A customer-centric onboarding and implementation platform

About CogniSaaS

CogniSaaS is a customer-centric onboarding and implementation platform that helps enterprise SaaS businesses achieve faster time to value. It minimizes the usage of silos of tools; improves collaboration with customers and internal stakeholders; tracks and prioritizes hundreds of projects for value delivery through data visualization, visibility and accountability.

Use CogniSaaS to manage hundreds of customers without confusion. This software is ideal for:

  • Enterprise SaaS organizations
  • Customer success managers
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Project managers
  • Account managers

CogniSaaS Features

  • Platform calculates RAG statuses of customer, project, use case and task with no human intervention
  • Bi-directional integration with JIRA to track dependencies with product and tech teams in a single place
  • Automated adjustments of forecast dates in case of delays in tasks
  • Assign tasks to internal team members and customer stakeholders. Collaborate with the customer’s team on a shared portal.
  • Hierarchical task tracking at project level and each SOW use cases. BRAG statuses to easily track delays and dependencies.
  • Time tracking, Gantt chart, resource utilization map and more to seamlessly manage projects at scale.
  • Onboarding teams can seamlessly collaborate with product/tech teams on new feature requests, tech tasks, bugs, API integrations
  • BRAG status allows you to prioritize tasks that are on highest priority.
  • Revenue milestones and implementation fee tracking at every use case level.
  • Single click view of all the customers who requested for a new feature
  • Holistic view of customer data in one place eliminates information silos and saves valuable time and bandwidth.
  • Single click view of all the projects, use cases, tasks and product dependencies associated with a customer.
  • Custom fields to tailor functionality to your business needs
  • Proprietary algorithm provides actionable insights and recommendations to accelerate prioritization and revenue recognition
  • Focus time and energy on customer use cases/tasks that have the highest impact on the bottom line and time to value.

Product Overview

User Reviews of CogniSaaS

Submitted on March 25th, 2022 by Sridhar Bollam from Capillary

CogniSaaS team listens to the customer onboarding challenges and brings the right solution in the product. Getting the value delivery faster is the key for any SaaS business and this tool helps in scaling the project execution, improving productivity within your team and finally it creates a wow experience to the customer by making the first value delivery quicker.

Submitted on March 25th, 2022 by Daryl Mathew from Aryaka

CogniSaaS provides a single window to both customers & service providers for tracking their ‘Quote to Bill to BAU journey’, while integrating seamlessly with the existing tools.This solves an industry wide problem for not only end users but also influencers and decision makers. Kudos to the CogniSaaS team for this vision and solving the age-old industry problem.

Submitted on March 25th, 2022 by Dhruv Agarwal from Shipsy

CogniSaaS has helped us not only to digitize and structure the onboarding process but also adopt the best practices.