Customer Service Management

A software system designed by Cogsdale.

About Customer Service Management

Using Cogsdale’s Account screen allows customer service representatives to view everything about the customer in one place. CSR’s can also:

  • Drill down to more detailed information
  • Schedule service orders
  • Create payment schedules
  • View payment history
  • View active connections

By-Law Management

Using By-Law Management configure, enter import, process and print various municipal infractions, to create a file that can be transferred to state or provincial motor vehicle departments to retrieve plate owner information. The file is used to update or add new customers to the customer file.

Customer Relationship Management

Cogsdale works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide greater access to information and services with simpler processes, less paperwork, and fewer manual interactions. It also provides improved communication and coordination of services between departments. Citizens and customers have one point of contact within your organization. The system generates an audit trail to ensure responsiveness and enable analysis of services, delivery and costs.

Interactive Voice Response

Using IVR’s combination of software and hardware, you can interact with corporate systems through telephone interaction. Voice-enabled, self-service solutions provide customer satisfaction in the most cost-efficient manner. Cogsdale’s IVR helps you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and build a competitive edge. Our advanced computer telephony and speech technologies deliver turnkey customer service solutions that work. Cogsdale CSM’s speech recognition technology lets you interact with the system using voice commands for increased ease-of-use and Voiceprint Identification technology that makes account access more secure and convenient than the use of PINS alone.

License Management

Using License Management you can set up, enter, process, and print animal, taxi, and bicycle licenses and renewals. You can configure an unlimited number of license types with a fee schedule for each type, and an unlimited number of user-defined fields that can be attached to each license type and completed separately for each license. These fields can also be set up with their own validation and lookups, which makes tracking unique information quick and easy. A unique script can be added to each field to control the information entered or to pull information from other systems.

Permit Management

Using Permit Management, towns can manage permitting as an integrated part of the financial management system. Through the Permit window, users can set up, enter, process, and print various permits including building, zoning, parking, bus, and demolition permits. An unlimited number of user-defined fields can be set up with their own validation and lookups, which makes tracking unique information quick and easy. Permits can be associated with customers and locations already established or they can be added as a permit is created. Secondary customers can also be attached to permits to track other parties, such as contractors and developers.

Utility Billing

Cogsdale CSM offers fully convergent billing functionality allowing organizations to bill any number of services including: electric, telecommunications, water, wastewater, storm water, sewer, gas, refuse, internet, telephone, and cable. Using Cogsdale CSM, you can import billing transactions and data from other systems (CSM performs all the necessary calculations).

The Cogsdale Billing Module provides a variety of billing options for organizations including: Budget Billing, Recurring Billing, and Master Billing.

With Cogsdale CSM, you can calculate bills based on formulas with an unlimited number of parameters. We assure infinite flexibility in rate calculation and that any future billing requirements can be accommodated without coding changes. All billing parameters are pre-calculated and stored prior to billing runs, resulting in exceptionally fast billing production.

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