Bingo CRM

A customer relationship management system designed by Bingo CRM for marketing companies.

About Bingo CRM

CRM-All in One Solution

The Bingo CRM system has everything you need to manage and expand your business customer relationship. Bingo CRM offers a cutting-edge, clean & crystal CRM user interface.

Retaining Control and Efficiency

  • Speed up with Automation. Focus on generating revenue rather than managing your data and records.
  • Trace out Sales Cycle. Get a full picture of your sales cycle. Bring your sales activities in line with your business strategies and tactics.
  • Get invisible, watch out work at CRM. Get full mobile access even when you are offline.
  • Build Up Connectivity. Manage social contact directly from Bingo CRM.
  • Prolong your CRM. Scale your CRM with integration to other business modules.
  • Trustworthy Cloud Platform. Eliminate the headache of managing your own software and hardware resources, utilizing the Bingo cloud platform.
  • Forecast your Goals. Analyze your business moves with forecasting.

Call Center Integration

Bingo offers an opportunity at success via productive contact center management. Traditional and social channels are essential, so when it comes to calls you can easily create and track incoming calls to analyze your customer’s social profiles. The call center integration automatically routes and escalates cases to allow agents to work together and respond rapidly all while offering a single screen view with all features.

Customer Relationships

Know your customers better with advanced analytics. Bingo offers a reporting function to showcase the analytics according to the attributes you choose. A powerful set of search tools supports information documents, records, and emails to get indexed; with new leads and contacts indexed instantly.

With a click, users stay engaged with CRM and have a stronger managed profile based on their role defined by the organization. Building new relationships and managing existing ones all starts by better understanding your customers.

EchoSign & Document Management

EchoSign offers a transformation in today’s business practices. With EchoSign, you can save a lot of time, and work as securely and efficiently as possible by having a complete and automated electronic signature and web contracting solution. This helps you instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online all while saving your documents automatically to your account.

Email Marketing

Bingo CRM Email Marketing offers an email integration feature that allows you to save time by having easy access to your contacts email messages. You are able to build and manage email marketing campaigns and send them to an individual or group based on a list of leads or contacts.

Invoice Management

Invoice management allows you to create your own customer invoice templates and gain the interest of your customers. It allows you to track paid and pending invoices along with tracking the overall budgeted sales for a particular period. With Bingo’s Invoice Management you are able to show each and every customer appreciation by automating a thank you email once you receive the invoice payment.

Keeping track of start dates and due dates is easily attainable by configuring auto response reminders, scheduling the dates on which the auto reminder has to be sent and to whom it goes to. Automatic reminders per invoice helps analyze due payments yet to be received and any bad debt if incurred. This automated system can help create customer awareness, encouraging them to make the payments in time.

Lead & Opportunity Management

Showcase the impact of all your updated sales by influencing the most crucial part of your business: Lead & Opportunity Management. With Bingo, you can efficiently and effectively manage your leads to optimize each individual activity that pertains to sales, from the initial lead capture all the way to closure.

Manage Your Leads:

Bingo CRM offers an automated system allowing for seamless efforts in managing and populating actual updates of each lead. It captures and passes through only highly qualified leads to flow through the funnel. All of your leads and lead notes will automatically be transferred into Bingo CRM as an update.

Opportunity Management

A potential sale or prospective customer, both represent an opportunity in Bingo CRM which can turn into revenue for the organization. Tracking opportunities encourages a drive to achieve and accomplish the predefined set of sales goals.

Marketing & Campaign Management

With Bingo CRM Campaign Management you are able to organize, design and track all of your campaigns to follow up and implement effective sales.

This CRM system allows companies to readily implement and measure the effectiveness of the executed marketing campaign by individual employee or team. Successful implementation allows managers to access all the information in relation to budget, expenditure, expected returns, and actual returns.

Mobile CRM

Being on top of business development strategies includes Bingo’s Mobile Application which allows you to access your CRM information anytime and anywhere from your mobile phones (Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone). Staying connected with your team members, responding to Hot leads and much more is available on the move, in the palm of your hand.

This mobile system will provide better interactions by finding contacts and prospects nearby, as well as responding to calls and emails immediately. With real time access, your customer information will automatically be updated and synced when you reach a network connection. Assigning tasks and follow up is an intelligent application of this mobile CRM to help explore more business opportunities.

Reporting & Analytics

Bingo’s real time reporting system allows access to the latest reports to monitor the performance and activity that pertains to a specific module. This system is able to diagnose and dissect information when it comes to lead generation, opportunity conversion, customer records or sales detail to correct the action and drive performance.

Security & Role Management

Bingo’s Security and Role Management allows you to set up data sharing rules to control the data level access rights by a users role within the organization.

An Enterprise grade role based security is used to control access rights of users while working with leads, contacts, accounts, prospects and more. The role based security model includes profile roles, data sharing rules, field level security and groups along with defining applicable access rights to the various modules, data administration, records and fields within each module.

Task Management

With task management you can have a 360-degree view of tasks related to specific contacts as well as tasks completed by individual team members. A record of all your business makes it easier to find meetings, tasks, notes and calls.

With Bingo CRM Task Management you can effectively manage the most important tasks first and source information important to you when you would require it. You are able to receive notifications, set up reminders and follow up activities, along with open new business opportunities by active email follow ups. You can have details of today’s tasks, weekly tasks, and monthly tasks along with re-assigning tasks to team members in a single click.

User & Team Management

Any person who works for a business unit using Bingo CRM is a user. Each user has their own account and is granted access to controlled customer data depending on profile and role. A user account includes information such as telephone numbers, email address, and a link to the user’s manager. Users of Bingo CRM can search and associate with other users of the same business unit of the organization. While each user has privileges and rights to manage their own personal settings, they must first be assigned a role to access other user accounts.

In Bingo CRM a team is a group of users that are able to organize and share information between the group to accomplish a task. A team only has to be associated with one business unit but may also work with users from any business unit for which they are associated with the team. Users can also have access to more than just one team at a time.

Web & Ecommerce Integration

It has become imperative to create a marketing strategy online to promote your products and services. This has moved traditional business practices towards eCommerce and cloud computing each day. Using Bingo CRM Web and Ecommerce Integration you are able to gather data online and build multi-channel communications with features like web forms, auto response rules and forms to unsubscribe.

Capturing and managing visitor’s information and behavior from your websites allows you to manage all online leads, send out automatic emails to visitors who subscribe to newsletters or fill out the web forms, and promptly engage each visitor with your website to help improve business.

Product Overview

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