About Coupa CLM

Coupa CLM software increases value while decreasing risk! This contract lifecycle management system provides control and efficiency across the entire contract lifecycle, allowing contracts to be operationalized for maximum value.

This platform automates contract creation while offering portfolio-wide visibility into advanced data analysis, including commitments and spend.

Use this CLM to ccelerate sell-side contracts to shorten sales cycles while connecting buy-side contracts to your spend process to realize negotiated discounts. And use structured contract data for holistic risk management, including deep T&C insights and comprehensive risk-scoring.

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  • INTELLIGENTLY DRAFT EVERY CONTRACT: Customizable smart templates and clause libraries power an intuitive, dynamic “interview” for fast and secure creation of any agreement type, enabling self-service contracting.
  • EXECUTE CONTRACT UPDATES AT SCALE: Use structured contract data to amend, repaper, or terminate thousands of contracts at once with minimal time and resources. Automate and closely track the process with comprehensive workflows.
  • STREAMLINE COLLABORATION WITH CUSTOMIZABLE WORKFLOWS: Powerful workflows enable efficient collaboration for internal contract approvals and negotiations, ensuring strict controls and audit trails. Embedded workflow triggers automatically route high risk terms for review.
  • OPERATIONALIZE YOUR CONTRACTS WITH SPEND: Accelerate post-award contracting by automatically pushing data from sourcing to contracts. Pass contractual line items into your purchasing systems to ensure employees are buying on-contract with selected vendors.
  • GAIN IMMEDIATE INSIGHT INTO EVERY CONTRACT: A global repository for secure portfolio storage and management with reporting for company-wide visibility. Contract hierarchies with data roll-up provide instant access to prevailing terms.
  • UNDERSTAND CONTRACT RISK LEVELS ACROSS ALL CONTRACTS: Maintain tight control of contractual risk with built-in risk scoring, customizable reports, and data normalization via the industry’s only Universal Contract Model.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTRACTING PROCESS: Automated contract milestone alerts and customizable dashboards allow close tracking of important dates to minimize service disruptions, while KPI reports identify inefficiencies in the contracting process.
  • DIGITIZE YOUR EXISTING CONTRACTS: Capture and model the data from legacy and third-party contracts for unprecedented visibility across your entire portfolio.

User Reviews of Coupa CLM

Submitted on February 3rd, 2021 by Bob Worrall

One of the greatest benefits with Coupa has been compliance for appropriately handling contracts, deals, and suppliers.