Cell CRM

A customer relationship management system designed by CRM Open-Source Software for professional services companies.

About Cell CRM

Cell CRM is free software for customer relationship management dual licensed under the MIT or GNU General Public License. There are no limits built into the CRM for the number of users, organizations, contacts, etc.

Cell CRM is not fussy but runs from any networked device with a web browser, for example, cell phones that are not smart phones. Cell CRM provides customer relationship management for the entire organization from a central database even when mobile. Conventional cell phones can view the information. To edit information requires a Javascript-enabled browser on a smart phone, a mobile device or a computer.

Unlike some open-source software, Cell CRM is quick to deploy, well-documented and easy to learn. Not just dialing, but adding and editing information is a one-click operation. The design goals are speed and mobility so you can spend your time on the phone - wherever you are.

Deploying Cell CRM is as easy as uploading it to a web host. Then it’s ready for immediate use. The systems uses the SQLite database to eliminate database administration and administrators. To assist with evaluation the CRM comes configured for a single user, Robinson Crusoe, so the tester can begin informing a decision right away.

Cell CRM Includes:

  • Two CRM views for conventional mobile phones
  • The full CRM version
  • An administration area to maintain the following:
    • Users and user groups
    • Organization statuses
    • Territory restrictions by postal code ranges
    • Queries, defined by organization statuses and postal code ranges
    • Query groups, the set of queries each user can view
    • Values for auto-complete fields

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

Ratio of reviewers by sector.

Educational Services
Other Industries:
  • Professional Services (8%)
  • Non-Profit (8%)
  • Construction (5%)
  • HVAC (4%)

User Reviews of Cell CRM

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