A donor management software for nonprofit fundraising.

About ClearView CRM

ClearView CRM Nonprofit Fundraising software makes raising money easier. With ClearView CRM, you have the nonprofit fundraising software you need to make informed decisions and forecast accurately:

  • Immediate access to meaningful, accurate information from your database, including donor information, campaign activities and staff efforts
  • Opportunities management tools to discover the best possibilities for new donors and gifts and to plan and implement the strategies to cultivate them
  • Business intelligence and reports to give you insight and direction into the best avenues for fundraising success

Video Overview

ClearView CRM Features

  • Fundraising
  • Donor database
  • Multichannel fundraising
  • Reporting and business intelligence
  • Donor services and relationships
  • Configurability
  • Mobile app

ClearView CRM lets you track and grow donor relationships, carry out fundraising efforts and manage staff, all through the power of ClearView CRM. ClearView lets you:

  • Track everything your organization does around fundraising against strategic goals
  • Align your fundraising efforts through all channels
  • Guide and track all phases of solicitation and stewardship to take full advantage of every fundraising opportunity
  • Instantly access complete information about your constituents in a clear, understandable format

ClearView CRM Donor Management Software is easy to use and available on any device.

  • Seamlessly update your online and offline fundraising activities across all your systems
  • Get the full picture of your donors, with quick access to the in-depth information you need to make the right approach
  • Use any popular web browser to work with ClearView on your laptop, smartphone, tablet–you name it
  • Choose from an array of meaningful reports that let you analyze your donor relationships and results, and make decisions based on data, not guesswork
  • Personalize the system with customizable screens and navigation to adapt to you and the way you work
  • Work effortlessly with indispensable fundraising tools like wealth screening and Constant Contact
  • Share and manage data and reporting among a national organization and associated chapters, including separate donor records for each owning organization, and chapter-level and burst reports

Product Overview

  • Developer SofTrek
  • Type CRM Software
  • Client OS iOS, Android, Web
  • Deployment Cloud or On-Premises

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User Reviews of ClearView CRM

Submitted on November 30th, 2011 by Stuart Harper

We were trying to get our old donor management software through the 2010 busy season, but it wasn’t to be. One day we weren’t able to get data out. I sat with my team and we called SofTrek for help. The next day we were in front of their technical team and we started the conversion.

We have been up and running with online for two and a half months, and we are very happy. We make many decisions each day however; some affect you more than others do. We couldn’t afford to make a mistake on this one, and after two and a half months we know we made the right decision. SofTrek keeps our data secure, probably more secure then we ever could afford and it is there for us from anywhere anytime, period.