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A software system designed by Carmel Vision.
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Customers are drawn to InfoFlo because they are tired of spending effort trying to “figure out” the complexities of traditional CRM products. Traditionally customers are stuck deciding between an overpriced, feature rich CRM or a cost conscious CRM with very limited functionality. With InfoFlo you can have the best of both worlds and get a feature rich CRM at price point that is fair and also includes free upgrades for life.

The better you manage the relationships you have with your customers, the easier it becomes to conduct business and generate revenue. InfoFlo allows you and your staff to easily manage all of your customer relationships in one easy to use interface, so that you have all the most important information you need at a glance!

Calendar Management

Enjoy complete calendar management including a friendly calendar interface. Schedule events and meetings and automatically have them linked to the appropriate contact.

Contact Management

A complete contact management solution that tracks, manages, and automatically links all vital contact information back to the appropriate contact, providing single click access to all information.

Document Archiving

Instantly drag and drop a document and link it to a contact, company, category or shared project entity and it will be automatically archived – making files quickly and easily retrievable.

Email Management

Instantly see all emails that are linked to a specific contact, while at the same time preview all emails that are incoming and outgoing from our user friendly InfoFlo inbox view.

Leads & Opportunities

Get all of the details about the deals you and your team are working on. Attach quotes, emails, notes, and tasks to a deal and create your own custom leads & opportunity stages.

Notes Management

Get a complete notes management solution. Track all of your personal and shared notes. Each note will include a time stamp and digital signature. Users can create a new note or append to an existing note.

Relationship Management

Managing relationships with your customers and contacts is essential for any business. InfoFlo offers the most complete and straightforward view of all relationships with its unique dual panel view.

Sharing & Collaboration

Instantly share and collaborate contacts, companies and projects with all users or only with specific users with just one click. The information is instantly shared in real time.

Task Management

Create and manage tasks. Attach files, set email and pop up reminders. Share tasks, set priority levels, tag by type or status. See company wide tasks and filter your list. Once your task is complete users can archive it.

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