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About IHMS™

IHMS is complete, home builder specific enterprise software, designed with one goal in mind: to improve homebuilder profitability.

Using a single knowledge base, IHMS" supports every function and every team member involved in new home construction.

Accounting Software for Home Builders

Integrated Finances Every Step of the Home Building Process

IHMS" is the only single database, home builder specific software package where every aspect of your company can access the same information at the same time. As a result, you develop a never before seen comprehensive view of your entire company; every project, team, and asset. Imagine being able to, with the press of a button, be able to review and analyze the entire portfolio of assets that you have as well as every project, every budget, and every invoice.

Accounts Payable

IHMS" offers the most productive accounts payable processing of any home building accounting software.

  • Using the same database as construction, invoicing of approved Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Variance Purchase.
  • Process multi-company invoices with one entry.
  • Use common vendors across all entities, with company and community level control.
  • Positive pay, import of bank statements, and blank check stock options give home builders more options than ever.

Accounts Receivable

IHMS Accounts Receivable Module makes it easy to track receivables from home owners in any company or community. Multiple construction draws, extended deposit schedules, home owners association dues – any type of receivable is supported. Print invoices, receive payments, report delinquencies, all completely integrated into the IHMS database.

Bid Management

One of the biggest challenges in home builder purchasing is maintaining accurate, current vendor prices, and this is another area where IHMS" excels.

Automatically generated Contract Bid and Material Price worksheets let trade partners communicate price changes easily and accurately, with no double entry after prices are received.

Contract Management


Fixed price contract management is integral to the cost management function. IHMS" residential construction contract management software lets builders maintain up to the minute, accurate contracts for both base house and option costs.

With unlimited contract history by community, multiple subcontractors per trade, and effective expiration dates for each contract line, purchasing managers can define every contracted pay-point before construction begins.

Just as importantly, Mark Systems residential construction contract management software provides automatic generation of Subcontractor Bid worksheets that improve trade partner communication and completely eliminate the entry of contracts and price changes.

Document Management

By including each document file directly into the same knowledge base, IHMS" delivers an unprecedented level of information directly to each authorized user instantly and transparently.

Every process and every team member benefits, whether during vendor negotiations or payment processing, sales, construction or management review. Uses for IHMSTM Home Builder Document Management are as varied as the construction process itself, including:

  • Signed sales agreements, addendums, and color & style selection sheets can be scanned and attached when a house is sold.
  • House progress photos for home buyers.
  • Option budget spreadsheets.
  • Before/After photos for warranty service orders.
  • Associate a scanned invoice with its invoice number in Accounts Payable.
  • Maintain records of vendor information, such as liability insurance, auto insurance, Workman’s compensation forms, Release of Lien, Federal ID, and sales tax exemption certificates.

Enterprise-Wide Document Access

Using Mark Systems IHMS" Home Builder Document Management function has benefits across the entire enterprise. Moving team members out from under the tyranny of paper files by instantly and transparently delivering the crucial information each one needs results in efficiencies that are simply unavailable with other software products.

Improvements in communication occur in every part of the residential construction process, including:

  • Homebuyers and Homeowners – When a home buyer logs into the IHMS" Internet ToolKit, they see a Construction Status section on the main page. During the building process, this section may become populated with links to progress photos, which are taken by a construction superintendent. When warranty service is needed, a homeowner can attach a picture of the problem directly to the service request.
  • Sales Office & Design Center Personnel – Signed sales agreements, addendums, and color/style selection sheets can now be attached to a house when it is sold.
  • Superintendents and Trade Partners – Instant access to plans, specifications, contract detail, and price lists for trade partners means that subcontractors and suppliers always have the most up to date information available. Electrical markups, custom option plans and descriptions, and virtually any other electronic file attached to a house in progress can be accessed directly from that home’s Job Start using IHMS" IT.
  • Accounting and Purchasing – Insurance certificates, variance purchase orders, expense invoices, custom option drawings – any piece of information that was previously hidden in a file folder somewhere is now instantly available to those that need them regardless of physical location.


IHMS" residential construction estimating software is a standard that allows home builders to develop job estimates quickly and easily using a multitude of methods.

Developed for semi-custom and production home builders, IHMS" is a single database enterprise software product that uses a product-based orientation to pre-define costs at both base house and option levels. Product definition starts with a budget, and this is the basis for the residential construction estimating portion of the product.

Estimates can be generated in multiple ways based on each builders needs and the home type being developed. For example, historical data can be used to generate an estimate for similar products in seconds. Alternatively, estimates can be imported from Excel or from any CAD product.

Once the initial estimate is defined, Mark Systems’ residential construction estimating software lets builders formalize the estimate by automatically generating bid worksheets for every trade involved in the product, and by instantly generating supplier price requests. Bid worksheets and price requests can be posted automatically to the vendor portal in the IHMS" Internet ToolKit, reducing effort and ensuring consistency across all trades.

Bid worksheets and supplier price lists can be imported back into IHMS" through a simple copy/paste, eliminating redundancy and data entry effort. Because Mark Systems’ IMHS" uses a single database, accepting bids and supplier pricing automatically updates product level master budgets. This means that by using the residential construction estimating software within IHMS, the system always knows exactly what the cost of the next built product will be.

Since every user shares information from the same database, sales and design consultants use up-to-the-minute information for selections and pricing, and can configure a customers home in real time. Once the sale is accepted, job estimates are created automatically based on the configuration defined by the sales team, coupled with product estimates defined within Mark Systems’ IHMS" residential construction estimating software.

General Ledger

IHMS" General Ledger Module gives you instant access to every transaction ever made, in any entity, for any year. Drill down from any transaction to the entry batch, entry screen and originating source document.

Multi-company Journal Entries, built in Excel import/export, consolidating Financial Statements and More!

Sales and Customer Relationship Management

Give your customers the best possible buying experience while improving your conversion rates, reducing time-to-sale and increasing per-sale profit. IHMS" Sales & CRM module gives home builder sales professionals the tools they need to track and manage leads, communicate with prospects, and turn those prospects into profitable sales.

Combining all sales functions into one easy-to-use module, IHMS" Sales & CRM module lets sales professionals:

  • Store and track every lead, along with unlimited source and demographic information.
  • Automatically follow up with leads and prospects based on unlimited marketing campaigns.
  • Generate mass email, letter, and postcard campaigns.
  • Track every communication with every prospect.
  • Working with the prospect, build an “electronic” version of their house, complete with option selections, upgrades, and custom changes.
  • Instantly generate every sales document accurately and effortlessly.

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