Catalog Builder

A customer relationship management application designed by Computer Pundits.

About Catalog Builder

Catalog Builder allows you to avoid the high costs of outsourcing by enabling you to design and maintain database-interactive catalogs. After purchasing Catalog Builder you will be able to create catalogs in CD-ROM, print, Adobe Acrobat, or web based formats. Adobe Acrobat allows your customers to use the product easily by either printing and viewing in hard-copy; or viewing online through your company’s website or e-mail. Print Catalogs give you the inherent ability to target consumers specifically because you control who receives the catalog. CD-ROM catalogs allow you to frequently update your product listings easily and cost effectively, while still getting the targeting benefits available to Print Catalog users. Web Catalogs enable you to move into the e-commerce realm; while still allowing you to easily manage products and prices.

Catalog Builder has several features to make it very user friendly; therefore making it easy for you to develop and maintain catalogs without the need for graphic designers. A point and click interface allows you to easily design the visual feel of your catalogs. Catalog Builder is compatible with Microsoft Access, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL; giving the software the ability to automatically update catalog product content and pricing. Finally, Catalog Builder features the ability to create Mini-Catalogs for specific events (trade shows, seasonal, marketing campaigns, etc.)

Catalog Builder allows you more capability in Customer Relationship Management. Catalog Builder allows you to automate (or nearly automate) one major area of your marketing processes. By integration with databases, Catalog Builder can update pricing and product lines automatically saving you large amounts of time and money.

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