A customer relationship management system designed by Group FiO.

About FiO CRM

Easy to use. Highly Functional. Completely customer centric. FiO CRM is a complete customer relationship management application which is specifically tailored for the SMB.

Organizations need to acquire, manage and serve their customers while constantly improving operational efficiency. FiO CRM will help SMB’s to optimize operations with its innovative features, automates certain tasks and brings in a standard best practice to the process.

Advantages of FiO CRM

Advantages of FiO CRM:

  1. Ensures maximum utilization of all sales, marketing and support resources.
  2. Reduces cost of sale.
  3. Reduces administration cost.
  4. Reduces customer attrition rate effectively.
  5. Reduces time spent on lengthy paper work allowing you to concentrate on selling your products.
  6. Helps you to meet your SLA’s consistently.
  7. Helps you plan and increase the interaction with your customers for a better business relationship.
  8. Cross sell and identify new revenue opportunities within your current clients.
  9. Empowers your support team to provide exceptional service to your customers when needed.
  10. Increase your RFM exponentially.

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User Reviews of FiO CRM

Submitted on January 9th, 2020 by Crystal

We reviewed a lot of CRMs. Many of them were too high in cost for our budget. Also, it seemed we were always going to be forced into leveling up to the next and more expensive level in order to obtain the necessary features. Group FiO allowed us to select exactly the features we needed. Allowing us to spend money on exactly what we needed instead of hundreds of features that are part of a bloated package with a bloated price?

We were actually able to go under budget and allocate what we saved elsewhere.

The Good…

A custom lightweight solution that we actually utilize all the features. No per user charges. Support is great!

The Bad…

I guess I could maybe nitpick but otherwise nothing major to report.