Oracle Sales Cloud

A cloud-based sales force automation solution designed by Oracle.

About Oracle Sales Cloud

Sales organizations are changing rapidly–because they have to. Deals are more competitive. More information is available, but complexity threatens your ability to use it. Revenue targets are–on average-- 16.4 percent higher than they were a year ago. The facts are hard-hitting:

  • 40 percent of sales managers are concerned about missing quota
  • Nearly 48 percent of compensation plans simply aren’t working
  • Reps are spending up to 78 percent of their time away from selling activities

Drive Smarter Sales:

Those numbers don’t have to be your numbers. Oracle Sales Cloud offers a complete sales automation solution that gives sales and operations teams the tools they need to close the gaps without surprises, compromises, or hidden costs.

Oracle does this as part of a complete and integrated solution designed to enhance the customer experience (CX) at every customer touchpoint including sales, service, marketing, commerce, and social channels. At the core of the customer experience, Oracle Sales Cloud has what you need to drive smarter sales, including modern mobility, anytime access (even when offline), sales dashboards, sales performance management, and seamless integration with the productivity tools that reps live in. Oracle Sales Cloud combines industry best practices and the industrial strength of the Oracle Cloud to help you and your business sell more, know more, and grow more.

Sales Reps Sell More:

We all know that business tools need to be easy and accessible–in the airport, at a customer site, in a hotel–or else your reps won’t use them. Oracle Sales Cloud is designed to drive user adoption and help your sale force be more productive by providing “access-anywhere” mobility. Intuitive smart phone and tablet apps make completing tasks a natural extension of selling, and seamless integration to Microsoft Outlook provides users with access to all their CRM information, even when they’re offline. So go ahead. Manage appointments, connect with customers and team members, review performance, and update your forecasts–all on the go.

Tools need to empower reps and help them do their job faster. That’s why Oracle Sales Cloud embeds incontext coaching and sales collateral at every stage of the sales cycle. In addition to coaching and collateral, Oracle Sales Cloud offers social collaboration tools at every touchpoint–including web, mobile, and Microsoft Outlook–to focus sales efforts and streamline team collaboration. Now your reps have what they need to perform.

And, because sales reps sell more when they take ownership of their pipeline, Oracle Sales Cloud helps them launch and manage their own sales campaigns. Reps can quickly leverage marketing email templates (for consistency and efficiency) and stay on top of campaign results like open and click-through rates.

User Reviews of Oracle Sales Cloud

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