A multi-module management system designed by linXsoft.

About linXware

linXware is a family of products that promotes CRM by linking accounting customers, sales history and products information into popular contact manager and CRM packages. linXware® provides scheduled synchronization with key accounting information and statistics selectable by a built-in mapping tool.


Features Include:

  • Selects and displays accounts receivable invoices according to user specified criteria
  • Displays aged accounts receivable aged with transaction in multiple viewing modes: Netted, Detailed, payments only or Extended
  • Tracks accounts with the contact management functions like scheduled call backs, status updates, notes and activity history


Features Include:

  • Create new orders/quotations with part numbers from Sales History or items never sold
  • Ability to find customers fast by using the Soundex technology
  • Automatic retrieval of order information from the GoldMine database with active finders to the accounting systems
  • Direct printing of orders with unlimited number of forms, can be redirected to printer, e-mail, or preview
  • Orders that are reprinted automatically generate a reprint indication to avoid duplication of shipments


Features Include:

  • Queries sales history or open orders by date range, item, category, invoice (order or credit notes) in any combination
  • Sorts selected information on dollar amount and quantity
  • Totals selected information on dollar amount and quantity
  • Displays many additional invoice detail fields (purchase order, salesperson, ship to information, etc.)


Features Include:

  • Map all available customer fields to contact manager fields (including user defined fields) with an easy to use mapping tool
  • Defines filters to selectively choose customer to synchronize
  • Transfers detail sales from invoices and credit memos to an ODBC compliant database providing a sales history depositor
  • Promotes or updates the customer information from the Contact Manager to the Accounting Program

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