, cost drivers and cost objects to build even the most complex models
  • Data extraction and validation from ERP, databases, spreadsheets and other data sources
  • Ease of maintenance: changes only have to be made in one place, and all other references are automatically updated throughout the model.


BOARD enables users to quickly create any kind of corporate report, from simple spreadsheets to multiple-page graphic booklets, simply by positioning and configuring data aware objects on the screen, with no need for any programming. Three-dimensional graphs, cockpits, maps and new generation animations, such as thumbnails and carousels, make it possible to create customized, interactive graphic layouts, enabling more intuitive data visualization and interaction. The revolutionary business intelligence reporting tools approach combines conventional reporting functions with Performance Management applications tools in an integrated software environment, empowering any user to make decisions based on a single, shared, coherent information base.


  • A single integrated framework for reporting, viewing, querying, analyzing and running your CPM applications
  • Adaptable to any data source
  • Self-service reporting
  • Self-service business user view of data
  • Unlimited report authors and consumers
  • Ad-hoc and managed reporting tools
  • Multiple export formats: Excel, XML, HTML, and CSV
  • Flexible distribution methods: centralized access, personalized access, email, application integration, MS Office
  • Multi-lingual capabilities to automatically deliver reports in users’ working language
  • Conditional alerting capability to let users manage by exception, focusing on the areas of the business that need more attention


Thanks to innovative graphic functions, BOARD makes it possible to easily create sophisticated Strategy Maps and Scorecards, combining striking visual appeal with outstanding effectiveness in illustrating corporate strategy. The integration of BI and PM provides an interactive link between the visual representation of KPIs and the data, thus giving all users a customized and updated view of their performance against set goals.

Users can make in-depth analyses of the trends highlighted by the dashboards Scorecards by using the native drill-down and drill-through functions to explore the events and dynamics affecting the various KPIs to the lowest level of detail. The extreme flexibility of the toolkit approach makes it easy to create business intelligence dashboards and performance scorecards adhering to the most popular methodologies, such as Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma, or to customized criteria. Discover board software business intelligence dashboards and performance scorecards.


  • Drill-through to access other data sources and reports for more detail about what the dashboard shows you
  • Alerts and notifications to keep you aware of when a metric changes status
  • Empower anyone in your organization to monitor and analyze performance–easily
  • Easy to customize for any type of scorecarding – balanced or otherwise
  • Interactive strategy maps creation
  • Multi-lingual: metrics can be populated in any language and then displayed in users’ preferred language.
  • Wide variety of visualization options to show performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits

Statutory Reporting

IAS, IFRS, Basel II, and Sarbanes-Oxley are just some of the better-known examples of the increasing burden of regulatory compliance.

In every sector, organizations are under pressure to satisfy new laws and regulations. Not only are there more rules; the rules are stricter and the penalties for failing to comply are more severe. On the other hand, organizations often have a fragmented approach to performance management that makes it difficult to combine financial and non-financial data in a unified and consistent manner.

The challenge is to implement a comprehensive CPM approach which would bring together various performance management and regulatory initiatives, providing a single version of the truth at all management levels for all types of information.

Board offers the structure required to comprehend the full scope of the compliance challenge. With BOARD, everything is there to create the proper controls for basic information processing and production, as well as more complex controls to aggregate and integrate crucial information. All these capabilities are available through a single and integrated framework. Thanks to its unique all-in-one environment, BOARD statutory financial reporting software makes possible a broad CPM approach to improving governance and performance management possible, while at the same time addressing compliance requirements.


  • Single integrated framework for support, control and management of Performance Management processes including ABC, profitability analysis planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and score-carding
  • Single version of the truth ensuring data accuracy and consistency
  • Complete process management including workflow, audit trail, versioning and status control
  • Ad-hoc and managed reporting
  • Drill-through and ad-hoc queries to provide detail and transparency behind the numbers

Strategy Management

BOARD helps organizations to manage the process of strategy formulation, to translate it into practical action and to monitor execution.

The software toolkit approach ensures that the strategy can be converted into accurate Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards, with the capability to provide users with a customized vision of their goals.

Advanced simulation capabilities, allow organizations to manage Scenario Planning, and to evaluate the impact of hypothetical events on company results.

The software solution integration of BI and PM makes it possible to align reporting and budgeting processes with strategic objectives, and to promptly monitor results and impact on performance.

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User Reviews of Board

Submitted on May 20th, 2021 by Anonymous

This is the most frustrating company I have ever dealt with. Example: website goes down all the time, or has features stop working and they want to charge you by the hour to fix things that break. This is on top of paying $1,700/ month for their hosting and a $100,000 implementation fee. Go Else-ware, there can’t be another website company that has customer service as bad as Website Pipeline / Cimcloud

The Good…

integration into sage 100

The Bad…

customer service, lack of ability to fix/maintain a working ecommerce website.

Submitted on February 3rd, 2020 by Ivan Evstatiev

Board allows us to consolidate in a split second! Yes, consolidation can happen with a single button! Yes, consolidation can happen for 48 manufacturing plants and for 85 warehouses! At the beginning I was very skeptical, but I can guarantee you that it works!