A contract management platform offering an extensive range of templates and smooth digital signature process.

Product Overview

Contractbook is a contract management software with customizable templates and an automated workflow that integrates well with CRM tools like Hubspot. It offers a digital signature feature and the ability to edit, review, or accept contracts as part of the workflow.


  • Wide array of templates for creating legal documents
  • Simplified and efficient digital signature process
  • Automate builder integrates with CRM systems like Hubspot


  • Limited reporting features for contract data analysis
  • Some difficulties in sharing contracts with non-users
  • Occasional issues when uploading PDFs

Target Market

Companies with an employee count ranging from 11 to 1000.

About Contractbook

Contractbook offers a contract management solution that transforms manual tasks into automated processes, encompassing the entire contract lifecycle within a single platform.

Contractbook Key Features

  • Signature process: This encompasses document signing, signature workflows, and reminders for expirations.
  • Contract management: The platform offers contract creation, a variety of templates, collaboration tools, a contract database, editing capabilities, an approval process, and integrations with APIs.

The eSignature feature of Contractbook is legally recognized in major Western markets like the US, EU, UK, and Australia, ensuring legal compliance across these regions. The platform aims to centralize document management and streamline contract-related workflows for increased efficiency.

Pricing Details

Contractbook subscriptions are priced per user per month, with base pricing starts at $400 per 10 users per month. Optional add-ons with additional functionality are available for an extra cost.

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Starting Price
$400 /users/month
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Pricing Details
User per month + optional add-ons

Product Overview

User Reviews of Contractbook

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Contractbook Contract automation reduces our costs by 25%.