A fully integrated construction business management software.

About AccuBuild

AccuBuild is a fully integrated construction business management software. Since 1987, AccuBuild has provided contractors with full-featured, user-friendly software, at very competitive prices. The open database design and custom report features make it very easy to tailor the system to your company’s specific needs. AccuBuild’s flexible pricing structure ensures that you only pay for the features you need.

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This software not only gives your company the tools necessary for the day to day operations, but also ensures the background data is kept in a format that your CPA will understand. A copy of the AccuBuild System is offered to your CPA at no additional charge, once you purchase the package.

Industries Served

  • General Contractors
  • Heavy Construction
  • Specialty Subcontractor
  • MEP Subcontractor
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Government/Education
  • Multi-family


  • Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Business Intelligence

Equipment Tracking

The equipment module is another optional feature of the AccuBuild system and it is very beneficial for keeping track of company vehicles, assets, tools, etc. In addition to being an asset management module, the system has some very useful features for handling equipment rental and charging equipment rental expenses to jobs.


The Inventory system is optional module used to maintain a list of materials (or other items) that are kept on hand and that are distributed to a job or an expense account at a later date. The inventory system can be used without the Orders system, but the Orders system must be used in conjunction with the Inventory module. The inventory system is also fully integrated with the Job Cost and Ledger systems.

Job Cost

The Job Cost module is the heart of AccuBuild’s accounting system. The system has been designed to be quite flexible in order to meet the reporting needs of most contractors. All sections of the job cost module should be thoroughly reviewed prior to setting up the system so that all issues are taken into consideration as the Job Cost system is fully integrated with all of the other modules.


The Ledger system is fully integrated with all of the AccuBuild accounting modules, and acts mainly as a receiver of transaction records from all the other modules. The only entries that originate in the Ledger module are the General Journal entries and the Post Closing Journal entries. In addition to the journal entries, all bank account reconciliations are handled through the Ledger system.


The Orders system is used to track the quantities and unit prices of materials or services purchased for either inventory or for jobs. Purchase Orders and Subcontract Orders are created to record direct job purchases while Stock Orders are created to record inventory purchases. Stock Requests are created to transfer stock from inventory to a job or an expense account. Vendor shipments and billings are posted against each order to validate the quantities and pricing invoiced and is instrumental in preventing overpayment on goods purchased.


The Payables system is used to post vendor invoices and to make vendor payments. Invoices may be entered with multiple distribution amounts, including multiple general ledger account numbers and/or job and phase combinations. Payments can be processed through the Schedule Payments option (when printing more than one check at a time) or can be processed through the Handwritten Checks option. Handwritten checks are also used to create a joint check. The balance due on each invoice, or on each vendor, or on each job, or on each expense account, can be easily displayed and is automatically aged by the vendor’s invoice date. An option to process 1099s is also included in the Payables module.


The Payroll system is a complete payroll package providing comprehensive time tracking, payroll tax reporting and W-2 printing. The system is fully integrated with the Job Cost, Ledger and Equipment modules. Payroll is also available as a stand-alone module


The Receivables system is used to track the paid status of all customer billings and is fully integrated with the Payables, Job Cost and Ledger modules. This module contains a master list of all billings created including both miscellaneous invoices (time and material) and contract billings (percentage-of-completion). All payments received are posted through this module. The balance due on each invoice, or on each customer, or on each job, can be easily displayed and is automatically aged by the billing date.

Starting Price
$200 /user/month
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User Reviews of AccuBuild

Submitted on March 12th, 2009 by Laura Sheperd

You get so much more information from AccuBuild then you ever could imagine from QuickBooks. It’s very user-friendly. I’ve used stronger softwares in the past and AccuBuild just puts them all to shame.