Contractor management software for automated project tracking of labor, equipment, and material spending


TRACK is a contractor management software developed by Management Controls. This software uses three modules to control labor, equipment, and material spending. The result is lowered contractor costs with up to 10-15% in annual savings.

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Features of TRACK

  • Streamlined time sheet processing, invoice handling, and post-invoice reconciliation
  • Automated invoice handling and post-invoice reconciliation
  • Calculations for labor rates
  • Real-time workforce scheduling and time on site
  • Managed spend on purchase order (PR) and work order (WO)
  • ERP integration to reduce audit and reconciliation times

Product Overview

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User Reviews of TRACK

Submitted on February 23rd, 2020 by Anonymous

We’ve seen some really outstanding results [from TRACK]. It’s about being able to focus on safety and production first, removing the emotion of how people get paid.

Submitted on February 23rd, 2020 by Anonymous

We’re seeing savings in general, depending on where we are in the world, of 12%… We spend billions a year on contractors and Management Controls fills a gap for us.