fySales Optical + CRM

A customer relationship management system designed by For Your Information Technologies, Inc. for retail trade companies.

About fySales Optical + CRM

fySales Optical + CRM is a customer oriented point of sale application and is specifically designed to handle Optical Retail Sales and customized workflow surrounding the order processing (product submission to local or external labs, and the product assembly).

  • Our system allows you to group Frames, Lenses and add ons (tinting, specialized frame edging, etc) into a order item group
  • Order Item Groups can be attached to an existing Eye Prescription and submitted to the Lab for processing.
  • If you have your own lab processing facility, they can log in and accept/reject orders, process them, and then ship the products back to the ordering store, all managed through our system.

General System Features

  • System Dashboard - organizational analytics at a glance
  • Complete Appointment book with direct link to customer record
  • Full Customer Demographics (Name, Address, contact info, etc)
  • Patient Insurance Information (which can be attached to orders for payment management)
  • Patient Eye Prescription Information (which can be attached to product group and submitted to lab)
  • Provided ability to enter “expected payments” from insurance companies, which allows for a more precise receipt to the customer at time of sale
  • Customer Orders (current and history)
  • Discount support
  • Unlimited comments about customers, and on orders
  • Customizable products with multiple pricing options
  • Product Grouping (to allow processing multiple items as a group)
  • Orders queue for processing outstanding orders
  • Support for both Internal and External order processing (with customizable sub-statuses)
  • Bar Code Scanning support to add products to orders
  • Ability to save user defined searches which allow for customized workflow processing
  • Full Accounting Module (with payments, adjustments and refunds)
  • Accounts Receivable follow up area to easily find accounts with outstanding balances
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing (charges, void, refund)
  • Complete Inventory Management (with barcode scanning support)
  • Shipment support (between locations)
  • Support for stock transfers (between locations)
  • Shipment queue for managing pending and outstanding shipments
  • Multiple Reports for Orders, Order Items, Transactions, Product Sales, Payments and more Support for multiple locations (reports will run against all locations, or any individual location)
  • Fully Customizable Security (utilizing both both groups and users)
  • Client Customizable settings to tweak how the system behaves
  • Ability to import products and customers
  • Complete Accessibility - log in from anywhere in the world (with options to restrict users by IP Address or mask)

Product Overview

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