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About Powervieux

Powervieux is a cloud based CRM. Powervieux helps Small and Medium sized businesses become more profitable and efficient with the least amount of hassle. Powervieux’s CRM lets you manage Accounts, Contacts, Activity, Products & Pricing, Opportunity, Quotes and more from one easy to use and simple web based interface. With the click of just a few buttons, Powervieux’s powerful Dashboard module provides you Actionable data on your Pipeline, Revenue and Cash so that you can not only monitor how your teams and company are performing, but will know exactly what to do and who to call before a Pipeline, Revenue or Cash crunch happens. Besides this, Powervieux’s versatile Opportunity module allows you to input your Invoices as well as Forecast Revenue. Powervieux’s Pipeline module lets you keep an eagle eye on your Pipeline details per salesperson or by month. The Pipeline module also allows Cashflow projections based on net terms, close dates and probability.

How Is Powervieux Different From Others? Why Should You Choose Powervieux?

Powervieux is a simple but powerful CRM and has all the key modules you need to transform your business, make it more profitable and efficient. It does it by doing these 4 things better than others:

Easy Transition from Current System to Powervieux

Whatever system you are using, wherever the business’ data is, we migrate that data quickly into Powervieux. The whole process takes 1-2 days so you are up and running quickly.

Simple and Intuitive

No training required. This inspite of all the rich features Powervieux offers. Powervieux is designed like an Apple product, meaning it is easy and intuitive to learn and use from day 1. Also, there is a detailed online Users Manual for those who need it.

Save Time with Automation

A Salesman using Powervieux CRM will have more time to spend with customers instead of chasing data and generating reports. Powervieux takes care of all of that.

Dashboard with Actionable Data

Powervieux’s powerful but simple Dashboard module provides up-to-date data on your Pipeline, Revenue and Cash. Customers will know exactly what to do and who to call to avoid a Revenue, Cash or Pipeline disaster.Powervieux is a very powerful but simple to use Cloud based CRM. And the 4 qualities above offer a very compelling and optimized CRM solution to Customers.


  • Cloud based
  • Web Interface – IE 8+, Chrome, Firefox, iPad
  • Accounts Module
  • Accounts – New this week
  • Accounts – New Last week
  • Accounts > $10 M
  • Accounts $5 -$10 M
  • Accounts < $5 M
  • Contacts Module
  • Birthdays this week
  • Recent Contacts 0-45 days
  • No contact for 45-90 days
  • No contact for 90 – 180 days
  • No contact over 6 months
  • Activity Module
  • Log New Activity
  • Log New Lead
  • Activity by SalesRep
  • Activity by Customer
  • Activity by Product
  • New Leads
  • Opportunity Module
  • Create New Opportunity with a Quote
  • Create New Opportunity without a Quote
  • Show/Modify Existing Opportunity
  • Multicurrency
  • Multi-language
  • Revenue backlog
  • Opportunity by Quarter
  • Opportunity by Account
  • Opportunity by SalesRep
  • Opportunity Filter by Pre-Sales Stage
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Multiple Milestones for Same Opportunity
  • Multiple Invoice record for same opportunity
  • Opportunity Errors and Data Mismatches
  • Quote
  • Products & Pricing
  • Partner, Discounts and Service Module
  • Dashboard
  • Top Customer Revenue Actuals
  • Top Customer Revenue Forecasting30-60-90 Revenue Analysis
  • YTD Revenue & Margin View
  • Revenue Target Setting
  • Revenue Target Tracking
  • Pipeline Target Setting
  • Pipeline Target Tracking
  • Pipeline Cashflow Projections
  • Pipeline Summary
  • Pipeline Anomalies
  • Pipeline booked
  • Pipeline Lost
  • Pipeline per sales Rep
  • Pipeline per Month
  • Account Receivables

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