NetSuite CRM+

A customer relationship management system designed by NetSuite.

About NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM+ Is the Only Web-Based CRM System That:

  • Provides a true 360 degree view of all customer data and customer interactions, including complete visibility into all financial transactions and website interactions without any integration required. Now a single view of customer information is available to everyone in your company who needs it.
  • Allows you to sell to both prospects and current customers equally effectively. Other CRM systems focus on managing prospects, and do not have enough integrated information or tools to manage and upsell existing customers.
  • Automates the entire customer lifecycle, from a ýsuspectý browsing a business’ Web site, to an interested lead, to a qualified prospect, to a customer who has actually placed an order, to servicing that customer and finally, to guiding that customer to re-purchase.
  • Allows salespeople to take real orders from customers, with an integrated Order Management system.
  • Shows full purchase histories for your customers without requiring complex integrations with your accounting/ERP system.
  • Includes powerful, automatic upsell and cross-sell capabilities, helping you to help you sell more¡Xand more effectively¡Xto your existing customers.
  • Includes complete Partner Relationship Management. Now you can treat your channel partners as an extension of your direct sales team¡Xseamlessly.
  • Tracks commissions automatically and accurately, without requiring you or your salespeople to use spreadsheets.
  • Fully encompasses the Web and e-mail marketing into the CRM system. NetSuite CRM+ incorporates your Web site into the selling process, by tracking all customer interactions on the Web and by providing a comprehensive self-service customer portal.
  • Provides better, more accurate forecasts. Because booked orders can be finally seen in forecasts, your forecasts have greatly increased reliability, predictability and accuracy. And the ýactualsý information in forecast vs. actual reports in now based on real sales data.
  • Shows you true marketing effectiveness and ROI. Because other CRM systems do not capture the details of what a customer has purchased, they frequently provide incomplete and incorrect results for marketing and sales campaigns. With no record of what or how much has been ordered by each customer, marketing has no way to know if the leads generated are actually converting to customers.

Real-Time Dashboards

Most companies today must contend with tight margins, fierce competition and highly selective customers. That’s why leaders across all industries have recognized the imperative for real-time data that can guide business decisions and sharpen competitive edge. In fact, establishing processes that support real-time information is a top business priority for many organizations in 2005, according to Forrester Research. As a matter of fact, in Forrester’s latest TechRankings for Hosted SFA, NetSuite’s Dashboard got the highest rating besting, Siebel CRM OnDemand and RightNow.

Using NetSuite CRM+ Solution Real-time Dashboard, which integrates all critical business data across departments, companies can at last have new perspective on their data and processes. Personalized for each employee in your company, the Dashboard offers instant snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as new sales orders, commissions, support cases and forecasts. With the Real-time Dashboard, you spend your time analyzing and acting on crucial data - not gathering it. As a result, you can accelerate and improve your business decisions.

Business Intelligence

**Business Intelligence **

In today’s fiercely competitive market, companies must be adept at analyzing data in order to spot sales trends and do product analysis. Companies need to ask key questions, such as: How many seconds did an online shopper spend looking at a particular item? What does a five-year history of that customer’s purchases look like? What are the characteristics of the most profitable 10 percent of the company’s customers?

But gathering countless factoids won’t give any company a competitive advantage. In fact, the more information a company pours into typical business-intelligence packages, the more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive it becomes to do benchmarking and market study analysis.

To see a real payoff, organizations need to consolidate business intelligence data that is often segregated between divisions. That’s the only way to get a single view of business operations.

To that end, NetSuite CRM+ offers pre-integrated, comprehensive and real-time business intelligence software solution that helps companies reach their top-line goals and fine-tune their business processes. Moreover, NetSuite CRM+ offers the ultimate flexibility, letting you mine business data from your database using ODBC tools, or your choice of business-intelligence software packages.

Customer Segmentation

Most companies know the old adage is true: It’s cheaper to market and sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. And customer acquisition costs will only keep rising over time. That’s why it’s critical to segment your customers, and generate revenue from your existing customer base. Moreover, it’s imperative to have marketing analytics capabilities in order to foster strong customer relationship management (CRM) strategies.

Using NetSuite’s CRM+ solution, you can mine your customer data and tap into new revenue streams. And since NetSuite CRM+ provides a single, powerful platform, you no longer have to switch back and forth between multiple applications, or departments, in order to obtain demographics data, customer buying patterns, or lists of your most valuable customers. Additionally, NetSuite CRM+ is completely integrated, saving you the considerable expense and hassle of tying together disparate systems yourself.


  • With NetSuite CRM+ solution, you can segment your customer base, lower long-term customer acquisition costs, and generate more revenue from your existing customers.
  • Upsell Manager delivers actionable customer intelligence - not just passive data analysis - letting you create effective up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.
  • Ease of use features, such as point-and-click, enable a broad range of users to benefit from customer segmentation data, empowering the entire organization to create new revenue.


  • Advanced Expression Builder lets you create complex criteria using search expressions of ýand,ý ýor,ý and ýnotý across any combination of fields. Plus, parenthetical groupings enable you to perform cross-analysis of customer purchase history, service patterns and current pipeline activity for segmentation analysis.
  • Target Group Creation Tools enable users to mine customer purchase, case, opportunity and transaction histories to create target groups, which can then be used to run up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.
  • Upsell Manager adds more intelligence to the process of deciding which customers to target for up-sell campaigns, and which products to offer those customers.

Knowledge Management via Saved Searches

Knowledge management is more of a way of doing business than it is a type of product. And in the Internet age, a cornerstone of knowledge management is saved searches¡Xthat is, searches you create once and then execute repeatedly, getting dynamic results each time.

With NetSuite’s CRM+ knowledge management solution, you get the information you need by creating custom searches based on fields in your records. Saved searches allow you to view such information as your top-selling products, the number of support cases in your queue, or customers who have overdue invoices.


  • Data summarization tools give you more flexibility than ever before, allowing you to distill data within your Dashboard, but without running the same, repetitive search every time.
  • With timely information at your fingertips, you can run your business better, making sure that your employees are targeting important industries and leads, as well as maximizing resources.
  • Customized searches let you see exactly the data you need, when you need it.


  • Search for records using compound searches. For example, you may search for ýsales orders over the last month, for customers exclusively in California.ý
  • Users can see all their saved searches, regardless of the role view they’ve chose on the Dashboard.
  • Summarize data in custom reports with new count, sum, average, minimum and maximum parameters, simplifying the task of data analysis. For example, you can analyze leads by industry, or see how many new leads have come in for a particular industry.
  • Use eXtreme list editing to update opportunities, invoice customers, ship items, without having to go into the underlying records.


Companies want to transform the massive amounts of data collected from their CRM, ERP and other systems into meaningful reports. Otherwise, how can they use the information to drive the organization forward, or make valuable improvements to their business processes? Moreover, businesses need reports that are tailored to their unique business model, corporate environment, or vertical industry.

At NetSuite’s CRM solution, we recognize that one size does not fit all. That’s why NetSuite CRM+ offers not only a host of standardized reports, but also the ability to create and customize your own reports. With NetSuite CRM+, you finally have the reporting capabilities that fit your business.


  • NetSuite CRM+ lets you retrieve and view key data the way you want it¡Xeither in standardized or customized reports¡Xvia the Real-time Dashboard.
  • A single, powerful CRM system simplifies reporting. You no longer have to hunt down information in multiple systems or departments, nor do you have to contend with the considerable expense and hassle of tying disparate systems together in-house.
  • Being able to create and customize your own reports gives you unprecedented flexibility as well as ease-of-use.


  • Over 100 standard reports can be further customized to meet your unique business requirements.
  • You can drill down into reports for additional detail, such as which customers bought X amount in goods or services over a specified period of time.
  • Customize reports by adding columns, changing columns or the headings of columns.
  • Add filtering capabilities to reports. For example, you can compare statistics on new business versus recurring business.
  • Place any standard or customized report directly on your Real-time Dashboard for quick, easy access.

Customer Support and Service

In these years of escalating competition, improving customer support and service has been both a business and technology priority for nearly all companies. And the initiative to provide faster and more efficient customer service is found in companies in all industries and of all sizes.

Yet the imperative for top-notch customer support and service raises important questions: How will your company drive customer service more effectively in the coming years? How will you assign, manage and escalate your cases to serve customers better while also slashing your operational costs? And how will you give everyone that interfaces with the customer–sales, support, service and fulfillment–access to complete, key customer data in real time?

Using NetSuite CRM+ services, you benefit from the market’s first and only CRM application that focuses on improving online customer support and service, attracting new customers and keeping existing ones, and lowering your customer care costs–all of which result in better top and bottom lines.

Case Assignment, Customer Support Management, and Escalation

In today’s economy, making the shift from a product focus to a customer focus is key to your success. Only by addressing customer needs quickly and efficiently can you hope to reach–and keep–more customers. That’s why effective case assignment and customer support management are top priorities at customer-savvy companies.

With NetSuite’s CRM+ software application, you can assign, manage, route and resolve customer support cases across your diverse communication channels, including phone, fax and Web. Automated case management and e-mail notification also ensure that everyone stays in the loop, and consequently, that the customer receives only top-notch service.


  • Cut costs and improve workflow by automating the business processes associated with customer support case assignment, management and escalation.
  • Route cases intelligently, enabling fast, efficient prioritization of all your customer support cases.
  • Save valuable time by giving support reps all the information they need within a single, powerful application; reps no longer waste time hunting for contracts, invoices, or other data in disparate systems or departments.
  • Meet the requirements of your support agreements and give customers the world-class service that will lead to longer, more profitable relationships.


  • Respond to customer cases across a variety of mediums, including e-mail, phone, fax, or other channels.
  • Log and analyze e-mail communications in order to better serve the individual customer–and future customers.
  • Send an automatic reply to customers confirming the receipt of the e-mail, along with a case number.
  • Segment and prioritize customer support cases according to customers who’ve been waiting the longest, the types of service contracts you offer, or any other criteria that you set.
  • Route and track support cases according to product, issue, case type, partner or customer, giving customers a specialist in each area to address their concerns.
  • Notify customer service reps when a customer support case has been assigned to them, and enable them to view the complete customer record, including sales, service and accounting histories.
  • Escalate more complex cases either manually or automatically to leads or managers for quicker resolution.
  • View escalated support cases as part of reports and key performance indicators (KPIs), giving customer service reps the ability to analyze this data with a few clicks on the Real-time Dashboard.
  • Keep service reps in the loop by notifying them whenever changes are made to their assigned cases; they will also be notified when someone changes the priority or status on a case.

Online Customer Support Center (Self-Service)

Self-service customer support centers are fast becoming the channel of choice for customers. Opens a self-service customer portal communication to your customers by giving them a way to post service issues, place new orders, or view their order histories. Such a site lets you stay open for business 24/7, around the world. Moreover, it delivers a high-quality, high-touch experience for customers while reducing the cost of customer care to your company.

With NetSuite’s CRM+ software application, you provide your customers with highly personalized, interactive service on the Web. Your customers will be able to receive answers to their questions, complete transactions, submit support issues, or query your knowledge base. And with an open line of communication and a range of self-service options, you’ll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention–both of which translate into greater profits.


  • Stay open for business 24/7 around the globe, while also providing cost-effective self-service options to your customers.
  • Empower customers with unprecedented control over their purchase decisions, real-time access to such data as order status, order status tracking and return authorizations, driving return visits and greater customer loyalty.
  • Allow customers to report a problem, or request information, with a simple e-mail, simplifying case creation and expediting customer requests.
  • Customized content enables you to create a true one-to-one marketing platform. You can also publish information to specific prospects or customers, or to entire groups of customers that are determined by specific criteria you set.


  • Customers can enter trouble tickets by logging onto your site, rather than calling or e-mailing you.
  • Password-protected access to key customer support tools, such as the NetAnswers Knowledge Base, gives customers the information they need, when they need it.
  • Customers can update their profiles, view their order histories, check order status and place new orders round the clock.
  • Customers can request support or information by simply sending an e-mail to a designated address, using online forms in the Customer Center, or calling customer support.
  • By accessing content that’s been customized just for them, customers can be ensured of getting the most relevant support documentation.
  • After a service request has been made, the system automatically sends customers a confirmation of receipt and a case number.

NetAnswers Knowledge Base

Self-service has become a key strategy for businesses that seek to solidify relationships with their customers. With the ubiquity of the Web, many consumers now expect to help themselves to information when they want or need an alternative to conventional service channels. They’ve also come to expect highly personalized applications that let them accomplish tasks such as researching products or services 24/7 from anywhere.

Using the NetAnswers Knowledge Base within NetSuite’s CRM+ software application, companies can tap into a host of benefits provided by customer self-service. They can achieve greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and lower customer service costs by reducing call center activity that requires manual handling and routing. NetAnswers can also deliver higher ROI by leveraging a company’s existing content repositories.


  • Give customers and partners 24/7 access to customer service at a much lower cost than staffing your phone lines round the clock.
  • Leverage your existing support documentation to help customers get the answers they need, when they need them.
  • Create a knowledge base suited to the needs of your business and its customers, organizing content according to different levels of topics and solutions.
  • Empower service reps with a complete knowledge base, enabling them to trouble-shoot customer problems quickly and easily.
  • Turn generalists into experts with the right information and CRM tools at their fingertips.


  • Organize information into different types and levels of topics and solutions.
  • Organize FAQs, standard problems and resolutions, known issues or special tips.
  • Give service reps access to a complete knowledge base, enabling them to respond faster to customer issues and reducing the learning curve when bringing on new reps.
  • Enable service reps to ramp up more quickly on new issues.
  • Publish specific portions of the knowledge base for different customers and partners.

Support, Service and Time Tracking

Streamlined time tracking results in improved client management and record keeping. With streamlined support, service and time-tracking processes, organizations can dramatically simplify their billing.

To that end, NetSuite CRM+ offers a gamut of time-tracking options. For example, if you need to charge for technical support on a per-minute basis, or track the time your service professionals spend with a given client, NetSuite CRM+ provides a new level of efficiency and accuracy. You’ll never again have to manage time off-line, because NetSuite CRM+ ties time tracking directly to the customer record.


  • Keep accurate customer records by managing time within your CRM system.
  • Streamline your time tracking, consolidating it for reporting to accounting for billing.
  • Record both reimbursable and non-reimbursable time in order to understand how your team is apportioning time to serve your customers.


  • Record the time spent on cases, tasks, and events.
  • Approve time your team spent per case.
  • Record approved time to pass to accounting for billing.

Marketing Automation

Making the most of marketing automation means first having the right tools. Only then can you attract and keep more customers; align your marketing and sales processes; manage marketing expenditures; support true one-to-one marketing; and gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and promotions in real time.

Meeting the needs of growing businesses, NetSuite CRM+ provides the industry’s first and only marketing automation capability that lets companies build, execute, and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. NetSuite CRM+ also lets you tailor marketing messages and campaigns much more precisely, leading to greater market share and sharper competitive edge.

Lead Management With Online Lead Forms

Your leads pour in from a variety of sources–online forms, purchased lists, referrals and cold calling. But how do you manage and make the most of your leads? And how do you track leads as they become opportunities? For most companies, managing and tracking leads in a consistent way remains a key business challenge.

But with NetSuite’s CRM+ Application, you have multiple avenues for lead entry, including online forms that allow you to capture leads directly from your Web site; CSV and XML import capabilities that detect duplication when using purchased lists; and manual entry for leads obtained through cold calling and referrals. NetSuite CRM+ also lets you customize your lead qualification and scoring process in a way that’s most meaningful to your business. And by combining lead management with a full view of customer data, you can assess how effective your marketing campaigns really are.


  • Lead management capabilities, combined with a full view of your customer data, allow you to analyze all your marketing efforts, obtain accurate lead conversion rates and better assess ROI.
  • Customization through clicks, not code ensures that the application tailors itself to your business, not the other way around.
  • Lead tracking capabilities allow you to follow the progress of a sale at each step of the way–from lead to opportunity to final sale.


  • Manage and analyze leads from diverse sources–online forms, CSV and XML imports, cold calling and referrals.
  • Easy-to-use customization tools enable you to qualify and score leads based on your unique business requirements.
  • Tracking features let you see the source of each lead at both the lead and opportunity level.

Targeted Customer Segmentation

Companies that continually tune their customer marketing efforts are increasingly tuning into marketing automation tools to assist in acquiring and retaining customers, as well as generating new sources of revenue. But even the best marketing tools prove useless, unless a company is marketing its products and services to a targeted base of prospects and customers.

Using NetSuite CRM+, companies can build, execute, and measure their marketing campaigns. NetSuite’s CRM+ application updates information on customer segments and profiles based on the constant input of new data. Plus, it mines that data continuously for better business intelligence. This customer segmentation information can come from a response patterns across multiple campaigns, such as direct mail, conferences, and training initiatives. It also comes from order histories and demographics of existing customers.


  • Targeted segmentation enables you to deliver a true, one-to-one platform for marketing your products and services.
  • Personalization of products, services and campaigns enables you to find more customers, keep them, and give them better service than ever before. NetSuite CRM+ application is the first customer relationship product that benefits the vendor–and the customer.


  • Target group creation enables you use either purchased lists, or mine customer order, case, opportunity and transaction histories, to create highly targeted groups.
  • Target segments can be further refined based on actual customer order activity.
  • Automatic updates of targeted group lists ensure that each campaign addresses your key markets.
  • The advanced expression builder allows for complex search criteria using expressions of and, or, and not across any combination of fields.

Referral, Lead Source, & Promotional Code Tracking

Keeping your finger on the pulse of all of your promotions, referrals and lead sources becomes more difficult every day. With multiple channels and multiple promotions, you need a better way to track your complex marketing activities–and the results.

Meeting the needs of growing businesses, NetSuite’s CRM+ application enables you to track all this critical marketing data and provides lead management capabilities within a single, powerful application. NetSuite CRM+ also lets you design promotional discounts and track them via promotional codes. And these promotions can be created in any number of ways: as one-time use, percent-based, dollar-discount, or with a set expiration date, giving you maximum flexibility.


  • Measure the effectiveness of all your promotions and marketing efforts, isolating both successful and problematic campaigns.
  • Assess how well each of your promotions is doing in real time–and make adjustments on the fly–to turn on a dime and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Track your leads and referrals within a single lead management application, enabling you to win–and retain–more customers.
  • Monitor both your acquisitions costs and conversion rates in order to gain a real-world view of your marketing efforts.


  • Track leads and referrals by medium (purchase lists, print media, or TV), by types of leads (company size, industry, etc.), or by the promotional offer.
  • Analyze conversion rates and ROI by lead source, and view how many leads were generated by each lead source.
  • Categorize leads as either unqualified or qualified, and assess the number of touch points needed to move a lead through your sales process.
  • Set up promotions according to the needs of your business.
  • Drive recipients of promotions to an online form, your Web store, or your contact center.
  • Ensure that customers receive the correct promotional pricing, regardless of which channel they’ve used.
  • Monitor key parameters, such as the level of response, or market share, attributed to a given promotion.
  • Allow sales reps and managers to track the ROI for each campaign from a single, powerful database.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail is one of your fastest, cheapest and most effective marketing tools. But how do you use it to best address your target markets? And how do you execute and manage e-mail marketing campaigns effectively?

To address those questions, more customers are turning to NetSuite CRM+. Providing target segment creation, creative development and campaign execution, NetSuite’s CRM+ application is the market’s first and only CRM solution that truly maximizes all your e-mail marketing efforts. Additionally, it provides mass e-mailing capability with virtually unlimited volumes per campaign. And with NetSuite CRM+, it’s all managed in one system.


  • With end-to-end management of your e-mail marketing efforts, you can better understand which campaigns worked, which did not, and why, for continuous improvement.
  • High-volume, mass e-mails enable you to reach the widest possible audience.
  • E-mail personalization delivers a true one-to-one marketing platform.
  • Rapid creation and streamlined execution of campaigns enable your sales and marketing personnel to take full advantage of new leads and opportunities.
  • From creation to execution to measurement, NetSuite CRM+ solution manages e-mail marketing in one system, eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems or third-party vendors.
  • Compliance with SPAM regulation means that you can take advantage of high rates of delivery, but rest assured that your marketing efforts are lawful.


  • Send virtually unlimited, mass e-mails without the hassle and excessive costs of coordinating third-party systems and services.
  • Leverage seamless planning, target group creation, e-mail merge, sophisticated data cleansing and de-duping capabilities, execution and wrap-around performance measurement.
  • Built-in reports allow for analysis of campaign statistics, as well as ROI, from the start of the campaign promotion to the final order transaction.
  • Create HTML or text-only templates directly from within the system; you can also personalize e-mails for your customers.
  • Auto-unsubscribe capability gives users the ability to opt out of campaigns, in full compliance with ever-changing SPAM laws.
  • Optimized e-mail headers reduce the likelihood that e-mail will be flagged as SPAM, resulting in higher rates of delivery.
  • Each e-mail marketing campaign can be tracked to the last detail, providing up-to-the-second data on who received, read and responded to the campaign.

Marketing Campaign Management Tracking & Analysis

Maximizing the return from your marketing campaigns means being able to track and manage them. With integrated campaign management, you can at last track all online, offline and direct campaigns in real time and through summary reports.

Using NetSuite’s CRM+ Application, you can create highly targeted campaigns based on your customers’ purchase histories and support cases. In this way, you can not only meet customer needs, but also anticipate them. Plus, NetSuite CRM+ helps you optimize your marketing campaigns on the fly by providing real-time ROI and performance reports on your personalized Dashboard. With real-time metrics, you can improve your ability to pinpoint problems or spot new opportunities.


  • Maximize ROI from your marketing campaigns by monitoring progress–not merely how many new opportunities were generated, but how many actual orders were placed–along each step of the way. Now you can track how each campaign translates to cash.
  • Track campaigns in real time and make ad hoc changes to address new trends or new customer demands.
  • Use real-time and strategic metrics to evaluate and fine-tune your marketing continuously, and outsell the competition.


  • Manage, track and analyze all marketing campaigns, including e-mail, direct mail, or print publications, centrally.
  • Set up and manage multi-channel campaigns without ever leaving the application.
  • Track e-mail blasts, according to which messages were delivered, how many were read, how many were not–all in real time.

Partner Relationship Management

A business is much more than its own four walls. To succeed today, businesses need to reach beyond their walls and collaborate with partners, often extending key customer and sales data. Only then can businesses work effectively with partners to manage the pipeline, process orders, track marketing activity and forecast sales.

Meeting the needs of growing businesses, NetSuite’s CRM+ solution provides the industry’s first and only partner relationship management application that lets you reach all your partners, while simultaneously allowing you full control over every element of your sales and marketing process, including: marketing campaigns, lead management and order processing.

Sales Force Automation

A highly productive sales force has an enormous impact on your company’s bottom lines. Yet today’s salesperson faces more challenges than ever before- fierce competition, dynamic deals and demanding customers. That’s why better sales force automation (SFA) is critical to your success.

By choosing NetSuite CRM+, you can reap the many benefits of online SFA. NetSuite CRM+ goes beyond simple prospect management offered by other vendors and offers true customer management. With NetSuite CRM+'s online sales force automation, you can streamline your sales cycles, drive higher close rates and better serve your customers.

Sales Territory and Lead Management:

Effective sales territory tracking and assignment, as well as lead routing, are the hallmarks of an efficient sales organization. But at many companies, sales managers rely on spreadsheets, or outdated homegrown software, to track and assign leads. As a result, they waste countless hours doing data entry work when they could be focusing their efforts on increasing sales. They also have a higher error rate for managing this critical¡Xand many times contentious process.

NetSuite CRM+'s lead management lets you manage your leads and prospects from the first capture to close of sales with efficiency and integrity. With NetSuite CRM+, sales managers finally have the tools they need for the day-to-day management of leads. Additionally, NetSuite CRM+ makes it easier for managers to re-align territories according to the changing needs of their organization.

**Benefits: **

  • Automated lead processing and sales territory management eliminate the need to drill down into each individual record, saving time, money and energy.
  • Leads are assigned based on the business rules you set, eliminating conflict over which sales person owns which lead or territory.
  • Instant e-mail notification increases chances that sales reps will follow up with customers quickly, leading to better service and more closed deals.

**Features: **

  • The powerful lead routing engine enables you to set up complex business rules - according to multiple criteria, including geography, product area, vertical industry, or timing - then apply those rules to your territories.
  • Leads can be captured automatically from your Web site, via online forms, imported from purchase lists, or entered manually.
  • Activity reports provide productivity analysis of all sales interactions, including phone calls, tasks, meetings and notes.
  • Territory re-alignment options enable you to re-assign territories when sales people either leave or join your company.
  • E-mail notification ensures that sales reps are given new leads in real time, decreasing lag time when following up with customers and shortening sales cycles.
  • Automated mass updates of leads and territories enable managers to make changes on a global level.

Opportunity Management and Competitor Tracking

A successful company understands how to manage and make the most of its sales opportunities while they’re still in the pipeline. But in order to do that, sales people need a detailed record for each opportunity.

Creating this detailed record has traditionally been a tedious process for sales representatives, often involving hours of time-consuming data entry and re-entry into multiple systems. With a single, powerful data repository, NetSuite CRM+ eliminates redundant data entry and saves time. Sales representatives now have key data at their fingertips - such as a list of contacts, a record of previous meetings, and categories of products and services that are ideal for a given customer - enabling them to make the sales that make you profitable.

Additionally, NetSuite CRM+ gives you the tools to track your competitors, including the strengths and weaknesses of their products and running promotions. Armed with this competitor tracking data, your sales people are more likely to establish customers’ needs, influence their criteria and close more deals.

**Benefits: **

  • Make the most of every sales opportunity - and maximize ROI on your marketing dollars - by viewing all opportunities as aggregate lists, or as detailed individual records.
  • Use competitor tracking functions to see which deals you’ve lost and which you’ve won, and use that business intelligence to educate your sales personnel.
  • Give sales reps access to all the discounting and customer-specific pricing rules that typically live in other systems - without requiring them to exit the application.
  • Improve responsiveness to all sales inquiries, driving return sales and boosting customer loyalty.
  • Track multiple leads within the same company separately, getting insight into each contact, conversation and unique opportunity.
  • Monitor the progress of each customer transaction - from initial contact to close of sale to post-sale support.

**Features: **

  • View opportunities in lists or within detailed opportunity records.
  • View competitive profiles, which include the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors.
  • Analyze the deals your competitors have won against your team, according to dollar and percentage amounts.
  • Assign different priorities to opportunities, customers and leads.
  • Analyze each opportunity according to its status in the queue.
  • Give sales managers a 360-degree view of all the leads and opportunities in the pipeline.
  • Convert quotes into sales orders with one click of a button.

Standard & Advanced Forecasting

NetSuite CRM+ provide sales teams with the tools companies’ large and small need to manage their forecasts. For companies with basic forecasting needs, probability based forecasting offers weighted measurement of pending opportunities, quotes and orders. And for companies needing more sophisticated forecasting tools, Advanced Forecasting adds the means to triangulate and better predict sales forecasts using forecast categories and deal ranges.

Advanced Forecasting makes the next generation of forecasting more reality based with a system of checks and balances that triangulates the sales forecast in a single dashboard view. This single view, called the Sales Management Portlet, combines a real-time view for the forecast from rep to manager including the following:

Simple or complex, you’ll create more accurate and reliable forecasts with NetSuite CRM+ thanks to:

  • A calculated forecast based on the opportunities, quotes and orders in the system
  • A ýmood ringý and override forecast which the sales reps & managers predict for themselves
  • The inclusion of bookings and recurring revenue projections in NetSuite CRM+

**Benefits: **

  • Make sales more predictable with the next generation of forecasting that is more reality based - with a system of checks and balances that triangulates the sales forecast.
  • Fine tune your forecast accuracy with forecast categories and the ability to enter a sales range for each open deal, enabling sales reps and managers to provide the most accurate forecast for the sales period possible.
  • Overcome often inaccurate sales process probability logic, sales rep sandbagging, and other dynamic challenges that cloud sales forecasting within a company thanks to ýmood ringý forecast overrides.
  • Keep current with up to the minute forecast and sales results on your dashboard with real-time key performance indicators and graphical report snapshots.
  • Segment sales according to the sales team you want to view. Expand, collapse, access or hide using the management hierarchy defined via the Sales Management portlets.
  • Get true forecast visibility, rather than just pipeline, because NetSuite CRM+, with integrated order management, includes actual sales as well as projections of recurring revenue in forecasts while other vendors don’t.

**Features: **

  • _ Calculated Forecast _ Forecasting tools in NetSuite CRM+ display all opportunities, quotes, and orders, including such key information as the projected amount, probability of close and weighted amount for each of these transactions. The Forecast Editor allows sales representatives to view their forecasts on a monthly basis, and make adjustments if needed, based on the changing nature of their deals.

With Advanced Forecasting sales reps have the ability to enter their forecast as a range. Opportunities, quotes and estimates include a forecast category enabling users to categorize the transaction appropriately as low, commit, or upside. You can even title these categories according to your business conventions, changing low to commit and commit to forecast for instance. When an opportunity or quote is placed in a forecast category, the corresponding amounts are calculated into the forecast, providing sales managers with the sales reps - most accurate forecast for that deal.

  • _ ýMood Ringý Forecast _ Sales people generally have a number in mind for what they ýbelieveý they will close for a given sales period. The forecasting tools in NetSuite CRM+ allow this ýmood ringý prediction to be captured as an override, without tying the forecasted number to any specific opportunities or quotes so there is clear visibility throughout the sales organization. In addition, this mood ring forecast applies to each management level, allowing sales managers to override the forecast as entered by the rep based on their knowledge of the reps forecasting habits. So if a sales rep is notorious for sandbagging their forecast, the sales manager can take that into account and enter the realistic forecast amount for that rep so forecast accuracy up the management hierarchy is increased.

With Advanced Forecasting, the ýmood ringý forecast is represented as a range of overrides corresponding to the forecast categories of low, commit and upside, further increasing the accuracy and reliability of the sales forecast. Each sales manager has the ability to commit their team to a number for each forecast category via the Sales Manager Forecast Editor.

  • _ Forecast Dashboard & Reporting Sales Management Portlet _ The Sales Management portlet on the Forecast Dashboard provides a single, hierarchical view of the sales organization that can be expanded to show details down to individual reps or can be rolled up for summary views of each sales team, by manager. So you know exactly how the sales team is performing, at every level. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Open Opportunities, Opportunities Won and Opportunities Lost provide real-time forecast metrics with comparison against past sales periods. KPIs also allow for quick and easy comparison of Pipeline, Forecast and Quota. And with NetSuite CRM+, you can even get an at-a-glance breakdown of bookings (sales based on orders) versus billings (sales based on invoices).

Report Snapshots Report Snapshots provide summaries in graphical or list format right on the Forecast Dashboard and let you put your finger on the status of key open deals so you can proactively put the right resources on the right prospects to close more deals faster. View the top deals outstanding for a given sales period, your sales funnel portrayed as pipeline by status, your top customers or even your worst performing sales reps.

_Forecast Reporting _ Numerous built-in reports are available to provide detailed forecast analysis. In addition, reports can be custom built using Ad Hoc reporting tools or the powerful Summary capabilities of the Search Engine in NetSuite CRM+.

Examples of built-in reports include:

  • Sales by Sales Rep analyzed by Sales Period
  • Forecast vs. Quota vs. Bookings
  • Forecast by Sales Rep analyzed by Class, Department or Location
  • Forecast by Item (Product or Service)
  • Sales Pipeline (Projected and Weighted) by Sales Rep
  • Pipeline By Status analyzed by Sales Period
  • Open and Closed Opportunities Won and Lost Opportunities

**Quote Generation **

In today’s competitive landscape, sales and marketing teams need new ways to save time. Only then can they focus less on administrative work, and more on the critical task of marketing and selling to customers.

With NetSuite CRM+'s automatic quote generation capability, you can streamline the entire selling process for your sales force - from contact to contract.

**Benefits: **

  • Streamline the entire selling process from lead to opportunity, quote generation to sales order, and finally, to post-sale follow-up and support.
  • Enable sales force to track and work closely with customers who are responding to a specific marketing campaign, helping them to close more deals, more quickly.
  • Give customer service reps a full view into customer order histories and issues, enabling them to deliver better, faster service.

**Features: **

  • Generate quotes quickly and easily from within NetSuite CRM+.
  • Convert quotes into sales orders with one click of a button.
  • Track leads as they become opportunities.
  • Enable sales, marketing and customer support personnel to view comprehensive, real-time customer order histories.

**Order Management System **

When it’s done right, order management can streamline your entire fulfillment process. It minimizes paperwork for your sales force, enabling them to focus their efforts on selling. It also ensures that customers get deliveries on time, boosting customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Everything in NetSuite CRM+ is built around customers and orders - reports, dashboards, and customer intelligence all key off this tangible relationship with the customer, making it as easy to connect with them over the Web as in person. This order management capability also allows sales people to work a deal through the pipeline, right through to the actual close. So you can finally see booked orders in your forecast, greatly increasing its reliability, predictability and accuracy.

With NetSuite CRM+, sales representatives can turn estimates into orders with just one click of a button, significantly reducing their paperwork. Did you know that other CRM vendors’ solutions don’t include order management? That means you can’t complete the order and, importantly, you lose visibility into customer order histories for inquiries and support¡Xand for future marketing and sales customer intelligence.

NetSuite CRM+'s order management system also gives everyone in your organization access to the same, up-to-date order information. Support representatives can view order statuses; sales representatives know when to make follow-up calls; and customers can check order statuses in real time via the Customer Center, or your Web site.

**Benefits: **

  • Manage by fact with marketing ROI based on real purchases, sales effectiveness based on actuals not just projections, forecast accuracy you can trust, and sales incentives based on real sales in system real-time, not haphazardly on a spreadsheet.
  • Empower sales reps with the first and only hosted CRM solution that lets them create estimates and orders with one click, saving time and money.
  • Give customers full visibility into order status, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Mine centralized customer purchase histories for customer profitability analysis, strategic marketing and upsell/cross-sell.

**Features: **

  • Order processing lets sales reps turn estimates into orders with just one click.
  • Real-time order status means that everyone has access to the same, up-to-date order information.
  • All orders and their history are captured and managed within a single repository.

Incentive Management

At most companies, commissions are calculated using spreadsheets, or homegrown software. As a result, sales people spend much of their time ýshadowingý their compensation - double-checking the company’s figures to ensure they’re getting their due. But by automating commission management, you enable your sales force to focus on what really matters: closing the sale. Sales force automation not only reduces needless paperwork, but it also gives you a simple, accurate way to maintain and track commissions for your entire sales force. Commissions are visible to reps and their managers as KPIs on their Dashboard so they know exactly where they stand for actual and projected commissions.

With NetSuite CRM+, you have the flexibility to schedule complex commission structures based on how you do business. You can structure commissions in any number of ways¡Xbased on quantity, sale amount, service sold, profitability of the product sold, or percent of quota that is reached. While many other vendors force you to adjust your business to their software, NetSuite CRM+ tailors itself to your specific business needs.

**Benefits: **

  • Free your sales force representatives from tedious commissions-related paperwork, enabling them to focus on what matters most: closing the sale.
  • Provide real-time, accurate visibility into commissions on reps’ and managers’ dashboards.
  • Analyze commission reports to understand how well your team is performing, or which specific products and services are your best sellers.
  • Motivate your sales force with an additional level of flexibility in setting up new, or retroactive commission plans.
  • Once commission payments have been approved, route them automatically to the payroll department, streamlining back-office processes and saving time and money.

**Features: **

  • Complex commission schedules can be managed centrally, and set monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually to allow for maximum flexibility.
  • Commission rules can be configured based on quota, sales, or quantity.
  • Calculation options enable you to calculate commissions based on a linear scale, marginal scale, or no scale at all.
  • Support for complete commission plans allows for multi-tiered scheduling and maximum flexibility in creating sales compensation formulas.
  • Full visibility enables sales force representatives to view commission reports and forecast their earnings on their personalized Real-time Dashboard.
  • Retroactive commissions options enable you to make changes to compensation plans, as needed, when needed.
  • Target commissions enable sales managers to set a goal and calculate commissions for the entire sales team.

**Offline Sales Client **

You never know where a sales call will take you. But what if you can’t find an Internet connection while traveling? Regardless of whether or not they have readily available online access, your sales representatives need to stay productive while on the road.

With the Offline Sales Client in NetSuite CRM+, sales people can access and update their leads, prospects, customers and contacts without Internet access. They can even create new records. They can also access opportunity management features, giving them the power to edit key details such as status, probability of close, projected amount and expected close.

**Benefits: **

  • Keep your sales force connected and productive, regardless of whether team members are online or offline.
  • Enable sales force representatives to update, create, or edit records to reflect changes in the opportunity pipeline.
  • Benefit from seamless upgrades when new versions of the application are released.

**Features: **

  • Update records for leads, prospects, customers and contacts while offline.
  • Drill down into records, or create new records.
  • Use opportunity management features and edit key details.
  • View quotes, orders and invoices within tabs.
  • Use the activities dashboard to access task and phone call lists, quick-add portlets and advanced searches.
  • Upgrade to new versions seamlessly, without having to recreate databases or ship CDs to remote users.


For many businesses, tough competition has eroded both customer loyalty and profit margins. That’s why revenue growth often depends on the ability to market additional products and services to prospects and to existing customers.

With NetSuite CRM+ rich purchase history driven by past orders can be mined easily using flexible point and click query tools. Other lead, prospect and customer profile data can be mixed with the purchase history criteria to further segment target groups, allowing very specific messaging to be used to maximize the reach of multi-channel campaigns. Traditional CRM packages can’t do this. They have no purchase history.

Managers and executives can also analyze sales data to better understand customer demographics, order histories and other key metrics. By comparing this data to customer profiles, executives can then create highly targeted, customer-specific marketing campaigns, which generate more revenue.

**Benefits: **

  • The Upsell Wizard enables you to target specific items for upselling and cross-selling push campaigns. You can also analyze past order histories of customers, and create pull campaigns based on selling recommendations.
  • Customer segmentation capabilities let you target groups with such criteria as state, zip code, company size or specific industry.
  • All your employees can view upsell recommendations, so that everyone - regardless of their role - can sell effectively to your customers.

**Features: **

  • Leverage order histories to make your customer relationships more profitable through upselling and cross-selling programs.
  • Pinpoint your most valued customers and create customer-specific promotions and product offerings for them.
  • Segment your customers using advanced searches and complex criteria that you determine.
  • Use the market’s first and only CRM system that benefits both the seller and the buyer.

**Multiple Quotas, Multiple Forecasts **

Many businesses manage sales with multiple definitions of a sale - by orders, bookings, billings, and more. NetSuite is the first hosted application to provide alternate sales amount functionality (ASA) that allows for the tracking of multiple quotas and multiple forecasts, as well as the associated commission plans. Such powerful capabilities are the first for an on-demand solution and enable quotas, forecasts and commission plans to be driven using additional metrics that map to the way sales forces are actually managed.

**Benefits: **

  • Built on the powerful foundation of NetSuite’s order management & commissions platforms, these capabilities allow companies to measure sales teams using more than the just gross metrics of total sales or total bookings.
  • No more Excel. Because NetSuite captures the actual sales transaction in the form of an order, that order can now be sliced and applied against multiple quotas, forecasts and commissions schedules automatically.

**Features: **

  • Enable quotas, forecasts and commission plans to be driven using these types of additional metrics via an alternate booking or sale amount.
  • Alternate measures include multiple quotas, multiple forecasts, alternate, booking/sale amount, and flexible commissions.
  • All of these can be rolled up as multiple metrics for dashboard display and for inclusion in reports.

Product Overview

  • Developer NetSuite
  • Type CRM Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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