Promas Association Management

A software system designed by CMS.

About Promas Association Management

The ASSOCIATION version of PROMAS is ideal for management companies with multiple clients as well as the self-managed association keeping their own records. This software was designed with Association needs in mind - it is not modified rental software.

PROMAS Association offers the following features:

Transaction Accessibility

  • Member history, receipt history, association history, bank account history, invoice history, check history, vendor history, and work order history.
  • These are not reports but live transactions that can be viewed, edited, filtered, voided, NSF’ed and reversed.
  • Highlighting a receipt or a check shows what was paid for or paid off. Editing a deposit shows what receipts were in the deposit.

Controlled Automatic Postings

  • Fee charges, late fee charges, invoice checks, and recurring checks automatically post through the date you select.
  • Prior to posting the ýcandidatesý are displayed along with sufficient data to determine if amounts should be edited or line items skipped.
  • The application keeps track of the scheduling of automatic postings.

Comprehensive Delinquent Member Handling

  • The late fee profile sets the parameters. Every member can be handled as you want.
  • A grace period, fixed/percentage/per day (or combination) fee based on any combination of fees and other charges determines the candidates.
  • Candidate data includes balance due, balance late, days late, times late, last date charged, last amount charged and basis for the candidate charge. You can edit the amount or skip prior to posting.
  • The suggested notice letter (four breakpoints) for each candidate is based on the number of days late. Letter content is customizable per member. You can change the selected letter type or skip sending a notice prior to printing.

Fee Handling

  • Fees can be charged association wide, by member, by unit, by location, by subdivision.
  • The basis can be a fixed amount, % of ownership, square footage, assessed value, etc.

Product Overview

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