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About INFOtrac

Deployed throughout the world for over 15 years, INFOtrac can provide an organization with the ultimate in CRM, Business Process Automation, and Sales Force Automation.

More that just a state-of-the-art contact manager, INFOtrac is a customizable ‘tool kit’ which, when combined with an accounting system such as BusinessVision32, can provide small and mid-sized organizations the kinds of software solutions previously only available to Fortune 500 companies.

INFOtrac integration to accounting software can securely and instantly synchronize information between the two programs to provide a single, accurate data set. In addition to standard connections, you can create custom connections to meet your client’s exact needs. INFOtrac’s integration to BV32, for example, includes the synchronization of Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, and Sales Reps. Customized Quotes entered in INFOtrac automatically convert to Orders in BV32. In addition, you can also view elements of sales information and sales history in INFOtrac; and reference customer information from BV32 directly in INFOtrac.

INFOtrac Distinguishes Itself From the Other CRMs in Three Main Ways:

  • The degree on ‘customization’ possible. Through INFOtrac’s Advanced Screen Designer and Scripting Language (one hour of INFOtrac configuration is equivalent to over 40 hours of core custom programming), incredibly tailored and company-specific solutions have been developed and deployed for a wide variety of different verticals and industries.
  • The degree to which INFOtrac can integrate to an accounting application. Over 2000 programming hours have gone into developing the INFOtrac Accounting Conduit. It is through this conduit that INFOtrac can not only reference accounting data, but also process it as well. This allows for amazing functionality and has allowed for the deployment of a wide variety of solutions.
  • Remote Access. INFOtrac can provide remote users access to the same type of information available to their ‘Home Office’. One INFOtrac customer has over 200 users synchronizing database changes via INFOtrac from all over the world.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At the heart of INFOtrac is a unique, completely flexible, and powerful Contact Manager / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. INFOtrac was designed to be ýfeature richý, affordable and extremely easy to use.

INFOtrac is the key to prospect, customer, supplier and partner relationships, which can set you apart from the competition.

INFOtrac was built on the premise that your customers, suppliers and business contacts are the most valuable assets to your business. Enterprises know that good repeat customers make great salespeople; and that investments made towards customer acquisition exceed the costs of customer retention.

INFOtrac allows users to become immediately familiar with every aspect of every interaction their organization has had with someone, thereby allowing them to provide exceptional customer service. It offers small and mid-size organizations a complete system that will help manage their business relationships with all of their contacts.

INFOtrac offers a total information management solution that extends into all areas of an organization. This enterprise-wide approach can connect employees together, and enable them to provide superior support and service.

INFOtrac can be fully linked to the other software applications and hardware devices in use, and it can be implemented to fit a company’s unique business processes and information management needs. As such, INFOtrac can become the hub by which staff members will have access to all of the valuable tools they require, and the method by which they can access relevant information whenever they need it.

INFOtrac’s CRM engine however, is not limited to the centralization and control of crucial contact information, but can also extend into both a comprehensive Sales Force Automation solution, and a Business Process Automation engine, within a single application environment.


ýINFOtrac for HVACý meets the specific needs and business processes of the HVAC industry, and is fully customizable so as to suite the unique nuances that a particular HVAC company may have.

INFOtrac for HVAC deploys a powerful work order management system that encompasses tools for the scheduling of technicians, installations and service work. INFOtrac for HVAC also enables the management of installed equipment, and controls for warranty expiration, recurring service, cleanings, etc.

INFOtrac for HVAC provides a comprehensive system for the follow up and management of all HVAC-related processes, so as to ensure that companies are able to capitalize upon potential new business opportunities, and maintain high service levels.

When integrated into an accounting environment, INFOtrac’s work order solution includes a closing process that allows billable invoices to be automatically invoiced by an accounting application. In addition, the ability to automatically invoice recurring service contract items to customers is also built in; thus ensuring that all invoices are issued without an unnecessary expenditure of time and effort.

Through INFOtrac, the management of business processes related to the HVAC industry can be completely automated, so that employees can focus their energies unrelated to tedious administrative procedures.

Purchase Order Management

INFOtrac can be an amazing front end to the Purchase Order process, when traditional P.O. systems offered by accounting software fall short both operationally and functionally.

Using INFOtrac, Purchase Orders can be created without necessitating direct access to an accounting environment. Through INFOtrac, Purchase Orders can also be created by remote users, and then later synchronized back to the main office.

If INFOtrac is integrated into an accounting system, these P.O.'s will automatically be entered in the accounting system with no additional work or processing.

Quotes and Orders

INFOtrac provides all the effective tools your sales team needs to manage their quotations and orders. INFOtrac quotations can be created in any format that your business requires, and with all the flexibility and ease of use your sales team demands.

Through INFOtrac, the creation and management of quotes and orders can be standardized and streamlined company-wide; and INFOtrac provides a fantastic tool set that saves time, increases productivity, and makes it easy to quickly produce professional quotations and documents.

INFOtrac’s quotation engine is incredibly flexible and can enable your sales staff to work in great detail with quotations that are unique to one another. You need only populate the core quotation information in INFOtrac, and then instantly send the quote to Microsoft Word where it can be manipulated at will. Quotations can also be automatically created through Crystal Reports and PDF file formats.

INFOtrac’s quotation engine can also be customized to meet your specific and unique needs with the INFOtrac Scripting Language. In addition, you can use INFOtrac’s Profile system to create custom quotation ‘front end’ screens if you desire. In short, much like the rest of INFOtrac, the quotation engine has been designed to work exactly the way you need it to.

Automated Processes

Once a quotation is created, you have the option of automating a host of processes that will allow your sales team to function at their highest level of efficiency.

INFOtrac’s Automated Processes can incorporate a reminder system that will prompt your sales people to follow up on the quotes they have sent to prospective customers. It will ensure that they will be able to easily keep on top of the quotes they have ‘out on the street’, and provide the customer service so crucial to the process of turning quotes into closed sales.

Automated Sales Forecasting

INFOtrac will also allow you to automatically forecast sales based upon the creation of your quotes, and thus free your from having to enter redundant information into a forecast module. INFOtrac’s Sales Forecasting also provides details on forecasted items, and will allow you to ascertain the demand for specific products based on the quotations that have been issued and their percentage probability of closing.

Convert Quotes to Orders

Central to INFOtrac’s Sales Force Module is the ease by which it allows a quotation to be converted into an order. Upon making a sale, INFOtrac will allow you to change the quotation’s status to that of an order, so as to complete the sale. From there, your internal business processes can be automated within INFOtrac to reduce the administration required to process the order. With unique INFOtrac ‘triggers’, you can define exactly what you want INFOtrac to do when a quote is converted into an order. Using INFOtrac Scripting Language, as well as the other customizable aspects of the system, you can have INFOtrac perform tasks related to the new order instantly and automatically.

Connect to Accounting

You can tap into the true power of the Quotes and Orders Module when you connect INFOtrac to your accounting system. Depending on your existing accounting software, INFOtrac will allow for sophisticated data connections that can save you time, increase productivity and responsiveness, and reduce the chance of errors. When INFOtrac is connected to the BusinessVision Accounting System for example, the content of your orders will be automatically entered into BusinessVision’s Order Entry System, as soon as you convert your quotation into an order in INFOtrac. INFOtrac will not only populate the order into BusinessVision, but if your order is for a new customer, INFOtrac will also add this new customer into your accounting system before populating the order for them. All of this takes place without any human interaction.

Detailed Reporting

INFOtrac can provide you with critical and timely information based upon the data accumulated within your system. INFOtrac’s Quotes and Orders will collect information from all the entries ever entered into the system, and provide both management and salespeople with the valuable analysis and reports they need. INFOtrac will provide win/lost statistics, and a host of detailed sales forecasting reports, that can be used to guide the future direction of your business. INFOtrac will also provide predictive analysis of product items, and forecast the expected sales volume of specific products or product lines; in order to provide you powerful information that has been generated ‘real time’ with your accounting data.

RMA Management

Many companies deal with warranty service issues for the items that they sell. Returned Materials can be a consistent source of frustration. Dealing with the business processes associated with RMAs often requires employees to access historical information to verify an item’s warranty status, and determine the method of service, repair or replacement that will be required.

RMA processes can be automated through INFOtrac to reduce the amount of time required to verify and process an item through to completion. In addition, information that is collected from RMA data can allow a company to monitor recurring service issues with its products, and provide quantitative information that can be used in supplier negotiations.

Reports regarding product and supplier RMA frequency can be generated for management and allow for proper the analysis of the RMA activity.

Taking the RMA process further, when INFOtrac is connected to your accounting system, it can be setup to allow employees to enter the serial number of the RMA item, so that INFOtrac can access the original sales order information from the customer’s purchase, as well as information from the purchase of the item from the supplier. From here, INFOtrac can have the intelligence to know if the item is under warranty so that it can start the RMA process. This can be a huge time saver, as often the information required in such a process can be difficult to retrieve. Faster results for the customer are but a few of the hallmarks of such an INFOtrac solution.

Sales Analysis

INFOtrac deploys a powerful and completely customizable Sales Forecasting system that was designed to help salespeople and executives manage their sales opportunities and assess the state of their organization’s financial future.

INFOtrac’s extensive integration to various accounting software packages allows it to estimate potential sales and forecast reports by individual sales agent, sales team, branch office, territory, product category, value or stage in the sales cycle. INFOtrac can track your potential, pending, closed or lost sales opportunities; identify priorities and new business in the funnel; help users focus on what actions need to be taken; and track the reasons why sales are won or lost.

INFOtrac’s Forecasting features are especially useful if your sales cycle is usually long, or if more than one person is involved in a purchasing decision. INFOtrac’s customizable ‘Cycle Steps’ can track percentages, and use probabilities to accurately calculate expected revenue. The complete INFOtrac Sales Forecasting system is customizable to your organization’s businesses needs and strategies.


The reporting capabilities of the INFOtrac Sales Forecasting system allow you to get all the information you need, the way you need it, when you need it. Through INFOtrac, you can customize standard reports, or create totally new reports based upon all the relevant data in INFOtrac. When INFOtrac is connected to an accounting software package, such reporting is even more powerful since it can combine accounting data with that residing in INFOtrac.

INFOtrac allows you to view current receivables on a client-by-client basis, and use up-to-date figures to realistically speculate on future earnings and commission figures.

In addition, INFOtrac is able to generate and link multiple forecasts for different projects, manufactured goods or service calls to a single client. Through the INFOtrac ‘Finder’ search engine, it can also filter these opportunities based on the type of opportunity, pinpoint desired ventures, and generate analytical and custom reports.

Sales Force Automation

Organizations throughout the world have benefited tremendously from INFOtrac’s powerful Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions. INFOtrac offers unmatched, easily customized features, for the promoting, tracking, managing and reporting of your sales activities.

INFOtrac can be invaluable both as a tool for the individual sales person, and as a resource for management. INFOtrac’s user-friendly Sales, Marketing Campaign Management and Lead Generation functions; its automated quotation features; and its forecasting and reporting tools, can guide and organization through every step in the sales cycle.

By tracking the milestones in the sales cycle, INFOtrac allows your sales team to evaluate client interest from initial product or service advocacy, to the follow-up of sales opportunities, through to final purchasing decisions.

INFOtrac can help your sales team close sales, process orders efficiently, and provide exceptional service to customers. Your sales team will take quickly to INFOtrac and its inherent personal productivity tools.

They will find INFOtrac easy to use and appreciate how its design helps them increase their competitiveness, prioritize their activities, manage their time, and make their daily tasks less tedious to carry out.

INFOtrac allows sales reps to direct their efforts; manage all their communications, marketing initiatives, follow-ups, and quotes and orders; evaluate contact response to a specific product, service offering, or account; and then react pro-actively to sales situations.

Mobile or notebook computer users can take full advantage of INFOtrac’s inherent ability to connect to the ýhome systemý while they are on the road; and access all the pertinent information they need to follow up on leads, generate quotes, and provide exceptional account management.

Not only can INFOtrac guide your sales team’s activities, it provides detailed reporting and analysis beneficial to decision-makers who need to make crucial evaluations that can impact business. INFOtrac keeps track of sales activities, productivity and results.

INFOtrac’s ability to fully integrate with various accounting packages allows for the automatic and secure replication of vital and selected information between applications. Informed business decisions can therefore be made through the analysis of meaningful and timely reports that are generated with data accessed from an accounting system.

INFOtrac’s Key Performance Indicators allow will your company’s leadership to gauge a sales force’s activity and productivity based on the policies and procedures defined within your business. As such, INFOtrac can empower both sales people and management to simultaneously achieve their goals and objectives.

Service Management & Help Desk

INFOtrac provides a powerful method for the managing of service-related procedures. As INFOtrac’s service management solution can be tied directly to its contact / CRM environment (as well as to an accounting application), it offers an integrated solution that enables efficient and automated operations, a higher level of customer service, and happy service delivery personnel.

INFOtrac fits the business processes unique to service management. It can hold all the required service information related to a client site, and specific service information can be entered into INFOtrac via a data entry form. When used in tandem with an INFOtrac warranty or RMA system, all relevant business processes can seamlessly interact together to enable comprehensive business process automation.

Valuable ‘live’ action reports can also be produced with the INFOtrac Finder, so as to allow for the effective management of service orders based upon where they are in the service delivery process. These reports interact with the rest of the INFOtrac service order system, and make the execution of relevant business processes fast, interactive and simple.

From the information contained within INFOtrac, work orders can be automatically printed and can contain all the data required for service delivery. Service personnel can benefit greatly from the consistent and controlled information they are given, and are provided with the means by which to offer efficient and professional service.

Service scheduling is integrated to INFOtrac’s calendaring system, can be made available to all users, and provides up to the minute information for any inquiries that may be made, or reports that may be required. Reports can be produced to provide overviews of all aspects of a company’s service operations.

Productivity reports for field technicians, schedules and other reports are instantly driven with a single command in INFOtrac. This reporting can be used to drive future directions for service and support, and can be used by service employees and sales departments, as well as management.

With INFOtrac’s integrated Question & Answer database, a library of service-related responses can be integrated to the service solution. The Q&A database allows employees to quickly access answers to issues that have previously been reported.

INFOtrac’s service system can be fully integrated to a company’s accounting application, and chargeable work orders can be made to flow into an accounting solution for automatic invoicing.

Using INFOtrac as the hub of a service management system, all aspects of such a system can be connected, integrated and automated to product a highly efficient solution.

Warranty Managemnt

INFOtrac can be used to manage your product warranties in a manner that is easy to use and customizable to your exact needs. You can create a warranty management system to fit the products you sell with all the appropriate fields and attributes you require.

Reminders, follow-up activities and extended warranty processes can all be tied into INFOtrac with ease. The ability to manage service incidents for goods under warranty can also be attached to a warranty history.

Once you define you needs, you can let INFOtrac manage your processes and automate your complete warranty requirements. Specialized reports, letters, reminders and other documents are generated from the system automatically, based on your needs.

The power of INFOtrac customization allows you to implement the system the way you need it to function, instead of forcing you to change the way your business operates in order to meet the strict requirements and limitations of the software.

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